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Until recently, the term “appearance color type” was known only to hairdressers, makeup artists and professional stylists. Today, all fashionistas actively use it. Nevertheless, far from everyone knows how to accurately determine the color type and what, in fact, it is. Let’s talk about the main points, and also tell you how to correctly determine the color type of appearance.

What is a color type?

The effect of color on human perception has long been known. For example, bright saturated colors make a person more active, red can increase blood pressure, and blue-green gamut calms.

Most girls also know that some colors and shades suit them more than others, and that the color that perfectly emphasizes the beauty of mom / sister / girlfriend is not always perfect for them. What does it depend on?

The answer to this question is quite simple and concise — from the color type of appearance. A color type is the natural color scheme of a person’s appearance. Simply put — the color of the eyes and hair, the tone of the skin of the face and body. There are four color types: spring, summer, autumn and winter. «Winter» girls have a contrasting appearance — translucent skin with a bluish, olive or gray undertone, a cold shade of hair (often dark) and eyes. «Winter» with a light complexion almost does not tan, and with a dark shade — tans with a very deep, rich tan.

Spring color type — warm, non-contrasting. It suggests fair hair and eyes, a translucent skin tone, low tanning ability (reddish brown or golden tan), a tendency to reddening of the skin (due to excitement, for example), and freckling (golden brown, not gray). «Spring» girls most often in early childhood were blondes (golden blond).

«Summer» girls have grayish skin of a cold tone, light eyes and hair without a yellow tint, with a low ability to tan (tan hazel).

Girls of the autumn color type have reddish hair, a warm complexion and bright eyes.

How to determine the color type of the skin of the face?

Despite the fact that recently interest in this topic has increased markedly, as a result of which stylists have developed many ways to determine the color type of a person, some girls continue to doubt or frankly ignore this knowledge. Someone cannot refuse their favorite color, even knowing that it does not suit their appearance, and someone stubbornly refuses to admit that the usual range is not the best option for them. It often happens that it seems that the colors of two different color types are equally suitable for you, as a result of which it can be very difficult to choose one of them.

There is a fairly simple way to determine the color type of the face and skin. To do this, you will need a large mirror, a room with bright natural light, and some time. In addition, scarves for determining the color type will come in handy — several cuts of colored fabric (this can be either regular fabric or things of a suitable shade).

You should examine yourself slowly, alternately applying cuts of fabric of cold and warm shades to your face.

Below we offer you lists of colors and shades that will help you determine your color type.


  • milky white, cream is more suitable than snow white;
  • camel, golden-sand is better than gray-beige and ash-walnut;
  • salmon is better than neon pink and orange;
  • coral is better than purple or fuchsia;
  • all warm browns are better than greys.

If you agree with most of these statements, then your color type is spring.


  • bluish pink is better than salmon;
  • ash blue is better than clear blue;
  • muted shades of green and blue suit you more than bright and clean ones;
  • pink is better than apricot.


  • olive is better than mint;
  • orange is better than pink;
  • coral is better than lilac;
  • blackberry color is better than lilac;
  • mustard yellow is better than bright yellow.


  • jet black is better than brown;
  • neon pink is better than pastel pink;
  • scarlet is better than copper;
  • snow white is better than cream or milk;
  • coniferous is better than olive.

Now you know how to correctly determine your color type and you can choose the most suitable color for clothes and accessories based on this.

In the gallery you can see examples of makeup for different color types.


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