How to find out your color type

Nature has made us completely different. Each with its own external and internal features. No wonder we always individually select colors, styles of clothing, haircuts, makeup. Some colors emphasize our individuality, while others, on the contrary, do not contribute to this. In order to become truly stylish, you need to know your color type.

How to determine the color type of the face?

In order to choose the right color scheme, you need to know the color type of your face. There are the following four options: girl-winter, girl-spring, girl-summer, girl-autumn. The most interesting thing is that there is no golden mean, but there is one specific color type to which this or that girl belongs.

Not everyone knows how to determine the color type of a person. In fact, there are several simple rules for how to do this:

  1. winter girl has a light skin tone, somewhat pinkish, chestnut, black hair color or platinum blond. There may be a small amount of freckles on the face, the skin tans well. In this case, the base color in makeup is blue. Other bright shades (purple, green) are also ideal in make-up.
  2. spring girl elephant skin color, blond hair, sometimes reddish, are characteristic. Light eyes, light freckles. The skin does not tan well. The main color is yellow. Suitable natural shades such as peach, milk, coral, pale red, brown-pink, aquamarine, light purple.
  3. summer girl has a grayish skin tone, muted eye color. The base color is light blue. In makeup, you should use brown, blue desaturated colors. Foundation — ivory.
  4. autumn girl is brightness itself. She has a bright red or chestnut hair color, white skin with a blush. Eye color is usually green. Freckles predominate, the skin does not tan well. It is worth paying attention to the red color. Emerald green, gold, shiny bronze colors in makeup are also suitable. Copper brown and warm beige colors are ideal.

As you can see, it is not difficult to find out your color type. And knowing how to correctly determine your color type in clothes, and not only, you can create a unique image and choose an individual make-up that will make you bright and unforgettable.


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