Makeup for a wedding for the bride - an overview of the latest trends of the season

Makeup for a wedding should be amazing, flawless and excellent. The most responsible and important day in the life of every girl will be captured in photographs, so the bride is supposed to look perfect, and makeup will serve as an excellent improvement in appearance.

Wedding makeup for the bride

Makeup for brown eyes for a wedding, as well as for other colors, has its own characteristics. To make makeup at the celebration look perfect, you need to find a professional who will take into account all the features of appearance and create a great look. Permanent make-up for a wedding, which will be in perfect condition from morning to night, requires a certain preparation of the skin, which can be done even at home, without resorting to the services of cosmetologists:

  1. cleansing. The most important step in preparing the skin for subsequent procedures is the cleansing of cosmetics and dirt. For cleansing use ubtan powder, foam or gel for washing, hydrophilic oil.
  2. Skin peeling. The next stage of skin preparation is the removal of keratinized dead cells. Peeling should not contain abrasive particles that injure the integrity of the skin. The most optimal choice is a rolling peeling, with a gentle, gentle action.
  3. Mask. A mask suitable for your skin type will help nourish and moisturize the skin. This tool has an express action and in a short time will give the skin a rested and radiant look.
  4. Toning. The toner will help remove traces of pre-care steps and close pores.
  5. Moisturizing. Moisturizing cream is a necessary final component of complex skin care, thanks to which the face will shine with freshness and youth.


Wedding makeup for brown eyes

Beautiful wedding makeup for brown eyes has a different color scheme, suitable for the style of the wedding. All shades of brown from light beige to rich dark sand are perfect for brown eyes. It is important that the color of the shadows does not match the color of the eyes, otherwise you can achieve a tired and painful look. Makeup for brown-eyed beauties for a wedding can be made in purple, emerald and blue colors — they are in perfect harmony with the shade of the eyes. Brown eyes are an expressive accent in themselves, so it is better to choose more restrained tones for shadows and lipstick.


Wedding makeup for blue eyes

Delicate wedding makeup for blue eyes is an excellent solution for a natural look. The beauty of the blue color is emphasized by bronze, golden, peach, soft pink, powdery shades of shadows. Often, blue-eyed brides have light hair color, so it is recommended to replace black eyeliner with dark brown, blue or gray, then the look will become more expressive and open. Blue shadows are also suitable, the main thing is that they differ from the color of the eyes. All pink shades of lipstick from light pink to bright crimson are perfect for blue eyes.


Wedding makeup for green eyes

The perfect wedding makeup for green eyes is able to emphasize their mystery and mystery. A few successful colors will make the eyes expressive and bright. A bright lavender shade looks great with emerald eyes, while a light one, on the contrary, will emphasize imperfections and dark circles, if any. The insidious brick color of the shadows suits only the owners of bright green eyes. Sand and apricot are amazing in wedding makeup for green eyes, these colors are used on all areas of the face: eyes, cheekbones and lips, creating a trendy monochromatic makeup.


Wedding makeup for blondes

Delicate wedding makeup for blue eyes and blond hair in nude technique has a multiple palette of suitable shades. For blue-eyed blondes, pink tones in powder, eye shadow, blush and lipstick should dominate in makeup. It is better to put a black pencil aside, replacing it with brown, blue or gray. An exception would be pin up makeup for a stylistic wedding, which implies the presence of clear black arrows and bright lipstick. Blondes like this look very well. For a traditional wedding, a more relaxed make-up is preferable.


Wedding makeup for brunettes

Wedding day makeup for burning brunettes can consist exclusively of mascara and scarlet lipstick and the image will be ready. Girls with such a catchy appearance do not have to think about accent makeup, their appearance is the main highlight of the image. A little light tonal mousse, nude shadows, dark, carefully blended eyeliner, bronzer on the cheekbones and a colorless gloss are the perfect ingredients for a flawless natural make-up for dark-haired brides. But if you want a more defiant make-up, you can try the captivating smoky eyes technique.


Wedding makeup for redheads

Wedding makeup in delicate colors for red-haired beasts involves emphasizing the natural virtues of appearance. Often, the natural red hair color comes in combination with freckles, and this cute appearance feature cannot be covered with a thick layer of foundation and powder. Delicate pastel shades of champagne, golden, peach are preferred as shadows, and dark shadows will visually add age. Blush choose warm shades and apply a thin translucent layer. Beige, pink or scarlet lipstick is selected based on skin tone.


Fashionable wedding makeup

Wedding makeup for the bride, in accordance with fashion trends, has several trends in the new season, which will not only emphasize the natural attractiveness of the bride, but will also become a trend in the wedding look. Fashionable new wedding makeup:

  1. neon shadows. Bright eye makeup will attract attention and become the undisputed hit of the wedding make-up. Neon shadows are used on a matte or glittery shiny base.
  2. Without mascara. The most natural effect is achieved by the complete rejection of mascara. This makeup option is found in the most famous star makeup artists.
  3. bright lips. On the face, only one zone should become an accent, if it is decided to highlight the lips, then the rest of the makeup should be as discreet and muffled as possible. The most fashionable option for bright lips is wine colors and scarlet lips with a feathered contour, creating the effect of bitten sensual lips.
  4. Wet makeup. Fashion technique in nude shades, created with a single liquid highlighter on all areas of the face.
  5. glitter. In a bright wedding makeup, they often resort to the help of shiny glitter shadows. All kinds of bright and pastel shades will give incredible radiance and shine.


Delicate wedding makeup

Delicate wedding makeup in pastel colors is the most common choice among newlyweds. A light, laid-back make up will emphasize the youth and freshness of the bride, highlight all the advantages. Nude makeup is done in pastel shades of beige, soft pink and gray. A little pink or golden highlighter on the cheekbones will add tenderness and radiance to the image, and the face will instantly freshen up and change. Nude lipstick is at the peak of fashion trends, it can be in the same color range as shadows, the main thing is not to choose a very light shade so as not to look pale and sickly.


Light bridal makeup

Light wedding makeup in light colors goes well with many makeup techniques. Light shadows act as an impeccable substrate for makeup in the style of Smoky eyes and the design of clear arrows. The colors of the shadows are chosen from steel, beige, ivory, pale pink, light lilac or pale blue, based on the color type of appearance and the relevance of such makeup to the style of the wedding and the image of the bride. Shadows can be either matte or pearly or glittery. If the eyes are not expressive, then they focus on the lips, Marsala or Bordeaux lipstick is especially suitable.


Dark bridal makeup

Dark makeup for a wedding is suitable for girls with a bright appearance. Catchy and defiant smoky eyes look bold and eccentric — ideal for strong-willed and strong ladies. Dark gray shadows and pale pink lipstick suit blondes, while brunettes can combine bright eyes with lips to strike everyone on the spot with their magnetism. Bright makeup, in addition to all the charms, looks great in the photo, and does not discolor the face, but everything needs to know the measure to look defiant, not vulgar. This makeup is not suitable for fair-skinned blondes and red-haired beauties.


Wedding makeup with rhinestones

Wedding makeup with rhinestones is an unusual way to decorate your appearance. Bold brides decide on the most unimaginable experiments with their appearance. An informal wedding can run amok with crazy design ideas for both the image of the bride and the celebration in general. Often brides look out rhinestones in the form of a certain pattern, which can start from the forehead and end on the collarbone. You can add rhinestones above the eyebrow, this trend is very popular in the new season. A more discreet look for decorating makeup with crystals involves adding them to false eyelashes.


Makeup for a wedding with arrows

Wedding eye makeup with arrows will successfully emphasize, highlight the look and make it more expressive. Arrows can be designed in different ways. The most popular option is jet black arrows based on nude shadows and pastel or bright red lipstick. A more restrained make-up with arrows involves their careful shading, avoiding a clear contour. This look is very gentle and sensitive. Brides are no strangers to experimentation and often brave ladies choose non-standard eyeliner colors. White arrows are the latest hit in a fashionable wedding look.


Makeup for a wedding for a girlfriend

Makeup for a wedding for a bridesmaid should be consistent with her clothes and fit the image of the bride. A lot of newlyweds borrow ideas from American women, and have weddings in their style with several bridesmaids in the same outfits. For a wedding with several bridesmaids, makeup should be done in the same color scheme, with minor adjustments to the color type of appearance. The most versatile is nude makeup, it is compatible with any appearance. But with bright contrasting makeup, girlfriends need to be more careful and think it over carefully.

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Wedding makeup for mom

Makeup for a wedding for guests can be done independently and on your own. The second female person who is paid increased attention after the bride is her mother. Here you need to prepare thoroughly and resort to professional age-related makeup in order to look at the level next to your daughter. Age makeup should be light and weightless, with a thin layer of tonal fluid. It is better to exclude powder so that it does not clog into wrinkles and emphasize them. Creamy texture of shadows and blush of light tones is the best solution in anti-aging make-up for mature skin.



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