Manicure with inscriptions on the nails - a stylish and fashionable design for all occasions

The fair sex will be able to fully express their individuality if they make a manicure with inscriptions on the nails. The reason for its success is the speed of execution, originality and accessibility. Bold and provocative inscriptions were replaced by motivational, thematic ones. Even a beginner can make beautiful nail art!

Manicure design with inscriptions

Many stylists offer girls a manicure with inscriptions on the nails, the trends of which are extremely diverse:

  1. The main rule to create a successful design is to choose simple slogans, consisting of a maximum of 3 words. For example, cute ones like «Queen», «Bemine», «Sweetheart».
  2. Monosyllabic inscriptions are welcome, unremarkable, but with a deep psychological meaning (“Do not stop”, “You are the best”).
  3. The inscription in Russian or English should occupy the main place in the manicure. It is the main focus, so it is better to think it over in advance.
  4. The background should be monophonic so that the manicure with inscriptions on the nails turns out to be noticeable and expressive. There are no restrictions on the choice of background color. For nail art to be appropriate everywhere, you should choose neutral colors, for example, beige, brown, gray or milky. In summer, bright shades are suitable, and for the autumn-winter period, dark and muted tones are suitable.
  5. Additional decor (kamifubiki, sequins and various foil elements) can be used, but taking into account harmony. On the finger with the inscription, you can completely abandon the main background. It can be easily replaced with additional decor.
  6. Instead of phrases, you can display brand names or signs, for example, Chanel, Prada, or a large yellow letter M on a red background.

manicure design with inscriptionsmanicure with inscriptions on nails trendsstylish manicure with inscriptions

Manicure for long nails with inscriptions

Owners of luxurious elongated nail plates will be able to make themselves a manicure with inscriptions on long nails:

  1. With long claws, there will be no question which inscription to choose. The phrase can be any — in English or Russian. It all depends on the situation and mood.
  2. The most popular phrases that complement the black manicure with inscriptions on long nails are: “Follow the dream”, “Believe in the dream”, “Go beyond”, “Seize the moment”.
  3. You can print one capital letter on each finger, so that they add up to one word.
  4. On long nails, it will be possible to bring out an expressive statement and even a small verse. Space should be used to the maximum.
  5. If you want to stand out, then you should think about bright colors. The inscription can be on one finger or on two or three. In the latter case, they should overlap, be made in the same style, color and meaning.

manicure for long nailsbeautiful manicure with inscriptions

Manicure for short nails with inscriptions

If a girl has small shortened nails, she will be able to create a short manicure with the inscription:

  1. Owners of short nails should not give up trendy manicure. You just need to choose a simple phrase, that is, something very simple, and reduce the letters to the maximum.
  2. It is best to print the inscription in capital letters. Uppercase calligraphic font is acceptable, but the phrase must be legible and legible.
  3. In addition to the inscription on short nails, nothing else needs to be placed. You need to give up rhinestones, kamifubi, but the inscription itself can be made with glitter or laid out with miniature rhinestones.
  4. When creating a manicure with inscriptions on short nails, you should adhere to the following rule: write 1-2 words in large letters. The letters should be on one or two fingers, or one mega-large letter (for the entire nail plate), which will form a word or name.

manicure for short nails

Manicure ideas with inscriptions

A fashionable manicure with inscriptions is reasonably considered a popular trend of recent seasons:

  1. The background for the design can be chosen absolutely any, for example, it is deep black, bright red, discreet nude and other options.
  2. The coating can be used both glossy and matte, and the letters can be made in the same or opposite style.
  3. A manicure with inscriptions on the nails can be combined with some other technique, for example, it can be a jacket or a design containing foil strips.
  4. The design of nail art will depend on the individual characteristics and age of a particular woman. For example, more mature ladies will prefer restrained phrases, and young fashionistas will be able to afford daring options.

manicure ideas with inscriptionsfashionable manicure with inscriptions

Black manicure with inscriptions

The advantage of black, with which a manicure with inscriptions on nails can be created, is its elegance and restraint. This color is rich and categorical, so it can be combined with any decor, and the inscriptions are no exception:

  1. Contrasting phrases look great on a black background. They can be displayed in white, which will look much brighter and more saturated.
  2. The inscriptions can be supplemented with decor such as hearts, stripes, gradient.
  3. Pink lettering looks good on a black background. A special harmony arises between deep dark colors and a delicate pink hue.
  4. As for the meaning of phrases, they should be restrained and monosyllabic, for example, “Love”, “There is happiness”. Moreover, all fingers can be covered with black, except for the one on which the phrase is written.
  5. Incredibly popular among girls is both a black matte manicure with inscriptions and a glossy version.

black manicure with inscriptions

Manicure with inscription stickers

The whole complexity of such nail art is to beautifully display the phrase. For those whose handwriting is not calligraphic, a manicure with stickers on the nails will come to the rescue:

  1. The most convenient options are presented on a transparent substrate, so they are ideally placed on any background. Do not get carried away and decorate all fingers with inscriptions. One sticker will transform the whole design, for example, if it is located on the ring finger
  2. Decal stickers are a good tool for those who have just started to master the science of manicure. There are many sliders with original phrases and slogans on sale.

manicure with stickers

Red manicure with inscriptions

A bright manicure with inscriptions, made in red, looks truly unsurpassed:

  1. Over a red background, phrases should be applied with black, gray or silver varnish. The main thing is to use contrasting shades.
  2. It is important not to overdo it, only one concise phrase is combined with red manicure, for example, “GirlBoss”, “There is happiness”.

red manicure with inscriptionsbright manicure with inscriptions

Nude manicure with inscriptions

Many stylists and girls appreciated this option as a manicure with inscriptions on the nails, made on a nude background:

  1. Due to the fact that the nude coating looks discreet and muted, such a background will highlight any letters and phrases, for which absolutely any shades can be used to draw.
  2. If you want to create a delicate manicure with inscriptions, you can use colors such as white, pink, mint, blue, gold or silver.
  3. If you want to give nail art clarity and expressiveness, it is recommended to pay attention to black or maroon tones, which will make the phrase the main focus of the image.

nude manicure with inscriptionsgentle manicure with inscriptions

Matte manicure with inscriptions

An extremely beautiful manicure with inscriptions can be done if you use a matte finish:

  1. One of the options for drawing letters is to make them the same matte varnish. In this case, nail art will look restrained and elegant.
  2. If you choose a contrasting glossy finish, then the design can be made bright, memorable and most eye-catching.
  3. On a black matte background, the letters and monograms, drawn in gold, look unsurpassed.

matte manicure with inscriptions

White manicure with inscriptions

To create a gentle and emphatically romantic image, they often use such an option as a white or beige manicure with the inscription:

  1. This design is incredibly popular among brides. Using certain romantic phrases made on a love theme, they strive to reflect the solemnity of this moment and make the event unforgettable.
  2. White color is very harmoniously combined with other decorative elements, for example, it can be a drawing of openwork lace, intricate monograms, French or moon design.
  3. Details such as rhinestones or sparkles, shiny strips of foil will perfectly fit into the overall concept of the image.

white manicure with inscriptions

French manicure with inscriptions

A great way to diversify the usual classic design is to make a French manicure with the inscription:

  • Lettering arrangements can be very different. For example, letters can add up to some thematic phrase laid out in the smile zone;
  • phrases can be placed vertically, horizontally, diagonally. The ideal solution would be if the inscriptions overlap in color with the shade in which the smile is painted. However, contrasting options are also allowed;
  • acceptable is the combination of jacket and moon nail art.

french manicure with inscriptions

Transparent manicure with inscriptions

A transparent stylish manicure with inscriptions is a universal design solution that will provide an opportunity to embody absolutely any ideas in terms of applying phrases:

  • due to the fact that the coating is presented in a transparent color, it looks neutral, and therefore the letters can be applied in absolutely any shade;
  • the addition of all sorts of other decorative elements is allowed and even welcomed. This is also due to the fact that the transparent coating implies great variability for the embodiment of any ideas;
  • phrases can be accompanied by drawings, rhinestones or sparkles.

transparent manicure with inscriptions

Manicure with foil and inscriptions

The original pink manicure with inscriptions or nail art, made in any other color, goes well with such a decorative element as foil:

  • the design is very harmonious, in which the letters are made in the same tone as the foil;
  • contrasting solutions are also allowed. In this case, the foil can be laid out in strips arranged in an arbitrary order, and the inscription can be parallel, perpendicular to them, or cross the strip.

manicure with foil and inscriptions

Youth manicure with inscriptions

Young fashionistas really appreciate a black and white manicure with inscriptions or a design made in some other color scheme. Phrases can contain absolutely any topic, for example, they can be motivating («BELIEVE IN YORSELF»), cute (the inscription «YAMMY», accompanied by an image of a kitten located on the next finger), romantic («LOVE»).

youth manicure with inscriptions

Bold manicure with inscriptions

Bold fashionistas can fully express their individuality if they make a daring manicure for short nails with inscriptions or nail art created on elongated nail plates. Insolence can be expressed in the use of any non-standard phrases. However, they are often accompanied by drawings that complement them. An example is the phrase «Kiss me» on one finger and the image of the «fifth point» on the other.

daring manicure with inscriptions


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