Perfect hairstyle - 30 photos of fashion ideas for all occasions

Every girl wants to have the perfect hairstyle. Many questions arise, how to choose it for your face and type of appearance, for the features of your hair. If you follow certain rules, this will not cause any difficulties.

Perfect Hairstyles 2019

To create a stylish and harmonious image, the ideal female hairstyle is of no small importance:

  • you need to decide on the type of face, and depending on this, select the appropriate styling option;
  • the ideal hairstyle for a particular woman can be both collected and loose, both high and low;
  • it is worth considering the structure of the strands, which can be straight or curly;
  • the hairstyle is selected taking into account a certain situation, it can be everyday, evening, wedding.

perfect hairstyles 2019

How to determine your ideal hairstyle?

The easiest way to determine what the ideal hairstyle will be based on the shape of the face:

  1. Almost any variation is suitable for an oval face. But the advantages can be distinguished if you make curls of medium length, light waves or a bob.
  2. A round face needs to be visually corrected, so it is not recommended to cut hair to the level of the chin or higher. Best Hairstyles: Simple long straight hair, hairstyles with long bangs, side wavy ponytail.
  3. If the face is rectangular, it would be right to choose the following options: just long hair with bangs, medium-length strands with bangs, bob with bangs.
  4. If the face is in the shape of a heart, it is advisable to focus on the cheeks and eyes. For this, such variations are suitable: medium cascade, medium curls and side tail.
  5. A diamond-shaped face needs to soften the contrast in the cheek area. Good hairstyle options: medium length with side parting, waves with voluminous bangs, pixies.
  6. If the face is square, you will need to smooth out sharp corners. For this, a ladder haircut, long curls and hairstyles with short side bangs are best suited.

Any girl wonders how to choose her perfect hairstyle? To do this, there are only two rules that must be considered:

  1. The first rule is to determine the shape of the face. In total, there are 5 types of face shapes: round, oval, triangular, square and elongated. The oval face looks great with any hairstyle — from mega short to very long. If the face is round, it is best suited for medium length hairstyles, especially stepped ones. It is better to forget about even bangs.
  2. For a triangle face with soft features, puffy hairstyles are suitable, and if the features are angular, a geometrically clear hairstyle should be preferred. With a square shape, you can look at structural hairstyles, achieving an interesting effect with strands of different lengths or small waves. And if the face is elongated, then it looks perfect with hairstyles with bangs. The haircut itself can be anything.
  3. The second rule is to determine your hair type. Thin strands should not be left excessively long, the strands should be structural in order to get extra volume. For curly hair, short and medium haircuts are suitable. If the hair has a medium texture, a variety of hairstyles are suitable, although torn ones look best.
  4. If the strands are thick, they are difficult to style and do not hold their shape very well. It is better to give preference to a stepped haircut and profile the length. Just do it all carefully.

how to find your perfect hairstyle

The perfect hairstyle for an oval face

It is very easy for girls with an oval face to determine how to choose the perfect hairstyle. They can choose from a variety of options:

  • simple «beach» waves;
  • twisted chic curls;
  • simple straight hair, complemented by an elongated and slightly ragged bangs;
  • hair collected in a simple ponytail, and with a side parting;
  • layered perfect hairstyle with bouffant at the roots and large curls;
  • low tail with strands to release, framing the face;
  • romantic and chaotic waves;
  • soft straight strands;
  • bob with side parting;
  • simple asymmetrical styling;
  • hair pulled back with a few strands framing the face;
  • simple hairstyle with bangs below the eyebrows;
  • hair taken back, fixed at the crown;
  • a braid braided from one side;
  • hairstyle with side parting.

perfect hairstyle for oval face

The perfect hairstyle for a square face

There are many variations that represent the ideal hairstyle for a square face type:

  • asymmetrical hairstyles and similar elements (bangs, parting);
  • hairstyles with arched bangs;
  • styling with strands falling on the face;
  • light waves;
  • perfect hairstyle with thick bangs;
  • romantic waves;
  • simply straight hair with long bangs framing the face;
  • elongated bean;
  • medium length cascade;
  • ladder with semicircular bangs;
  • soft waves;
  • cascade with torn bangs;
  • short hairstyles with oblique bangs.

perfect hairstyle for a square face

The perfect hairstyle for a triangular face

The triangular face has a narrow and sometimes sharp chin. It is advisable to focus on the eyes and chin, while diverting attention from the forehead. The best options that present the perfect hairstyle for a triangular shape are as follows:

  1. Bob is a «safe» hairstyle that can be twisted or pulled out. The length should be either up to the chin, or not reaching the shoulders.
  2. Curls are the best choice for this face shape. The most important thing is that they are soft and weightless. It is recommended to wind from the middle of the head and below.
  3. Ladder, allowing you to make the face more proportional visually.
  4. The perfect simple shoulder length hairstyle where the hair frames the face. The strands can be twisted in or out.
  5. Parting on one side. Hair on one side can be laid behind the ear or pinned up.
  6. Hairstyles with volume from the middle of the face.

perfect hairstyle for a triangular face

The perfect hairstyle for a square face

A rectangular face type is rare, but it does occur. In this case, the ideal hairstyle for a girl should be chosen in such a way as to soften facial features, highlight the pros and hide the cons:

  1. To do this, you need to pay attention not only to the length of the hair, but also to their structure. The best length is from the chin to the shoulders, the bangs should be lush and long, and the parting should be straight, sideways or asymmetrical.
  2. It is necessary to avoid the absence of a bang, a straight cut of hair and a length below the shoulders. Bad options that completely open the face.

A medium length hairstyle is ideal as it rounds the cheeks and gives a feminine look. Here are the best examples:

  • cascade or ladder;
  • elongated bob;
  • curls twisted to the face;
  • a bun or tail with loose strands;
  • soft waves;
  • elongated caret;
  • asymmetrical hairstyles.

perfect hairstyle for square face

The perfect hairstyle for a round face

For a round face, a beautiful ideal hairstyle should be such as to make it visually oval:

  1. Volume should be concentrated at the back of the head or front of the head.
  2. Slanting bangs, asymmetrical or diagonal parting also make the face longer. It is advisable to focus on vertical lines that cover the cheekbones or cheeks, for example, with oblique ragged bangs. Do not curl your hair from the roots, this will add volume near the temples, increasing the width of the face.
  3. Suitable for a round face and bangs: both very short and incredibly long. One has only to avoid a clear horizontal bangs.
  4. It is recommended to avoid straight bangs to the eyebrows, hairstyles that increase the volume on the sides of the face and thinning strands near the face, and a graphic bob at the chin will not work either.

Good options that represent the perfect stylish hairstyle are as follows:

  • large curls or light waves;
  • pixie or bob (with or without bangs);
  • square of medium length;
  • ladder of medium length;
  • cascading haircut of medium length;
  • beach waves.

perfect hairstyles for round faces

Perfect everyday hairstyle

Many fashionistas are interested in how to find the perfect hairstyle for every day? It should be light in execution, but at the same time beautiful. Here are some great options:

  • classic beam;
  • quick Greek styling;
  • bundle with a knot;
  • a bunch of two braids;
  • «fish tail»;
  • braid basket;
  • twisted tail;
  • loose styling with two bundles;
  • pigtail bezel;
  • «shell»;
  • low tail;
  • bulk beam;
  • bouffant in retro style;
  • bundle with a scythe;
  • tail with a scythe;
  • haired tail.

perfect everyday hairstyle

Perfect braid hairstyle

The braid can be elegant, strict, business or romantic, it all depends on the weaving and the desired image. Here are the best braid options that represent the perfect braided hairstyle:

  • french braid;
  • spikelet;
  • «fish tail»;
  • french waterfall;
  • bundle with a scythe;
  • braid crown;
  • Greek style;
  • braid combined with loose hair;
  • braid with a tail;
  • braid with bangs back or sideways;
  • braid made from bangs.

perfect braid hairstyle

Perfect updos

When looking for an answer to the question of how to choose the perfect hairstyle, you should pay attention to high variation. She looks feminine and elegant. This is a great option for a special occasion or for daily use. To create such a hairstyle, you will need hair of at least medium length. Possible options are:

  • high knot;
  • neat French bun with a scythe;
  • a braid braided from the base of the neck and gathered into a bun at the back of the head;
  • high ponytail;
  • two volumetric beams at the crown;
  • babette in retro style;
  • shell hairstyle;
  • light romantic high bun;
  • high bundle of braids;
  • high ponytail with original braids.

perfect updo hairstyles

The perfect hairstyle for curly hair

For curly hair, not only the perfect hairstyle for curls is perfect, but also all kinds of other variations:

  • asymmetric styling. It is worth choosing them based on the type of your face;
  • bob haircut looks great on curly hair;
  • light waves;
  • deliberately careless hairstyle;
  • square in a shortened or elongated version, with or without bangs;
  • cascade;
  • haircut «hat»;
  • gentle curls;
  • lateral tail;
  • Gatsby hairstyle.

perfect hairstyle for curly hair

Perfect hairstyle with bangs

Many girls like bangs. This haircut element can open the forehead, or vice versa, hide it, masking various flaws. The perfect hairstyle for every day can be done in the following options:

  • shoulder-length bob with even bangs;
  • cascade with long ragged bangs;
  • bob with bangs-curtain;
  • asymmetrical hairstyle with straight or oblique bangs;
  • double cascade;
  • ladder with a bang-curtain;
  • shag with torn bangs;
  • layered hairstyle with torn bangs;
  • page with straight and long bangs;
  • pixie with torn bangs;
  • garcon with torn or asymmetrical bangs;
  • hat with straight bangs with a smooth cut;
  • bob with asymmetrical side bangs.

perfect hairstyle with bangs

Perfect evening hairstyle

Any girl wants her image to be complemented by the perfect hairstyle for the evening. You can create the following options:

  • beautiful French braid with ribbons or flowers;
  • large or careless curls;
  • elegant bun, complemented by jewelry;
  • shell, fluffy tail with ribbons or hairpins;
  • retro hairstyles: for example, babette;
  • a bunch or tail with strands released;
  • different options for skillfully braided braids.

perfect evening hairstyle

The perfect wedding hairstyle

An important nuance of any celebration is the perfect hairstyle for a wedding. Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day. Possible options are:

  • laid curls;
  • high hairstyles with several lowered curls;
  • bouffant or hair pulled back;
  • hairstyle with oblique bangs and short curly hair;
  • lush and long hairstyles with wide bangs;
  • hairstyles with highlighting the cheekbones, for example, hair tucked behind the ears.

perfect wedding hairstyle

Ideal hairstyles for obese women

Fat women can also be in trend and choose for themselves an image with the perfect hairstyle. You need to remember about harmony: for example, if you make very short curls, then the body will look too big against their background. Fat girls can get away from the classic smoothness and clear lines. It is advised to do hairstyles with asymmetry, tousled and multi-layered. You can think about framing the forehead, especially if the face is characterized by large features and chubby cheeks.

The ideal hairstyles for the full are as follows:

  • square of medium length;
  • charming curls;
  • hairstyles with strands framing the face;
  • traditional bean;
  • cascading variations for owners of curly hair;
  • elongated caret;
  • square with a leg.

perfect hairstyle for overweight women


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