Rhinestones are a trendy way to add sparkle to your look.

Rhinestones are the most common and used decoration of the image. They bring a special radiance, luxury and gloss to the elements of style. The beautiful shine of small rhinestones is found in the design of clothes, accessories, accessories, hairstyles and makeup, and incredible highlights attract admiring glances.

Rhinestone inlay

Swarovski rhinestones are the most famous brand of sparkling stones. Synthetic crystals consist of 70 natural components, and no toxic substances are used in their production, so these stones meet all environmental requirements. And all these advantages, in addition, have excellent aesthetic parameters, and their incredible brilliance is simply dazzling. What products are the most popular for rhinestone inlay:

  1. Accessories. The Swarovski brand has created its own line of jewelry and its collection includes a wide variety of models of rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. But other fashion designers often use the famous crystals in their accessories.
  2. bags. Many models of bags have to be decorated with rhinestones. The famous quilted little Chanel handbag is often found decorated with stones, and some exclusive models are even encrusted with precious stones. The stones are laid out in the form of a pattern on the material itself, or decorate the fittings. An evening look will perfectly complement a small clutch decorated with all kinds of rhinestones.
  3. Belts. A shiny belt with iridescent edges can decorate any most primitive look and add a special sparkle.
  4. Phones. Removable panels for phones will not only protect it from damage, but also become a wonderful decoration for gadgets if they are decorated with rhinestones. Shining pebbles can cover the entire cover with a continuous layer without gaps, or complement the pattern, pattern.
  5. Brooches. Very trendy in the new season, handmade brooches made of beads and rhinestones. Such jewelry is exclusive, many craftswomen will make a unique design in a single copy, so that women of fashion will have a unique thing. These products are made in any shape, in the form of abstract, animals, food, fruits or floristry and are decorated with pearls, beads, feathers, shibori ribbons, soutache and stones.


Dress with rhinestones

Evening dresses with rhinestones are an excellent choice for a special occasion. A festive outfit with rhinestones is decorated in any way: it can be a corset completely embroidered with multi-colored stones, or a painted pattern inlaid with crystals. Ball gowns are decorated with Swarovski crystals, a traditional way of embellishing dancewear. The sparkle of crystals is also not alien to wedding dresses, they embroider the hem, corset, add a belt in crystals and decorate gloves. Casual dresses with a straight cut, decorated with small elements with rhinestones — an excellent choice.


Jeans with rhinestones

Rhinestones on jeans are the surest way to diversify denim decor. It is fashionable to decorate with rhinestones the slides on cropped jeans, creating a unique painting. Back pockets in rhinestones will make the silhouette appetizing and more attractive. Torn and frayed jeans look great with a scattering of pebbles and beads. Trendy non-standard painting of clothes will sparkle and open in a new light if you decorate it with a few shiny rhinestones of various shapes. It is advisable to combine jeans with an abundance of stones with plain clothes, keeping balance and not overloading the look.


Swimsuit with rhinestones

Large rhinestones on the swimsuit will attract attention and make the owner the star of the beach. Famous fashion designers often use rhinestones for their products. The famous Victoria᾿s Secret swimsuits with country buckle on the bodice have become the most popular swimsuit model of all time and have been popular for more than one season. A fully sheathed bodice in countries looks spectacular and attractive. The swimsuit model, which is decorated with sparkling stones, has no boundaries: bandeau, tankini, monokini, bikini, for every taste and figure.


Tracksuit with rhinestones

Women’s tracksuit with rhinestones will be a glamorous highlight in a sporty chic style. Tracksuits embellished with rhinestones are more decorative for a casual sports look than for real sports. However, a few rhinestones in the gym will not interfere with physical activity and will add a good mood and desire to reach new heights. Often rhinestones make a pattern on the back of windbreakers, it can consist of an inscription or be a full-fledged picture decorated with rhinestones. On pants, pockets are decorated with rhinestones or a longitudinal strip of rhinestones is made along the seams.


T-shirts with rhinestones

Small rhinestones on T-shirts have become an essential attribute of everyday youth style. The laid-back shine of the crystals brings charm and lightness to the look. In the new season, fashionable oversized t-shirts and all sorts of designs from a laconic plain t-shirt with a small inscription in rhinestones, to a pattern on the entire front or back, decorated with multi-colored stones. An alcoholic t-shirt with a dropped shoulder will add freedom and looseness to the image, and rhinestones will only improve it. The perfect figure can be dressed in a short top inlaid with rhinestones.


Tights with rhinestones

Mesh tights with rhinestones are a non-trivial underwear decoration. Tights with such an extraordinary design will be the highlight of an informal look. A beautiful look is obtained from high-waisted fishnet tights, short shorts and a fitted top — all trendy things in one look. With skirts or dresses, such an accessory will also make an interesting tandem. The main thing when choosing a dress is to focus on its relevance. A stylish oversized dress is a great choice for such unusual tights. Black total look with such tights is bold and eccentric.


Jacket with rhinestones

A denim jacket with rhinestones is a fashionable element of outerwear. It can be of different lengths, colors and designs. Winter jeans, decorated with rhinestones, are insulated with fur and can be decorated with it — this is very beautiful and stylish, especially if the fur is dyed in bright colors. The jacket in the countries will serve as an excellent warming in the cold season. Rhinestones are added to the accessories of jackets, in the form of a pattern or sewn-on elements with rhinestones. Decorate pockets, back, shoulders with sparkling pebbles. The trend is bright colors, asymmetrical cut and unusual design.


Shoes with rhinestones

Beautiful rhinestones in the design of shoes are an amazing decoration for an accent detail on shoes. In the new season, the Total look has become the most trendy trend in the fashion industry, and crystal-embellished shoes will be the perfect complement to a monochrome look. There are several ways to decorate fashionable shoes with rhinestones:

  1. Shoes with crystal buckle. The most famous shoe model in this design is Manolo Blahnik. They are invariably made of satin or velvet and are very comfortable thanks to the medium heel height. Shoes that are more affordable for purchase are also not uncommon for models with stones on buckles, and there can be different designs, materials, with and without heels.
  2. Shoes studded with rhinestones. Such shoes are more festive, and are rarely used in everyday style. The latest fashion trends include rhinestone shoes with a gradient transition — it’s beautiful and charming. Rhinestones on the entire surface of the shoes were found in the brands Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo.
  3. Rhinestones on the heel. This technology of decorating with rhinestones fell in love in wedding fashion. The metal structures on the heel of the shoe, which make up a certain pattern, are an attractive and non-trivial solution.
  4. Rhinestones and silicone. Many designers use mixed structures in the production of shoes, leather shoes with silicone inserts are original and unusual. And if such shoes are also decorated with expensive crystals, then its owner will have no equal in terms of style.


Sandals with rhinestones

Women’s sandals with rhinestones are an excellent solution for any look. Such shoes can be with heels and intended for festive events or be low-cut for everyday life. Open sandals with thin membranes in rhinestones will perfectly complement an evening dress. Rhinestones can be on the strap, heel or heel and it will always look great. Gladiator sandals in rhinestones look amazing and make a good combination with casual wear. These shoes are combined with dresses, shorts, fashionable trousers and rompers.


Sneakers with rhinestones

Women’s sneakers with rhinestones are a very beautiful model of everyday shoes. Sneakers have long gone beyond the gym and now their combination with clothes is the most unpredictable. The latest fashion trends recommend combining such shoes with long silk dresses with thin straps — this is unusual and spectacular. Sneakers studded with rhinestones go well with trendy culottes and a simple T-shirt. Jeans and sneakers are the perfect combination of all time, and rhinestones will only add shine and shine.


Makeup with rhinestones

Makeup rhinestones are the latest trend in fashion trends. For everyday makeup, a lot of rhinestones are not very suitable, but a couple of rhinestone blotches under the eyebrow will be a great exclusive feature. Makeup with rhinestones is the perfect solution for a costume party, New Year’s holidays or other celebrations when a little glitter will only benefit. Advanced make-up artists choose such a make-up for a make-up for a Fashion photo shoot — then there are no boundaries, you can make any design and apply different colors.


Eyelashes with rhinestones

Rhinestones on the eyelashes are a beautiful addition to false eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are loved by fashionistas for the opportunity to look attractive 24 hours a day. Extension specialists offer different options for the volume, design and colors of eyelashes. The most popular addition is the inlay of small pebbles on the outer corners of the eyes. For everyday extensions, this method is the most optimal, because a few rhinestones will not overload the eyelash, and rhinestones along the entire eyelid line are more suitable for a festive occasion.


Rhinestones above the eyebrows

Rhinestones on the face in the eyebrow area are a hit in the beauty world. This make-up design has been seen in many Hollywood beauties, and for good reason, because it looks beautiful, unusual and extravagant. Rhinestones above the eyebrows are a great tool for girls who love to shock the audience. In everyday style, you can stick a few rhinestones over the eyebrow, it will not be very extravagant, but unusual. Rhinestones of different sizes and shapes, in large quantities, are able to perform the most extraordinary and unpredictable makeup.


Nails with rhinestones

Manicure rhinestones — will decorate a variety of fashionable nail designs. Advanced fashionistas love to use small rhinestones in the design of the nail plate. This type of design is applicable for manicure for any occasion from everyday to festive. Fashion trends for beautiful nail art using rhinestones:

  1. Path of rhinestones. In this way, a distinction is made using rhinestones. So you can designate the border of a jacket, moon manicure, outline geometric shapes. It will be stylish and not a banal solution.
  2. Rhinestone pattern. A very fashionable replacement for a painted illustration is a rhinestone pattern. To complete it, you need rhinestones of different sizes, colors and a little imagination. In this style, floral and food design is performed.
  3. Rhinestones and modeling. The most favorite variation of a wedding manicure for brides. A classic delicate jacket, decorated with molding in the form of flowers and rhinestones, will be a wonderful decoration for the hands of the newlywed, on which it will not be a shame to put on that very cherished ring.
  4. Design Sweet Bloom and rhinestones. The technique of three-dimensional drawing perfectly combines with rhinestones and opens up in a new light.
  5. Vintage pattern and rhinestones. This design is made using mica, thick gel, rhinestones and gold casting monograms.
  6. Matte manicure and rhinestones. A week of velvet coating on the nails will serve as an ideal help for decorating with rhinestones, which stand out clearly on such a substrate and shine with tripled strength. Absolutely any design can be covered with a matte top, and rhinestones will add sophistication and elegance to the design.
  7. Rhinestones and Gradient. A beautiful smooth transition of shades can be improved with rhinestones, as a single interspersed with crystals, as well as a large suitable ornament.
  8. Rhinestones and rubbing. Some types of rubbing love the addition of rhinestones. Pearl, mother-of-pearl and mirror rubbing is not at all against such a neighborhood.
  9. Caviar manicure with rhinestones. A new fashion trend in the beauty industry. This design is made with transparent plastic bouillons, which dot the entire surface of the nail and in some places interspersed with rhinestones. Especially for such a manicure, rhinestones with the effect of opal, chameleon or cone shape are suitable.


Rhinestones on the teeth

Beautiful rhinestones on the teeth in the form of skies or grills were chosen by celebrities and simple fashionistas. One stone inlaid into the tooth is one of the types of aesthetic dentistry. Such a procedure is inexpensive, and the result looks attractive and pleases its hostess for a long time. Grills are a kind of mouth guard made of metal or silicone with rhinestones. Such jewelry is loved by representatives of hip-hop culture and outrageous pop divas.



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