Rhinestones on nails - an original decor for a stylish manicure

A manicure with shiny nail plates invariably looks advantageous and can unsurpassedly emphasize femininity. Rhinestones on the nails can act as a decoration for any kind of nail art. The main thing is to emphasize the presentability of such a design and know the measure when applying a brilliant base.

Nail design with rhinestones

Many nail technicians use rhinestones on their nails:

  1. Gel polish is suitable for a high-quality manicure, and pebbles can be created from acrylic, glass, plastic or zirconium.
  2. An expensive and luxurious manicure will be an option decorated with crystal inserts or even Swarovski stones.
  3. The second criterion to choose is the color combination, this choice depends on the style of clothing, the purpose of creating a manicure, seasonality, length and shape of nails.
  4. In order to highlight the rhinestones well, dark and saturated colors are often used, because the shine will look unsurpassed in this version.
  5. Colors of red, blue or green, which are applied with a glossy or matte base, are perfect.
  6. Delicate manicure with rhinestones is created using white, light pink, sky blue or yellow shades.
  7. The monochromatic design looks simple, but using one or two pebbles on one of the nails brings some zest to the manicure, which is great for an evening look. The brightness and radiance of individual fingers can perfectly complement an elegant dress.
  8. The classic technique in the form of a jacket looks irresistible with rhinestones. Simplicity and conciseness becomes much more interesting if you add a little brightness.
  9. A shiny element can be placed parallel to the strip, decorate the nail hole or create a small pattern.
  10. Another great combination would be the gradient technique, which complements the nails with rhinestones. This design can be laid out vertically, horizontally or at an angle.
  11. Nail art can be supplemented not only with rhinestones, but also with modeling from drawings and patterns.

nail design with rhinestonesnails with rhinestonesrhinestone inlay on nails

Manicure with rhinestones for short nails

There are many ideas that can be embodied in a shortened length:

  1. The design can be created from warm shades, oval will become a common shape.
  2. The perfect pattern for this length will be snowflakes, which are perfectly complemented by glitter with rhinestones.
  3. A nude jacket with large rhinestones looks great on a short oval length.
  4. Another optimal solution for a short length will be rhinestones on short nails, laid out in the form of a pattern. It can be a vertical or horizontal strip, a circle, a traced heart or a flower, it can be supplemented with pebbles in different parts.

manicure with rhinestones for short nails

Manicure for long nails with rhinestones

Modern fashion is very diverse and very long pointed nails studded with rhinestones and sparkles are no longer surprising:

  1. The classic option would be a base covered with white varnish and several small rhinestones glued diagonally.
  2. Another option is long nails with rhinestones, reminiscent of the surface of a disco ball, or shiny fish scales.
  3. A bright manicure will not look vulgar if the colors and their combinations are correctly selected. For example, turquoise polish can complement purple rhinestones on long nails.
  4. Geometric patterns look great on pointed nails. The most common option to embellish long nails is to create a delicate hole.

manicure for long nails with rhinestoneslong nails with rhinestones

Ideas with rhinestones on nails

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas a variety of manicure ideas with rhinestones:

  1. The actual issue when choosing a color is the period in which the design is carried out. For the summer season, the choice stops at blue, turquoise, raspberry and nude manicure.
  2. For the autumn period, the choice will be made on muted shades of varnish, burgundy, purple, brown, cherry, emerald and plum are considered popular.
  3. Winter manicure can be supplemented with two varieties, this is an option that is close to naturalness, or a festive one filled with sparkles.
  4. Often black or white predominates, pastel varnish can also be used, which is complemented by kamifubuki or rubbing.
  5. Spring nail art is characterized by lightness, tenderness and airiness. The priority is shades such as lavender, peach, lilac, gray, and transparent varnish, complemented by twigs and leaves.
  6. The most common idea will be a French manicure, which can be complemented by various inlays, rhinestones on the nails can look like droplets.
  7. Another option is a matte design, which can be made unique with a glittery stripe, hole, or a fully embellished single finger.
  8. Patterns of rhinestones invariably look luxurious, these can be openwork bindings, romantic hearts.

rhinestone nail ideasrhinestone manicure ideasbeautiful manicure with rhinestones

French with rhinestones

A jacket with rhinestones on the nails looks elegant and luxurious at the same time:

  1. The white method of applying a jacket remains relevant, but experts often begin to experiment with it, adding shine with the help of rhinestones laid out in a semicircle around the entire perimeter.
  2. Stylists advise to diversify the boring format with the help of a small drawing. With a jacket, an ornate pattern with a lace addition looks perfect.
  3. The drawing can be located on one finger and combined with a beautiful expressive inscription or on several fingers.
  4. Another popular trend has been the decoration of nails with broths; in such a manicure, you can use the matte finish option. Thanks to the use of faceted elements, the design is excellent.
  5. The wedding often offers a French jacket, in which there are rhinestones on the nails, because this combination gives tenderness of feelings and makes the image very cute.

jacket with rhinestones

Nude manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones on nails look unsurpassed, the design with which is presented in a matte version:

  1. Fashionable manicure is created in beige, milky and coffee shades.
  2. Shiny elements can be placed in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole to embellish it perfectly. And also it is possible on 1-2 fingers in the form of an interesting pattern.
  3. With the help of small rhinestones, you can create patterns such as a triangle, a vertical line or a wave.

nude manicure with rhinestones

Bright manicure with rhinestones

Any design with rhinestones can attract attention if bright varnish is used:

  1. One of the most common options is red lacquer. For a short length, the option with a vertical strip of rhinestones is perfect.
  2. Pink lacquer brings out its brightness perfectly, and rhinestones can decorate the lower part above the cuticle.
  3. The blue color looks best with silver rhinestones, especially if you use a cold range in the form of cornflower blue, azure or aquamarine.
  4. If a warm shade is taken, then you can inlay with gold sparkles, which will harmoniously complement the rhinestones on the nails.
  5. If you create a lemon or golden ombre, it looks amazing.

bright manicure with rhinestones

Solid manicure with rhinestones

A monochromatic finish can be transformed with the help of various small shiny pebbles, with their help extremely beautiful nails with rhinestones are often created. Of these, you can arrange images in the form of animals, flowers, butterflies, hearts and other cute options. Minimalism can also be applied, when plain nail plates are complemented by pebbles in a single copy.

plain manicure with rhinestonesbeautiful nails with rhinestones

Ombre nails with rhinestones

Ombre is another way to make a beautiful manicure with rhinestones:

  1. The ombre effect is created using two colors, one part of the nail is painted in one shade, and the other part in another color:
  2. This option can be embellished with beads and contain rhinestones on multi-colored nails.
  3. The ombre effect can be applied with a diamond gradient, which looks great on the ring finger, and others can be painted in a solid color with a triangular hole in the form of pebbles.
  4. There are options for applying an ombre in a vertical design; rhinestones can be laid out here at the time of this transition.
  5. A stylish jacket can be complemented by ombre technique and rhinestones.

ombre nails with rhinestones

Nail design «cat’s eye» with rhinestones

To make nail art as bright, shiny and iridescent as possible, the “cat’s eye” technique, which is organically complemented by beautiful rhinestones on the nails, will help:

  • glitter coating can be applied on all fingers or on some of them. In the first case, when decorating with rhinestones, an incredibly bright shine is created, and in the second case, pebbles can complement a contrasting coating, for example, matte varnish;
  • rhinestones can match the color of the «cat’s eye» coating or be presented in some other, contrasting version.

cat eye nail design with rhinestones

Black manicure with rhinestones

The black color used to cover the nail plates is reasonably associated with depth and mystery. The original design can be done in the following ways:

  • black lacquer applied to the nails, on top of which stones are placed. At the same time, they can be taken in a traditional transparent version or be colored, making up a spectacular contrast with the base;
  • black rhinestones on the nails, which are applied completely to the entire plate or laid out in the form of fancy patterns. In this case, any basis can be taken — bright or delicate pastel.

black manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestone patterns on nails

Among many stylists and fashionistas, inlay with rhinestones on nails is extremely popular, which are laid out with all sorts of patterns:

  • floral and floral ornaments remain outside the influence of fashion, they are invariably popular and pass from season to season;
  • do not lose their positions on the fashionable Olympus and geometric figures that look especially impressive if their middle is filled with stones;
  • one of the latest trends is the laying out of various insects on the nail plates, for example, butterflies or dragonflies;
  • fashionistas seeking to create a catchy and eye-catching bow can use the image of the crown on the nails.

rhinestone nail designsrhinestone inlay on nails

Rhinestone crown on nails

One of the popular varieties of modern nail art is rhinestone drawings on nails containing images of a crown:

  • this element can be made in gold or silver, and rhinestones will serve as decoration for the top of the crown;
  • complex inlay is also often used, when almost the entire crown is laid out completely from monophonic or multi-colored pebbles.

rhinestone crown on nails

Dragonfly on nails with rhinestones

One of the trendy decorations of recent seasons has been the decoration of plates with the image of a dragonfly. This element fits especially well into the summer design, but if desired, it can be successfully applied to other seasons:

  • the dragonfly is often used as a bright accent and is applied to only one finger, while the rest are preferably made plain;
  • large and small rhinestones on the nails are used to lay out certain elements of the insect, for example, the former can be taken to decorate the wings, and the latter can be used to lay out the body.

dragonfly on nails with rhinestones

Butterfly of rhinestones on nails

Another relevant drawing is the image of a butterfly. Registration can be done in different ways:

  • the insect can be completely laid out on one specific finger, which will act as a stylish highlight of the entire nail art. To implement this idea, it is advisable to use small rhinestones on the nails;
  • The following technique is incredibly relevant — when two nail plates are used at once to depict the wings of a butterfly. In this case, the wings are located on adjacent fingers and folded into a common pattern. In this case, great importance is attached to decoration, pebbles can be multi-colored and laid out in a variety of patterns.

rhinestone butterfly on nails

Pedicure with rhinestones

Using original decorative elements, you can create an incredibly beautiful pedicure with rhinestones:

  • due to the large area, the basis chosen for decoration is mainly the thumb. All kinds of drawings can be laid out on it: flowers, leaves, geometric shapes, stripes, butterfly wings, marine themes;
  • the rest of the fingers can also be decorated with pebbles, but to a lesser extent, for example, rhinestones can be located in a single copy or it can be a thin strip lined with small elements.

pedicure with rhinestones


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