summer color type

The noble, gentle and cool summer color type requires delicate and discreet shades in makeup and clothing. It is a little dangerous in that there is a risk of extinguishing your appearance by using inappropriate tones. Therefore, we advise you to carefully understand which colors suit the summer color type, and how not to make a mistake in choosing clothes and makeup.

Summer appearance color type

What is she, a woman-summer? Firstly, the hair color of these representatives of the fair sex is mostly blond with varying degrees of intensity, sometimes with an ashy tint. Eyebrows and eyelashes are similar in color to hair. Skin color can be light porcelain, which burns badly in the sun and becomes red, pinkish with a gray tint of tan, as well as light olive, which tans well, acquiring a cognac hue. Freckles and moles, if present, are grayish-brown or ash-brown.

Summer color type — palette

What do you associate with summer? Well, of course, sea waves, blue skies and beige-gray sand. It is precisely such a muted-cold color scheme that is ideal for the summer color type. You will be beautifully decorated with cool pink, light purple and fresh blue. Forget about orange coloring, you can replace it with light red or grayish red shades. Also eliminate the snow white color, it is better to replace it with a bluish white or light gray. Be careful with yellow tones, your option is a rich lemon shade.

Wardrobe for summer color type

Blouses, shirts and blouses choose cool muted shades. But with the bottom (trousers, skirts) you can experiment by choosing rich tones.

Representatives of the summer color type are ideal for vintage jewelry. Opt for light colored gemstones as well as precious metals such as white gold or silver.

The summer color type is considered the most common, but also complex, so it is sometimes difficult to determine it correctly.


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