belly-hiding swimsuits

In the summer, many women are faced with the problem of choosing a swimsuit. It is already necessary to go to the seas to relax, but it is not known which swimsuit to prefer. In addition, for many plump girls, choosing a swimsuit becomes a painful process, because either the belly looks ugly or the sides hang down. For those who have encountered such a problem, we can advise a one-piece swimsuit that hides the stomach. But, it is worth paying attention that such swimsuits are chosen not only by curvaceous girls, but also by owners of a perfect figure, as they look no less sexually revealing bikinis.

Swimsuit that hides the sides and belly

In general, one-piece swimsuits can be divided into seven different types. Let’s take a look at each of them so that you know what exactly you need to give preference to.

  1. Mayo — This is a classic model of a one-piece swimsuit. It hides both the sides and the stomach. The straps of such a swimsuit are sewn on, approximately the same plan as that of a bra. This is an ideal version of a swimsuit that hides an ugly belly, as it just covers all problem areas and visually makes the figure thinner, especially if you choose the right color scheme.
  2. bando This is a strapless swimsuit. Its bodice is wrapped around the bust like a ribbon, while the bottom of the one-piece swimsuit remains classic — the stomach is covered and the sides are hidden. It is more convenient to sunbathe in such a swimsuit, since you will not leave white marks from the straps, and it also looks very stylish.
  3. Tank — this model, in essence, is very similar to mayo, but it has one peculiarity — the straps here are not sewn, but one-piece. Surprisingly, despite such a small difference, this swimsuit is visually much slimmer and lengthens the figure, making it attractive to the eye.
  4. Halter — in this model, the straps are tied at the neck. And the rest of the swimsuit is again similar to mayo. The only great convenience of the halter is that it supports the chest much better.
  5. high neck — a swimsuit of a sports plan with a small cutout in front. This is the swimsuit that is chosen to completely hide the stomach. Needless to say, he does his job perfectly. In addition, it also visually lengthens the figure.
  6. Swimdress — This is a swimsuit, the bottom of which is complemented by a small skirt, often with frills. This model is able to divert attention from too wide shoulders, balancing the figure.
  7. Monokini — This is a closed swimsuit, but in a slightly more frank design. This model perfectly covers the stomach, but the sides are exposed there. So for those who need to hide them, this swimsuit is not suitable. But for girls with a good figure or just a small tummy — ideal.

So we figured out which swimsuit will hide your belly this summer. You can see some of the models of one-piece swimsuits below in the gallery.


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