The oval shape of nails is a fashionable option for modern girls and women.

For many fashionistas, the oval shape of the nails is extremely relevant, since it is reasonably considered the most feminine and elegant. Using this variation as the basis for designing stylish nail art, you can bring to life a variety of design solutions, both discreet and more daring.

Oval nail shape 2019

Many nail service masters prefer to use oval nails design 2019. This shape is ideal for embodying a variety of stylist fantasies:

  • the undoubted advantage is versatility, an almond-shaped shape can be given to both shortened and elongated nail plates;
  • the oval shape of the nails is characterized by tenderness, elegance and sophistication, therefore it is recommended to emphasize it with the help of smooth lines, it is recommended to refrain from aggressiveness in the design;
  • if you want to make nail art more catchy, bright and saturated colors are still allowed, such as red, raspberry, orange, but in this case it is better not to overload the nails with excessive decor.

oval nail shape 2019

Oval nails for short nails

A win-win way to create a neat and attractive design is to make a manicure on short oval nails:

  • for shortened nail plates, this design will be ideal, incredibly organic;
  • since the area of ​​u200bu200bthe nails is small, it is recommended to turn to a monophonic coating, if desired, you can also make an ombre, but it is better to choose shades similar in color;
  • the oval shape of short nails does not allow an abundance of decorative elements; details such as sparkles and rhinestones should be used in a restrained amount.

oval nails for short nails

Manicure for long oval nails

Not only short oval nails look sophisticated and feminine, but also elongated nail plates:

  • due to the large area of ​​u200bu200bnails, great variability and the opportunity for imagination are allowed during their design;
  • the oval shape of short nails can be combined with a variety of colors of varnishes, the coating can be taken in one shade, and a combination of several varnishes is allowed;
  • a great solution would be to use the «cat’s eye» technique or a mirror rubbing, the oval long shape of the nails becomes shiny, in this case the nails become a wonderful addition to the evening look.

manicure for long oval nails

Manicure for oval nails

Stylists offer to the attention of fashionistas all kinds of manicure ideas for oval nails:

  • french is an ideal design variation, it will fit perfectly into this type of manicure;
  • the oval shape of the nails will be perfectly accompanied by a delicate coating;
  • if you want to make nail art catchy and attract everyone’s attention, then you should turn to red varnish;
  • geometry has not lost its position on the fashionable Olympus for many seasons in a row, it can become an unsurpassed design;
  • a matte finish will complement such nail art very harmoniously;
  • to decorate nails, you can use foil, which is superimposed on them in a variety of variations;
  • to bring variety to the design, you can turn to the ombre technique;
  • you can add shine to your nails using different types of rubbing or the “cat’s eye” technique;
  • incredible expressiveness and depth of nail art can be given by applying black varnish;
  • white coating is suitable for creating delicate girlish images.

manicure for oval nails

French on oval nails

A universal solution suitable for all occasions will be a French manicure for oval nails:

  • the classic remains outside the influence of fashion, this is the traditional drawing of the tip in white and filling the nail plate with transparent or pastel varnish;
  • the tip of the nail can be highlighted with bright varnish, for example, red, yellow, aquamarine, light green. A combination of two tones is also welcome, or even the creation of a catchy rainbow smile, which is depicted in three or more shades;
  • a smile can be made classic rounded or give it the appearance of a triangle;
  • a jacket can be combined with other elements that are not typical for a classic design, for example, it can be highlighting the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole, using the ombre technique, depicting all kinds of patterns, applying iridescent rhinestones or shiny details.

french on oval nails

Gentle manicure on oval nails

To complement a casual or office look, you can apply a nude manicure on oval nails:

  • versatility of this design is given by beige-pink tones that suit any clothes and are appropriate in any situation;
  • the coating of such shades can be shaded with a variety of decorative details, for example, it can be sparkles applied to the nails in the form of a stretch, or a small amount of rhinestones;
  • the oval shape of the nails can be decorated with some patterns, for example, it can be floral and floral ornaments, geometric shapes drawn in white, black, gray.

gentle manicure on oval nails

Red manicure for oval nails

A great way to attract attention will be red oval nails:

  • already a simple coating of nail plates with red varnish will look spectacular;
  • the oval shape of the nails can be even brighter if you add it with sparkles, kamifubuki, foil;
  • one of the fingers can be completely covered with rhinestones, making it the main focus;
  • red color is perfectly combined with black or white, you can embellish nails with gold or silver.

red manicure for oval nails

Geometry on oval nails

Geometry is a great way to create a beautiful manicure for oval nails. It can be implemented in different ways:

  • various figures can be depicted on the main part of the plate: squares, triangles, circles, rhombuses;
  • the tip of the nail or hole can also be made using geometry, for example, a common way is when they are shown in the form of a triangle;
  • figures can be drawn with varnish or lined with bright decorative elements such as sparkles, foil, rhinestones.

geometry on oval nails

Matte manicure for oval nails

If you want to get an accentuated feminine and elegant look, you can create matte oval nails:

  • winning nail art is done using the depth and saturation of the shade of the coating, for example, it can be olive, azure, lavender;
  • the combination with gloss looks great, for example, stripes can be drawn with a shiny coating to dilute the matte varnish;
  • An alternative to gloss can be shiny strips of sequins or foil.

matte manicure for oval nails

Manicure for oval nails with foil

Foil is a great decor element that will organically complement beautiful oval nails 2019:

  • the traditional and familiar way of applying foil will be the image with its help of vertical or horizontal stripes;
  • with the help of foil, openwork patterns resembling lace can be depicted;
  • a fashionable trend is the application of foil in the form of randomly arranged stains, such an image is achieved using a special technique;
  • foil can serve as a separating element between certain zones;
  • when creating a jacket, the tip of the nail plate can be laid out with foil, but if moon nail art is being done, then the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole can be filled with foil.

manicure for oval nails with foil

Ombre on oval nails

Beautiful oval nails can contain such a design as an ombre:

  • the direction of the color transition can be very different, for example, a clear longitudinal or transverse or diagonal, located at a certain angle;
  • to create a gradient transition, two or more shades are taken;
  • the color scheme can be taken similar or radically opposite, the main thing is that the overall impression of the image remains harmonious;
  • if you use a combination of light colors, they will additionally emphasize the tenderness and softness of the oval shape;
  • if you want to make an image that attracts attention as much as possible, bright rainbow tones are taken.

ombre on oval nails

Manicure for oval cat-eye nails

Oval nails look very impressive, the design of which is made using the «cat’s eye» technique:

  • nails contain iridescent tints and attract attention, becoming a bright and stylish accent of the image;
  • when using this technique, dark tones predominate, such as emerald green, deep dark blue, burgundy, black;
  • in the hole area at the base of the nail, you can lay out strips of rhinestones, which will effectively decorate nail art.

cat eye manicure for oval nails

Manicure on oval nails rubbing

Rubbing is able to organically fit into the design of oval-shaped nails. However, it can be taken in its various variations:

  • pearl rubbing will emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the almond-shaped nails, it is mainly taken in beige and pink tones, creating an imitation of pearls. It looks especially organic on an oval shape, the nails look like pearls;
  • a mirror rub will give a unique shine and make the manicure a bright accent of the image. This option will especially harmoniously fit into evening bows.

manicure for oval nails rubbing

Black manicure for oval nails

Black oval nails look extremely original:

  • the coating can be chosen both glossy and matte, in any case it will look very deep;
  • a black background is a favorable basis for applying shiny decorative elements, for example, sequins of various sizes and shapes, rhinestones, both traditional transparent and multi-colored;
  • whole compositions can be embodied on black nails, for example, an image of openwork white lace, floral ornaments, animal motifs, such as a pattern imitating a zebra or leopard;
  • on a black base, all kinds of romantic inscriptions, which are very popular in recent seasons, will look especially expressive;
  • drawings on a black base can be made using any color, they will all stand out and look extremely impressive.

black manicure for oval nails

White manicure on oval nails

Snow-white varnish is a win-win option to create a stylish manicure for oval nails:

  • this coating is often associated with the image of the bride, therefore it is used when performing a wedding manicure;
  • in white, you can draw lace on your nails or depict a cobweb that has been relevant in recent seasons;
  • the traditional jacket is also invariably embodied using a snow-white coating;
  • a snow-white coating can act as a base; against this background, all kinds of patterns can be drawn using other colors, the main thing is that their percentage does not exceed the proportion of white.

white manicure for oval nails


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