The shape of the nails is a soft square - comfortable, fashionable, practical

The soft square nail shape is very versatile and can be used to make any design for all occasions. This traditional form of the nail plate has established itself as the most practical, comfortable, effective and beautiful.

Nail shape 2019 soft square

Extended nails with a soft square will help to achieve the maximum effect of naturalness and grooming. Such nails are more durable and will be able to remain unscathed where natural nails would immediately break. Extended nails have several options for trendy design:

  1. aquarium design. This design of extended nails creates the illusion of a three-dimensional decor sealed under glass.
  2. Retractable french. On natural nails, such a design cannot be performed; it is done exclusively in the form of extensions. At the same time, the base is laid out separately with a camouflage gel, and the free edge is for deeds.
  3. Transparent manicure. The hit of the last season is to leave the manicure in a transparent form. The gel can be tinted with different shades or a small decor can be applied over the coating.

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Soft square nail shape for short nails

A soft square manicure for short nails is suitable for women of serious professions, where nail design should be restrained and minimalistic. But some types of design look better on a short nail plate. What manicure to do on short nails:

  1. french. This design is perfect on short nails.
  2. Lunar manicure. A simple moon manicure looks good at a short length, but a fantasy moon manicure is best done at a longer length.
  3. sequins. Shiny elements complement any coating, sparkles can be the same color as varnish or contrast with it.
  4. transfer foil. Segments of multi-colored foil, carelessly, unevenly printed on the nail, create an iridescent effect and an unusual design.


Soft square nail shape for long nails

Long soft square nails give free rein to fantasy and non-standard nail design. Creativity has no boundaries, and experienced craftsmen have learned to skillfully master their profession and have the right to display any, even the most incredible ideas, on their nails. The shape of the nails is a long soft square, which is conducive to creating such a design:

  1. Negative space manicure. This design can be done in any color, leaving a small area transparent. This manicure looks especially trendy in a matte finish.
  2. Caviar manicure. It is performed with transparent broths that cover the entire surface of the nail, in some places you can insert rhinestones or pearls.


Who is the shape of soft square nails suitable for?

Soft square nails can be done by girls and women of different ages and professions, varying the length, color and design. For a strict office manicure, pastel delicate shades or ombre and a short length are suitable. Informal manicure involves the use of decor and jewelry. The shape of the soft square nails suits who:

  1. Business woman. For women who have a certain dress code at work, requiring a strict appearance.
  2. For mums on maternity leave. Girls want to look perfect even while sitting at home with a child. At the same time, the nails of the newly-made mother should be short so as not to damage the delicate skin of the baby, and we will perform the most diverse nail design.
  3. Doctor, cook. Previously, representatives of these professions were not allowed to do manicures, now, in the era of gel polishes, the rules have softened a bit. Short length and light colors are the main constant requirements.


Manicure on nails soft square

The soft square nail design will bring zest, style, and accent to the image. Girls with a beautiful manicure of this form will feel like queens, radiate confidence, and therefore attract admiring glances. The soft square shape of the nails for design is conducive to creating such nail art:

  1. Broken glass. This technique is popular for many seasons, but with a riot of other types of design, it is undeservedly rare.
  2. Yucca flakes. The bewitching shine of this decor will create an idle, beautiful manicure.
  3. Cat eye polish. A fashion trend in the manicure service, its transfusion is discouraging and captivating, and the design is done with or without a magnet.
  4. Manicure with casting. For casting, transfer foil is used, it is covered with monograms, curls, a pattern, or applied in fragments and create a rainbow manicure.


French on nails soft square

French for short nails soft square — an excellent choice for a classic manicure. French pleases with its constancy and relevance at any time of the year, every season is not complete without this top manicure. What jacket design will be the perfect choice for fashionistas in the new season:

  1. french millennium. It is performed with the help of sparkles, which cover the smile line.
  2. Color jacket. A very popular interpretation of a classic design. The free edge is covered with any colored varnish on a nude or colored contrast base.
  3. inverted french. French manicure «on the contrary» is done with staining the arc at the base of the nail under the cuticle.
  4. Non-standard jacket. The free edge zone is not indicated by a standard curved arc, but by clear geometric shapes: a triangle, a straight line.


White nails soft square

A soft square on short nails in white will be a great addition to a summer or winter look when these colors are the most relevant. In summer, the white color looks good on tanned skin, and in winter it personifies the snow cover. The shape of the nails is a soft square in a snow-white tone suggests the following design:

  1. Marble, smoky, watercolor manicure. Smooth lines, blurry contours and a light veil are the key components of trendy design. Each species has its own combination of shades, and the white base remains unchanged.
  2. inscriptions. White color is an ideal canvas for inscriptions: confessions of feelings, parting words, meaningful expressions.


Nude nails soft square

Beautiful nails, a soft square of delicate pastel color, have proven themselves in the best way in a universal manicure. The nude shade can be so skillfully beaten that the manicure will become unconventional, exclusive and amazing. For which manicure to use a nude scale:

  1. Nude manicure with kamifubuki under frosted glass. A very interesting design where large fantasy sequins are sealed under a matte top. The velvet coating hides the shine, but gives an incredible visual effect.
  2. New York Style Manicure. This design involves highlighting one nail with a different color. It can be an accent bright shade or another pastel tone.
  3. ombre. White and beige colors are harmoniously combined into a single composition using the gradient transition technique.


Nail design soft square patterned

A soft square 2019 nail manicure with a pattern will help you express your inner state, embody your wildest fantasies and express yourself through trendy design. A lot of drawings can be done by hand, stamping, slider design or stickers. Soft square nail shape is suitable for such painting options:

  1. watercolor painting. Soft translucent elements create a beautiful, mesmerizing illustration.
  2. Chinese painting. This design has a unique feature. It is performed with one flat brush, on which two colors are applied, and when the paint is transferred to the nail, a slight mixing of colors is obtained, reminiscent of an ombre.
  3. Drawing on several nails. One drawing can affect several fingers at once, where one nail is a logical continuation of the previous one.


solid nails soft square

Black nails are a soft square — a bold and ambiguous, but very relaxed and stylish manicure. Such a coating is chosen by courageous and strong-willed women who are not afraid of prejudices and other people’s opinions. The shape of the nails is a soft square in a single-color design is possible in the following variations:

  1. Multicolored manicure. The ability to paint your nails in different colors is suitable for a playful summer manicure.
  2. Glitter to match. Glitter of the same color with a coating will make the design more voluminous and deep.
  3. Matte manicure. Replacing a glossy finish with a matte finish will transform your manicure, and it will appear in a new light.


Manicure with rhinestones on a soft square

Mint-colored soft square nails decorated with rhinestones look very feminine and fresh. Rhinestones look good on any color and design. How to complement a manicure with rhinestones:

  1. Lunar manicure with rhinestones. This design is not uncommon and is very common. Rhinestones limit the zone of the hole in the form of a thin strip or lay out a geometric pattern around it.
  2. Interspersed with rhinestones in the painting. A drawn pattern, floristry or other pattern can be supplemented with several rhinestones or lay out the entire image with them.
  3. Rhinestones and modeling. The most popular wedding design, because such a manicure is very gentle, cute and festive.


Bright manicure on a soft square

Red nails are a soft square catchy and bright nail art. Bright nails will be an excellent decoration for hands in an informal summer look. Many nail design options are feasible on square nails:

  1. Bright abstraction. Irregular geometric shapes in bright neon shades look frivolous, playful and very summery.
  2. Seascape. The combination of bright colors is suitable for depicting the seascape, palm trees and the inhabitants of the sea world.
  3. fruit manicure. The illustration of seasonal fruits makes the cover very refreshing and juicy, for more convincing this design can be covered with a matte top and apply drops of thick gel on top of it.


Manicure geometry soft square

Stylish manicure on a soft square with geometric elements is a hit of fashionable nail art. This design was chosen by young girls with progressive views and excellent taste. The shape of the soft square nails with geometric shapes is suitable for such a design:

  1. geometric french. This non-standard variation of the French manicure only remotely resembles the classic design, while the overgrown edge zone is decorated with geometric shapes.
  2. Geometric moon manicure. The hole area is highlighted with figures.
  3. ethnic pattern. Very fashionable design of the nail plate. With this asymmetrical pattern on the entire nail, one or more fingers are distinguished.


Manicure gradient on soft square shape

A beautiful manicure on a soft square with a gradient transition is a very stylish choice. Depending on the colors used, this design can be delicate, bright or dark. What design looks unique in the ombre technique:

  1. Aerography. Using an airbrush, you can add geometric elements to a traditional gradient through a stencil and add a special charm and style to the design.
  2. sculpting gradient. Well suited for a wedding manicure to replace the traditional jacket. White and nude are embellished with delicate sculpting, producing a wonderful design for the most important day of your life.
  3. color gradient. In the ombre technique, you can use more than two contrasting shades, make a vertical, horizontal, diagonal transition.


Rubbing on the shape of the nails soft square

A soft square nail manicure with a rub will give an incredible visual effect on the nails. Such a design will invariably become an ornament and accent. The shape of the soft square nails with a rub is good in this form:

  1. Pearl rub. It will add a pearly sheen to the base of any color and make the design more elegant and sophisticated.
  2. Rubbing «beetle». It got its name for its similarity to the color of the cockchafer, and the ability to change color depending on the lighting and viewing angle.
  3. Mirror rub. Chrome-plated silver nails look stylish and unusual.
  4. Holographic rubbing. An unusual iridescent transfusion of colors will decorate any nail art.



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