Silhouette translated from French is the external outline of any object, that is, its shadow. Applying this term to clothes, we can say that this is a planar, visual perception of three-dimensional forms that have clear outer contours in the form of a shadow.

Types of silhouettes in clothes

Types of silhouettes are characterized according to the principle of relation to the figure, so there are 5 main types of silhouettes:

  • fitted;
  • adjoined;
  • semi-adjacent;
  • straight;
  • extended.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

A fitted silhouette is a silhouette that fits snugly around the waist. The volume of the upper part can also be adjacent or have a free form.

types of silhouettes 1

The fitted silhouette fits snugly along the main girths: hips, waist and chest. Products of this silhouette are sewn with tucks to maximize the natural curves of the figure.

types of silhouettes 3

The semi-adjacent view of the silhouette occupies an intermediate position between the low-volume straight and fitted silhouettes. In general, it repeats the outlines of the figure, but the waistline can be moved higher or lower than its usual position in the product.

types of silhouettes 2

The straight silhouette is characterized by a straight geometric shape. Products can have a clearly defined shape, or they can be indefinite in shape. A striking example of an indefinite form of a straight silhouette is a parka jacket.

types of silhouettes 4

The extended silhouette resembles a trapezium in shape. Products of this silhouette can be free along the entire length or fixed with a belt at the waist.

types of silhouettes 6

Types of skirts by silhouette

There are a huge number of different types of skirts, but the main ones can be distinguished: pencil skirt, pleated skirt, sun skirt, mini skirt and floor skirt. All of them can easily coexist in the wardrobe of any girl and dress depending on the event, season and mood.


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