wasp waist

A thin, wasp waist is one of the most important parameters of an attractive female figure, which many girls strive for, regardless of fashion trends.

Wasp waist — what is it?

The expression «wasp waist» very eloquently reflects its own meaning. A characteristic feature of a girl with an aspen waist is a noticeable contrast between the hips and waist. At the same time, the volumes themselves are not so important — it can be not only the legendary 60 cm, but also 100, and even more. Of course, there are generally accepted norms for the ratio of height and waist size. For women of normal (average) build, the ideal waist size is calculated according to the formula: “height in centimeters minus 100”. So, with a height of 175 cm, the waist should be approximately 75 cm.

Women with a wasp waist are the standard of beauty at all times, but only if this expression is not interpreted literally. The ideal proportion between the waist and hips is 0.6-0.7. A sharper contrast is perceived as a disproportion and repels rather than attracts.

According to scientists, the attractiveness of a thin female waist for men is explained by the subconscious desire developed over the period of evolution to choose a life partner who is able to conceive and bear healthy offspring.

The easiest way to create a beautiful silhouette is to use corrective underwear, in particular corsets. Indeed, the constant wearing of a corset (especially from a young age) forms a very thin waist. However, excessive contraction of the abdomen can harm the internal organs, in addition, the abdominal muscles, being under constant pressure from the corset, relax, become flabby and weak. Therefore, the corset should be used only as an auxiliary, and not the main tool for creating a beautiful figure.

How to achieve a wasp waist?

The best way to get a beautiful thin waist is a combination of regular exercise and proper nutrition.

The best exercises for the waist are lifting the body from a prone position, leg raises, various twists. A good result is given by jogging, cycling, swimming, surfing, jumping rope, active games (tennis, basketball, football, volleyball) — any kind of complex load.

It is very important to monitor your posture — stoop and curvature of the spine deform the internal organs and contribute to the weakening of the abdominal muscles.

You can go in for sports at any time of the day, but not immediately after eating (it is better to wait at least 1.5-2 hours). You can eat immediately after training, but it is better to wait at least 20-30 minutes. Drinking water during sports is not only possible, but highly desirable.

In order for the waist (and the figure as a whole) to be beautiful, fatty and fried foods, spicy, starchy and sweet should be avoided. Fast food, industrial preservation, sweets and alcohol are foods that are best avoided. Smoking also does not contribute to the preservation of health, which means it is undesirable. Eat more simple foods, vegetables and fruits.

Body skin care is also important on the way to a beautiful tummy. Massages, wraps, aromatherapy — all these procedures can be carried out both in a beauty salon and at home. More complex procedures — cavitation, LPG, pressotherapy, mesotherapy, vacuum massage — require not only special equipment, but also special skills, so they can only be used under the supervision of a specialist (in a beauty salon or medical institutions).

Compresses from herbal decoctions — nettle, calendula, kelp, juniper, currant — contribute to an increase in skin elasticity. Wraps using honey, clay, cocoa and coffee are also very effective.

A beautiful wasp waist can be a gift from nature, but most often it is the result of the regular and hard work of its owner.


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