what is elegance

Often we have to hear the word «elegance», which is applied to clothes, style, behavior. Elegance — what is it? What qualities should a woman have to be considered elegant? It is impossible to explain the meaning of this word from a scientific point of view. Like charm, charm, charisma, elegance — this is a whole range of sensations that arise when looking at a girl. It is not subject to temporary changes, it is not influenced by fashion trends. But this does not mean at all that you can be elegant, ignoring the trends of the fashion world.

Elegance in dress

A girl who is considered elegant by others knows everything about the rules of wardrobe, fashionable colors, silhouettes and textures. She will never buy clothes just like that, by chance, spontaneously, because she understands that all wardrobe items should be harmonious, thoughtful, and combined. It is thoughtfulness that is the main secret of elegance in clothing.

There are other rules of elegance as well. First, the quality of things. The opinion that elegant things are expensive is wrong. To look elegant, it is not necessary to turn to a personal tailor or replenish your wardrobe in high-end boutiques. When choosing things, pay attention to the cut, details, material. The value of the item doesn’t matter. The main thing is how it looks.

Simplicity of clothing is also welcomed. Extra details and pretentiousness visually reduce the cost of even the most expensive thing. This also applies to accessories that look vulgar in excess, which does not go well with the concepts of «elegance» and «style». An elegant lady will never allow herself to enjoy cheap popularity based on the «ultra-mini» length, deep necklines, transparent fabrics and outrageous cuts. And it’s not worth talking about neatness (crumpled clothes, stains, scuffs, spools).


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