what perfect legs should look like

Every representative of the fair sex, of course, cares about how the ideal girl should look. We all want to look attractive, so it is not at all surprising that we are constantly trying to strive for ideal body proportions and the same appearance. But in order to achieve the ideal, it is necessary to determine what it is like. Let’s look at how ideally such a part of the body as the legs should look.

What do ideal legs look like?

The proportions of ideal legs for each girl are different, as they depend on the physique: height and width of the bone. Therefore, set achievable goals for yourself, taking into account the parameters of your own figure, and not guided by the parameters of Hollywood stars or famous models. But the ideal shape of the legs, in principle, is the same for everyone. It is very easy to determine it yourself, just by going to the mirror. Ideally shaped female legs have five points of convergence and four points of divergence, because beautiful legs should have a certain shape, and not be “sticks”. So, go to the mirror, put your feet together. Well-shaped legs will have «windows» in the areas between the hips and groin, between the hips and knees, under the knees, between the ankles and feet. As for the length of the legs, which worries many women, it should be at least half the height, and ideally a little more.

What perfect legs should look like

In addition, do not forget that you need to exercise in moderation so that your legs look attractive. After all, overly muscular legs are not feminine, but if the skin is flabby and sagging, it attracts even less. Therefore, watch your figure, lead an active and healthy lifestyle and remember the golden mean so as not to rush from one extreme to another.

In addition, it is necessary to properly care for the skin of the feet. Moisturizing or emollient creams, cleansing peels, and epilation are must-have measures for modern women to take care of their feet.

So, answering the question of how ideal legs should look, first of all, you need to think not about the correctness of their shape, but about how well-groomed they are. After all, what we differ from the standards accepted by society does not make us defective, but, on the contrary, special.


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