There is very little time left before the holidays. What evening dress to choose for a meeting of the year with a beautiful combination of numbers — 2020?

In winter, there is such a dense concentration of holidays that one smoothly flows into another. Judge for yourself, we have two New Years at our disposal! But this automatically doubles the number of reasons to meet with friends, loved ones and flaunt in stunning outfits. And, therefore, you will need more than one dress … However, there are plenty to choose from in the new collections!

Chic, shine, beauty!

Crystals, rhinestones, sequins — now is the most blessed time when everything is appropriate at once, and the rule «the more the better» works. The quintessence of a girly «mi-mi-mi» in an atmosphere of fashionable permissiveness. We found the most current models of evening dresses with sequins (both a daring mini and an elongated version) in the bonprix catalog.


And don’t forget to pick up the perfect pair of the same shiny sandals that will perfectly match it.

Black Swan

A daring and bold black dress is a must have for any wardrobe. Including festive. Translucent or in combination with organza or lace, it looks seductive and elegant at the same time. What you need for a corporate party with colleagues or your first New Year’s party in the company of a special man.

We looked at the dazzling black dresses in the Zara catalog.


white blizzard

It brightened, turned white, “a blizzard spreads around the courtyard like a silk carpet”, and the whole world seems to be dressed in sparkling silver, fluffy, prickly, but so soft … Here are New Year’s evening dresses, and even in the year of the Metallic White Rat they may well be light, milk shades. In favor and ivory (ivory), and cream, beige shades. But no bulky accessories. Long earrings made of white gold and, possibly, a ring in the kit will be appropriate here.


It’s space, baby!

Continuing the theme of New Year’s glow and paying tribute to the symbol of the year, it is impossible to pass by metallic dresses. Shining silver will give the look a certain “cosmic” effect and looks especially good on blondes and fair-haired girls. And the classic “liquid gold” or “champagne splash” style dress is a win-win option for dark-skinned young ladies.

The trend with metallic shades on the catwalks was skillfully beaten by Michael Kors, Tom Ford. We also liked the Mango and Stradivarius models.


African passions

With the onset of cold weather, let’s not forget about one of the fall trends — «wild» prints, especially when it comes to outfits for holiday parties. We found the perfect snakeskin dresses in the bonprix collection. For confident women! And in the same place — a leopard print that does not go out of fashion.


Gentle hint

A combination dress with thin straps is a universal thing.

The laconic model favorably emphasizes the feminine curves of the body and looks stylish on its own. Perfectly complemented by large accessories. At the same time, after the holidays, such a dress can be worn with a top, a thin knitted turtleneck or a shirt.

Original evening dresses in «linen» style are in the ZARINA, Mango, befree collection.


hot tropics

And yet, New Year’s Eve is akin to a kind of reboot. And life ahead seems like a blank slate, white as snow. And what we write on it depends only on us. Bright, juicy colors are the juice from the palette of life. So why not kick off the change with vibrant floral print dresses like the To Be Bride New Year’s collection?


All the best for you

So, a series of New Year’s parties is on the doorstep. Fashion influencers smile at crowded closets, and looking at them, you dream of looking no worse, alternating outfits from event to event … It’s convenient when dresses are in different styles (at least for a corporate party, at least for a friendly, informal meeting, at least for a visit to » his» parents) can be selected in one place. Many interesting options are presented in the bonprix online catalog.

And what’s even better — now in the bustle of New Year’s Eve you don’t have to waste time marching through shopping centers: online shopping provides a great opportunity to pick up the perfect looks without getting up from your chair!


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