White New Year's manicure - fashionable holiday design ideas

One of the most harmonious options to complement the festive look will be a white New Year’s manicure. This color is associated with the winter season, so it will look incredibly organic. Another advantage is that this shade can be successfully combined with any other tones.

White New Year’s manicure 2020

On the eve of a corporate and home party, it is worth considering the external image to the very tips of the nails. For the latter, stylists offer a white New Year’s manicure — a win-win option for the winter holidays. But the design is so diverse that nail art is useful for other seasons:

  1. One of the most popular options is a New Year’s manicure in white with rhinestones. Pebbles are best placed at the tip of the nail and slightly stretched to the middle of the plate. White varnish can be applied to half of the nail, and the base can be highlighted with a transparent one.
  2. The silver stripe design is the second popular option. The strips should be on one or two fingers. The rest are highlighted with white lacquer. You can paint one nail with silver varnish, decorate one with stripes, and the rest with white.

white New Year's manicure 2020New Year's manicure in white colors

White New Year’s manicure for short nails

Girls who prefer short nails do not need to despair, they will also be able to successfully apply a white New Year’s manicure:

  1. On a snow-white monochromatic coating, you can apply small rhinestones, beads, glitter or rubbing. The decor is recommended to be placed on 1-2 fingers at the very base. For the best effect, you should choose gray, blue glitter or medium-sized kamifubiki.
  2. For a festive night, a classic jacket is perfect. Its plus lies in the fact that such a design is useful for everyday life, under office clothes.
  3. «Lunar nail art», reverse French, is another popular option. A snow-white varnish must be applied to the entire plate, and the base should be highlighted with varnish of a contrasting color, foil or sparkles.
  4. On the main background, thematic patterns and drawings look good, especially if they are made with pale blue varnish. You can draw snowflakes, stars or draw blue stripes. Fashion trends are images of animals, words. The main thing is to choose the right size so that the image is recognizable.
  5. If you want to give the nail plates a brilliant effect, then you can create a white New Year’s manicure with silver or gold.

white New Year's manicure for short nails

White New Year’s manicure for long nails

On elongated nail plates, you can make an incredibly spectacular New Year’s manicure in white 2020:

  1. For the meeting of 2020, it is worth combining white and metallic on the nails. A pair of nails is decorated with a metallic shade (index and nameless), and the rest are snow-white.
  2. On long nails, the combination of glossy and matte varnish looks beautiful. Matte should choose white, and any other bright shade will serve as an excellent addition to it. It is worth experimenting with different textures.
  3. White New Year’s spectacular manicure is hard to imagine without sparkles. They can cover the entire nail plate, use as a decor. A shiny layer on a snow-white background can be created with a special rub.
  4. If you don’t want the nail art to be very conspicuous, you should use small decorative elements, such as glitter or tiny rhinestones.

white New Year's manicure for long nails

White New Year’s Manicure Ideas

Stylists offer a variety of ideas that present a white manicure New Year’s design:

  • on a snow-white background, all kinds of drawings associated with the New Year can be applied. They can be made in any color: red, blue, black, green;
  • ornaments applied in gold or silver look very festive and elegant;
  • decoration with shiny decorative elements, which can be rhinestones or sparkles, is welcome;
  • white New Year’s manicure can be found in both glossy and matte versions;
  • one of the easiest ways to create stylish nail art is to apply stickers;
  • a classic variation will be a jacket made in snow-white color;
  • you can also add a festive shine with the help of such an element as rubbing;
  • An extremely popular solution is the design containing the image of snowflakes.

white christmas manicure ideaswhite manicure new year design

Black and white New Year’s manicure

The original New Year’s manicure in white can be combined with a black coating — this is a classic that does not go out of fashion:

  1. The simplest design, suitable for the New Year, is a geometric pattern on one of the fingers, pre-coated with snow-white lacquer. The rest of the nails are painted exclusively in white.
  2. With black varnish, you can draw a bear, balls or snowflakes. The main thing is to draw thin lines so that the drawing does not blur, but at the same time it is clear and understandable.
  3. Black lacquer can draw thin lines in any direction. If triangles are obtained, then they can be painted over in silver.

black and white New Year's manicure

Red and white New Year’s manicure

New Year’s manicure with red and white will look truly unsurpassed:

  1. With red varnish, you can draw Christmas decorations on a snow-white background. One image on the middle finger and two small ones on the ring finger is enough to make a beautiful design. The rest of the fingers should have a pristine clean background.
  2. You can draw a festive bow in red. The toy under it should be laid out with golden rhinestones.

red and white New Year's manicure

Blue and white New Year’s manicure

White and blue New Year’s manicure is invariably associated with the winter season:

  1. With blue varnish, you can draw a star on the ring finger, a mug of tea on the middle finger and a book on the index finger. For an accurate drawing, you need a little gray and black. All drawings are made on the main background.
  2. For decoration, you can use not only rich shades of blue, but also pale blue. They can draw gentle curls on one or two fingers.
  3. On a snow-white background, the “broken glass” film with a blue tint looks good.

blue and white New Year's manicure

New Year’s manicure white with gold

New Year’s manicure on a white background with a golden pattern will look luxurious:

  1. An ideal ornament for white and gold varnishes is a Christmas tree. In order not to overdo it, the pattern should be applied to the middle and ring fingers. Other nails can be painted exclusively with the main color.
  2. Golden varnish can be applied to the entire nail plate, used to create interesting patterns.
  3. Snow-white lacquer goes well with a special golden foil.
  4. You can draw snowflakes in golden color on a white background.
  5. Nail art looks interesting, where white is first applied to the big, index, ring and little fingers. Then a New Year’s (winter) drawing was made on one nail, and sparkles were applied to the others at the very base. The middle nail is completely covered with golden varnish.
  6. Another version of the design is to cover all the nails with white polish, except for one, which is painted over with gold polish. Near the base of the rest, it is worth attaching one or two gold-colored rhinestones.

New Year's manicure white with gold

New Year’s manicure 2020 white with silver

Extremely popular because of the ease of execution and beauty of the white and silver New Year’s manicure:

  1. The most common option is silver stripes on a white background. You can make the lines vertical or horizontal, in different quantities. One vertical line in the middle can be drawn on each finger with snow-white varnish.
  2. A simple design for a New Year’s Eve party is to apply base polish and a small amount of glitter around the base of each finger.
  3. Only one finger is singled out with silver varnish, and snowflakes are laid out with rhinestones on the others.
  4. A simple design with large silver sequins on the main cover looks beautiful.
  5. On a plain background, you can create a silver mesh-cobweb.
  6. An interesting design is the silver gradient at the base when the rest is painted white. The design looks especially impressive on sharp long nails.

New Year's manicure 2020 white with silver

White New Year’s manicure with rhinestones

Rhinestones will be the perfect complement to the festive nail art:

  • the size and color of the pebbles can be completely different, the main thing is that they harmoniously fit into the overall concept;
  • white and silver New Year’s manicure 2020 can be decorated with transparent rhinestones, the same applies to decoration with gold decor;
  • rhinestones can be used to create snowflakes, located in the middle of them;
  • another option is to depict ice floes with rhinestones, which are skillfully intertwined with snow patterns.

white New Year's manicure with rhinestones

White New Year’s manicure with sparkles

Glitter is another popular detail that will complement the white New Year’s manicure:

  • sequins can be laid out as individual drawings or used in combination with other decorative elements;
  • using sparkles, you can draw snowflakes, openwork frosty patterns, decorate them with an image of a Christmas tree and toys;
  • The color scheme of the sparkles can be very different. For example, silver sparkles will fit perfectly into a white and gray New Year’s manicure;
  • large glitters can be applied to the nail plates in random order, giving the nail art a luxurious and elegant look.

white New Year's manicure with sparkles

White New Year’s French manicure

Lovers of classic looks will appreciate the white New Year’s French manicure:

  • the design can be made in a traditional discreet variation, when the design consists in drawing the tip of the nail in a snow-white color, while its background remains transparent;
  • white New Year’s French manicure can be done using glitter stretching. In this case, the nail plate is covered with snow-white varnish, and shiny elements are concentrated on the tip of the nail, which decrease towards the middle of the nail;
  • jacket can be complemented by all sorts of drawings, the theme of which is associated with the New Year.

white New Year's French manicure

White Christmas manicure with snowflakes

Snowflakes are a common ornament that will complement the fashionable New Year’s manicure 2020:

  • one large snowflake can be applied to the nail or a scattering of small details can be taken;
  • the color scheme is different, for example, this is a pink and white New Year’s manicure, a design made using blue, golden, silver varnish;
  • snowflakes can be painted with gel polish or lined with sparkles, they can be flat or voluminous.

white New Year's manicure with snowflakes

White New Year’s manicure with stickers

Stickers are a very simple solution to create a New Year’s manicure on white nails:

  • to get a stylish nail art, stickers containing ready-made drawings representing the theme of this holiday are applied to the nail plates;
  • a stylish white New Year’s manicure can contain stickers on one, several or all fingers.

white New Year's manicure with stickers

White New Year’s manicure with rubbing

You can attract maximum attention to yourself if you make a white shiny New Year’s manicure, complemented by a rub:

  • this element is applied over snow-white varnish and gives the nails a mirror effect, enhancing the festive impression of such a design;
  • rubbing can be located on all fingers or alternate with some other coating, for example, matte varnish.

white New Year's manicure with rubbing

Matte white New Year’s manicure

The trend will be not only a white shiny New Year’s manicure, but also a matte design:

  • a matte finish can be used as a background on which all kinds of shiny decorative elements are applied, for example, drawings made using rhinestones or sparkles;
  • a beautiful white New Year’s manicure allows alternating matte and glossy coatings, while this combination can be applied alternately on different nail plates or combined on one nail.

matte white Christmas manicure


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