10 interesting facts about the business wardrobe

Any woman should be able to dress properly and tastefully, adding zest to every look. But if we are talking about a business wardrobe, then this is a whole art, because any business woman must make a good impression on the people with whom she cooperates, be it a simple employee, client or business partner. Also, the reputation of the company in which you work depends on the ability to choose the right business clothes, since it is the employees who are the face of the companies.

Today we will introduce you to the basic rules of business style. Knowing these ten basic points, you will always be admired by others, and female colleagues will strive to imitate you in everything.

Basic rules of a business wardrobe

Most women think that the wardrobe of a business woman is limited to things consisting of a few boring colors, and if they talk about business style, then it is associated with a white shirt, black skirt or trousers and a jacket. But today we will dispel all these stereotypes, because the business wardrobe of a business woman should consist of classic and stylish things.

  1. Every business woman should have several suits in her wardrobe. It’s better if you have a pair of trouser suits and a few suits with a skirt. It would be nice if certain parts of the costume could be combined with parts of other costumes. Thus, every day you can create a new business image. It is worth noting that the lighter the suit, the better the material used should be.
  2. Previously, a business woman could only wear 3 primary colors: black, white and gray. Now any business woman can afford other colors. But do not go too far and choose too colorful and flashy shades. Blue, burgundy, brown and beige can be added to the main colors. For example, wearing a white blouse, a dark gray suit consisting of a jacket and a pencil skirt, you can spice up this rather boring look with a small accessory in the form of a thin orange strap. Also, blouses can be not only white, but also delicate pastel shades, pink, lilac, beige, you can pick up purple, red and emerald. But, brighter ones are more suitable for important events. And if you still decide to wear a bright blouse, then it must be a jacket or jacket.
  3. Each company has its own specific rules and requirements. If you are an ordinary employee, then your clothes should not irritate the boss and attract the attention of other male employees. Therefore, do not purchase transparent clothes for your business wardrobe, and even more so do not come to work in tops or clothes that expose parts of the body.
  4. Since the life of a business woman is full of all sorts of meetings, business dinners and visits to important events, she must have an elegant dress in her wardrobe. The sheath dress is the perfect look. The style of this dress is strict, but at the same time very feminine. In addition, the sheath dress goes well with a cardigan, jacket and trench coat.
  5. The most important thing in a woman’s business wardrobe is a pencil skirt. But it should not be tight, just a little narrower. Choose a length no higher than the knee. The ideal length is two fingers below the knees.
  6. An interesting fact is that frank things or blouses with a neckline cause some distrust and frivolity. Therefore, a business woman should exclude such things from her wardrobe.
  7. In a business wardrobe, in addition to plain suits, the presence of suits or things with stripes or a cage is also welcome.
  8. At any time of the year and in any weather, if you decide to wear a skirt, then under it you need to wear flesh-colored nylon tights. This is a mandatory rule of business etiquette, but not many people know about it. Black tights are not suitable for this.
  9. Also, in addition to clothes, it is important to choose the right shoes for your image. A business wardrobe should have shoes with heels. Even if you feel more comfortable in shoes without heels, nevertheless, in beautiful shoes you will look spectacular.
  10. And the last rule is accessories. They play a very important role in creating an image, because a skillfully selected accessory can emphasize your individuality.


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