Everyone who has ever dealt with self-tanning knows that it is not as simple as it seems at first glance. To apply a tan evenly, without streaks and transitions, you need to be patient and … use our tips! If you do everything right, you will get a delightful skin tone and admiring glances of passers-by. Well, let’s get started?

1. Scrub around the head!

Before applying self-tanning, it is recommended to thoroughly exfoliate the skin. Otherwise, the tan may lie unevenly and look dirty. And this is clearly not the effect you want. By the way, it is better to use oil-free scrubs, because the oil creates a barrier between the skin and the product. The scrub is also used to remove self-tanner from the palms. BUT! Never wet your hands with water. Water ingress can be a fatal mistake in this matter, because it will simply wash away the product that has not yet dried. Instead, use a towel or napkin!

2. Moisturizing cream for hands, knees, elbows and ankles

This is done so that the skin is even, but be sure to let it absorb well for 10-15 minutes. These areas are the driest on the body, so they need to be given special attention. Without sufficient moisture, the tan in these places will have a different shade.

3. Tape on the legs? What for?

Apply duct tape to the soles of your feet. This must be done in order not to accidentally step on the remnants of the product that may remain on the floor. Orange spots on the feet can betray the origin of your tan.

4. Time and place

Otherwise, you can sweat, and sweat will greatly prevent the product from lying in an even layer. Carry out the procedure in the morning, otherwise at night during sleep, self-tanning may be smeared.

5. Bronzers as an alternative

In addition to self-tanning, there are also body bronzers that can also give the skin the desired shade. They are perfect if you need a quick and short-term effect. They have a light texture and are washed off with ordinary soap.

6. Details

You will not be able to process your back on your own, it is better to ask a friend for help. Cover the natural folds of the body, knees and elbows with a very thin layer of self-tanner, and it is better not to touch the armpits at all.

7. Use self-tanner with SPF

Self-tanning with SPF is a very useful thing, because it protects the entire body from ultraviolet radiation. And if you still think that sunscreens interfere with sunbathing, then we hasten to please you. They will absolutely not affect your beautiful tan.

8. Special sponges and brushes

Unfortunately, applying self-tanner on the back is not so easy. For these purposes, it is better to purchase brushes with a long handle, and put on a special self-tanning glove on the brush, so the brush will not leave lines and stripes.

Sponge will help to achieve an even application of the product without streaks and sharp transitions. And also walk with a sponge between the fingers and toes, on the knees and elbows — the pigment in these areas is difficult to shade, so you should pay special attention to them.

9. Cotton swabs — into battle!

To remove self-tanner from the cuticles and under the nails, use cotton swabs. We advise you not to waste time and do it quickly, otherwise you risk being left with dirty nails and fingers.

10. Use a hair dryer!

A hair dryer will help the self-tanner dry faster. If you are in a hurry, then just turn on the hair dryer on the «cold» mode.

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