Long, thick and fluffy eyelashes with a beautiful curve are not always a gift of nature! Much more often they are obtained with the help of little tricks, tricks and life hacks. The most effective of them are in the MedAboutMe selection.

1. Curling iron and classic mascara

The easiest way to instantly add expressiveness and charm to the look is to curl the eyelashes with a curler and apply a classic lengthening mascara in two layers. In this case, it is very important to use the product correctly: place the mascara brush parallel to the base of the eyelashes and scroll it several times. Appeared «arrow» on the inner eyelid? Excellent! Now move the brush from the roots of the eyelashes to their tips, but not strictly up, but diagonally. Don’t ignore the lashes at the corners of your eyes.

2. Gentle eyelid hygiene

2. Gentle eyelid hygiene

Untimely removal of cosmetics and bacterial microflora can contribute to the development of infections in the sensitive area, which, in turn, can lead to eyelash loss. Keeping the eye area clean will prevent these problems. Don’t forget to clean your lashes twice a day!

In the morning, washing with a gentle, airy foam (or even without it) is enough, and in the evening a thorough cleansing with mild make-up removers is required. Apply hydrophilic oil to cotton pads, apply them to the eyelids for 2-3 minutes, then gently remove makeup from the eyes. Rinse your face with water.

3. Intensive hydration and nutrition

Good hydration, quality nutrition and a great way to achieve longer and thicker lashes is to lubricate them every night with unfiltered cold-pressed oil. It can be castor oil, apricot kernels, wheat germ or usma leaves. All of them contain essential fatty acids that improve blood circulation in the eyelash bulbs and stimulate growth processes. In addition, they strengthen the hairs and make them stronger and more durable.


In the care of eyelashes, you should not give up proven home remedies. Compresses based on decoctions of medicinal herbs and black, green tea have proven themselves well. They are moistened with cotton pads and applied to the eyelid area for 15 minutes. Procedures are carried out at least twice a week.

4. Mascara with the effect of false eyelashes

The composition of such mascara, in addition to pigments, includes special “villi” (natural fibers), which, when applied to eyelashes, visually make them thicker, darker and longer. This beauty tool not only lengthens the hairs, but also gives them volume, separates them.

The result is beyond praise: no lumps and smearing, the effect of natural eyelashes that do not need «special effects».

5. Serum for active growth

5. Serum for active growth

The life cycle of eyelashes is short and rarely exceeds 60 days. Aggressive procedures and insufficient cosmetic care shorten their already short age. To prevent damage and loss of eyelashes, it is useful to use special products — cosmetic eyelash serums.

Thanks to the special ingredients in the composition (vitamins, peptides, panthenol, squalane, bisabol, hyaluronic acid), they prevent unwanted losses and stimulate the growth of strong hairs.

6. Biotin Vitamin Supplements

They not only improve the condition of eyelashes, hair and nails, but also improve mood. Taking care of yourself becomes even more pleasant, and the results are not long in coming. However, before purchasing vitamin supplements, you should consult your doctor.


On sale there are means for intensive growth of eyelashes on a hormonal basis. They contain the ingredients unoprostone and bimatoprost. In addition to the fact that such products have contraindications for use, it is also worth considering that they can cause allergic reactions and inflammatory processes. They should not be used by pregnant women at all.

7. Attention to eye diseases

If the skin of the eyelids is swollen, the eyes are reddened and discharge is observed, in addition to the measures prescribed by the ophthalmologist, you will have to start selecting new cosmetics. Experts recommend replacing all beauty products that were previously used in close proximity to the eyes. First of all, we are talking about mascara and eyeliner.

“They should be changed strictly every 3-6 months. This will help prevent the occurrence of infectious eye diseases, ”says MD, ophthalmologist Susan Resnick.

8. Combing a fan of eyelashes

8. Combing a fan of eyelashes

Not only the hair on the head, but also the eyelashes need to be combed. And at least twice a day. To do this, manufacturers produce miniature combs and brushes for eyelashes. If you use them regularly, the hairs do not grow at random, but in one direction, they look much more attractive and are easier to stain with mascara. During combing, they receive a light massage, blood circulation in the follicles improves, and then the eyelashes grow better.

9. Aloe Vera Gel

As part of beauty serums, and in its natural form, this ingredient perfectly moisturizes and strengthens eyelashes, stimulates their growth. It contains a number of vitamins and nutrients that thin, weakened hairs need. It is best to apply it at night, in a course of 10-15 procedures.

Did you know?

Eyelashes grow in two to four rows. They are updated several things at a time, so we do not notice the change of hairs.

10. False eyelashes

They have long ceased to be an attribute of evening makeup. Today, they are resorted to by women who, for some reason, refuse eyelash extensions. It is worth gluing a couple of beams at the outer corners of the eyes, and the look is transformed, acquires depth and expressiveness. By the way, many Hollywood beauties resort to this technique before going out.

11. Balanced diet

What you eat and drink is essential to how your lashes look. For their health and active growth, you need to eat fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs, foods high in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, and drink water more often.

12. The dream of beauty

12. The dream of beauty

For a beautiful reflection in the mirror and excellent well-being, it is important not only to go to bed on time, but also to sleep in the correct position.

It doesn’t matter if you have natural or extended eyelashes, you should bury your face in the pillow and mechanical damage to the hairs will not keep you waiting. The “correct” beauty sleep is in the position on the side or back to avoid unnecessary friction of the eyelashes on the pillow.

Expert comment

Susan Patterson, Certified Health Coach

If your eyelashes are weak and dull, you notice that they fall out, this is a sign that something is wrong in the body.

There are a number of diseases associated with the deterioration of eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. Among them are thyroid diseases, various types of alopecia, eye infections.

Unbalanced nutrition, hunger strikes and mono-diets can also lead to weakening and loss of eyelashes. They cause nutritional deficiencies: vitamins A, E, D and group B, iron, lysine, amino acids.

Sometimes the cause of weakness and loss of eyelashes is the use of medications. Unpleasant side reactions can occur against the background of the use of birth control pills, drugs for Parkinson’s disease, anticoagulants, statins, antifungals. In this case, you need to consult a doctor to correct the treatment regimen.

Eyelashes, eyebrows and hair become thinner even after the onset of menopause in a woman. This is due to a decrease in the production of estrogen hormones.


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