Before visiting the salon

Stylists strongly recommend doing a deep hair nutrition procedure, which glues the scales of curls, due to which the coloring is not washed out so quickly, and the hair retains its health during dyeing. The procedure can be done in the salon, signing up a week before the scheduled coloring, and repeating periodically 3-4 weeks after.

The choice is in favor of professionals

We advise you to approach such a procedure as hair coloring from a professional point of view. You should not experiment at home, even if you are confident in your abilities and coloring cosmetics, because at home, without the supervision of a specialist, the risk of ruining your hair increases significantly. In addition, you will never be able to do complex staining techniques with high quality, but only waste time and effort.

A professional hairdresser or stylist will not only be able to choose the right shade of paint for you, but will be able to make any of the complex stains. He can also be consulted about home care and choose cosmetics suitable for your hair type and their needs.

To make the coloring as safe as possible for your hair, ask your stylist to add Olaplex products to the paint. They will help protect your hair from the aggressive effects of coloring components and keep it shiny and flexible.

Olaplex Travel Stylist Kit

The Olaplex complex allows you to carry out your favorite salon procedures without the risk of hair damage. The active ingredient is the Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate molecule, which restores the hair structure, prevents dryness, restores elasticity and firmness to curls, makes them more durable, and removes the static effect. Works effectively before, during and after any chemical treatment. Suitable for all types of hair, especially thin, porous, severely damaged. After using the products, the hair becomes soft, strong, easier to style.

The kit includes: Bond Multiplier No. 1 Protective concentrate (used for painting roots, classic and complex coloring, ombre, lightening, keratin straightening, curling) and Bond Perfector No. 2 Fixing cocktail (used as a standalone product, applied to damp hair after procedures straightening, curling, dyeing, etc.).

Basic recommendations after staining

Stylists recommend not visiting pools, beaches, saunas and baths in the first couple of days after dyeing. High temperatures, chlorinated and sea water will dry out already chemically weakened hair. If, nevertheless, visiting such places cannot be avoided, then try to minimize the time spent in them, and wet your hair with running water before entering the sea or pool: this will protect them from chlorine and salt settling.

Also in the first days after staining, it is worth reducing the number of «hot» styling. If you can’t do without drying with a hairdryer, then use products with thermal protection, which will be discussed below.

Professional hair cosmetics

We recommend getting professional products because they have a wide range of trace elements that take care not only of color, but also of hair restoration after dyeing. We advise you to choose such products in consultation with your hairdresser. He will be able to suggest which products are suitable for your hair type and will be most effective for their price.

Your home care should contain not only a shampoo for colored hair, but also, at a minimum, a conditioner, a mask. It is recommended to apply the mask on towel-dried hair and keep it wrapped for about 5-10 minutes, then the effect of its application will be much higher.

We advise you to take a closer look at the Estel Professional Otium Color Life Mask cocktail mask for colored hair. It intensely and deeply nourishes the hair, keeping the color like on the first day of dyeing!

The creamy concentrated mask is able to penetrate deep into the inner structure of the hair with its nourishing and caring components of the Blossom Care&Color complex, together with cocoa butter. The tool is able to provide intensive hair restoration. With regular use of the mask, your color remains saturated and persistent, the hair structure is restored, the strands acquire a glossy shine and strength.

Proper hair washing is the key to healthy and beautiful hair

Something as mundane as washing your hair can be very damaging to your curls and scalp if done incorrectly. This is especially true for colored hair, which requires special care and attention. Do not be too zealous with cleaning curls, carry out the procedure slowly, but carefully.

We want to warn you against washing your hair frequently. Thus, you not only wash out the pigment from the hair (even when using products for colored hair), but also disrupt the hydro-lipid balance of the scalp.

La Biosthetique Protection Couleur Shampoo with Color is one of the best shampoos for colored hair. In the line of these shampoos there are products that have been developed specifically for different shades of staining. Provides optimum color protection against fading and washout. Gently cleanses strands and neutralizes free radicals. Thanks to tinted pigments, the color becomes more saturated and radiant. Favorably emphasizes the depth of coloring and gives a dazzling shine to the strands along the entire length.


When dyeing, hair is subject to significant chemical attack. Moisture and nutrients evaporate from the hair structure. Therefore, hair after dyeing often turns into straw that cannot be styled. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, use cosmetics with moisturizing ingredients.

The only rule in applying moisturizing products is not to start using them immediately after staining, but after two to three weeks. The thing is that moisturizing care can help wash out coloring elements from the hair structure.

Don’t forget to use a moisturizing hair mask. For example, the CHI Royal Treatment Intense Moisture Masque.

The product provides maximum hydration, nutrition and restoration of curls along the entire length. The structure of the hair is restored, the strands become smooth and shiny. The product penetrates deeply into the hair structure and fills them with vitality, glues the scales and prevents deterioration of the hair condition. Thanks to regular care with this mask, your hair will become beautiful and obedient.

Thermal protection is your true friend

And now we’re not just talking about colored hair. Any hair needs proper thermal protection if it is regularly dried and styled with a hair dryer, curling iron or flat iron. To avoid dryness, thinning and split ends, we advise you to get a spray or leave-in cream with a light texture that will help minimize the negative effects of high temperatures.

Davines Melu Mellow Thermal Protecting Shield

The tool is perfect for creating the most natural styling. Effectively protects your hair from heat treatment, while maintaining its mobility and natural shine. Does not weigh down or stick hair, does not pollute the scalp and can be used daily. perfectly keeps on hair even at high humidity.

Sun protection

Hair, like skin, needs protection from UVB and UVA radiation. And dyed hair — doubly so. UVA rays contribute to fading and fading of color, drying out the hair and, accordingly, make it more brittle. And UVB radiation causes serious damage to proteins. Under the scorching sun, our hair rapidly loses its color brightness, and all because the sun first of all kills the pigment that is contained in the upper layers of the hair.

In this case, sunscreen sprays and styling balms for colored hair will come to the rescue. Apply at least 10-15 minutes before sun exposure.

Schwarzkopf Professional Bonacure Sun Protect Prep & Protection Spritz

The light, invisible texture of this spray acts as an effective UV protection. The composition of the product includes panthenol, which provides moisture and nutrition to each hair. the product is rich in water-repellent silicone oils that increase the density and shine of the hair. The product is suitable for daily use.


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