The attitude towards cellulite among the fair sex is ambiguous. Some women believe that this is a normal skin condition and it is useless to fight it. Others cite dozens of “proven” methods as examples and demonstrate perfectly smooth skin.

MedAboutMe undertook to find out what cellulite really is and what can really defeat it. Experts helped to dot the «I».

Most importantly: what is cellulite

According to world statistics, about 90% of girls and women have cellulite. But even men can face it. True, they have it much less often — only 10% of cases.

There are many reasons why cellulite shows itself in all its glory. But if we talk about it from the point of view of the physics of the body, it occurs when fatty deposits begin to appear through the weakened connective tissue. Many factors contribute to the weakening of the connective tissue: fluctuations in the hormonal background, lack of physical activity, impaired blood circulation, the appearance of excess weight, and a decrease in skin tone.

It becomes obvious that cellulite occurs for many reasons, which means that there is no one way to eliminate it. A comprehensive beauty program is required.

Expert comment

Elena Kollerova, obstetrician-gynecologist

Cellulite can be called a natural state of the female body. Among women, its prevalence reaches 85-98%.

This is due to the high level of female sex hormones — estrogens. The more of them in the blood, the higher the likelihood of cellulite. Among men, cellulite is extremely rare, precisely because they do not have as much estrogen as women do.

In addition, men have a different structure of connective tissue fibers in the subcutaneous fat, which rarely causes their deformation. Therefore, even overweight men do not have an “orange peel”.

Cellulite develops most actively with hormonal imbalances, which can occur during pregnancy, during the postpartum period and menopause, as well as after taking birth control pills.

Genetic predisposition, malnutrition and rapid weight gain (obesity), changes in metabolism and a sedentary lifestyle, decreased blood microcirculation in the pancreas and changes in the structure of connective tissue also increase the risk of cellulite at any age.

Can Body Wraps Help Remove Cellulite?

Can Body Wraps Help Remove Cellulite?

If this is the only measure to combat the «orange peel», you can hardly count on a great result. But if you use all the «artillery» against cellulite, wraps can really be effective.

In the magazine Integrative Medicine Research A study was published that proved that body wraps can affect weight loss. The scientists measured the percentage of abdominal fat in two groups of women. In the first group, women practiced only aerobic exercises, and in the second group they combined them with clay wraps. After 5 weeks of the experiment, it was found that the participants in the experiment from the second group had a lower percentage of subcutaneous fat. In addition, women from the second group were able to «drive» more extra centimeters from the waist. At the same time, the most surprising thing is that to achieve such an effect, it was enough to do wraps only 2 times a week.

MD, dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi says that the decrease in waist circumference can be explained by the loss of water. But by regularly resorting to body wraps, a woman can look slimmer and feel lighter.

A doctor Melissa Conrad Steppler I am sure that there is no reason to say that body wraps can “cure” cellulite. However, this does not mean that women should ignore them. According to the doctor, they can reduce fluid retention in the body and improve the overall appearance of the skin, which is already a lot.

5 rules for effective skin wraps

In order for body wraps to bring maximum benefit to the body, they must be carried out correctly. Experts have made 5 rules that must not be violated:

  • Use only quality ingredients. The best choice would be natural products from the garden and proven ingredients from the pharmacy. By creating your compositions from the best ingredients, you can count on the result.
  • Prepare your skin for wraps. Exfoliation of dead cells increases the effectiveness of the subsequent treatment. Before applying the wrap to the skin, use a scrub. It can be made from any vegetable oil and a handful of sea salt.
  • Observe the drinking regime. Drinking more water will help avoid dehydration, one of the signs of which is fluid retention in the body. Drink at least 30 ml of water for every kilogram of your body.
  • Rest during the procedure. After applying the wrap, wrap the body with cling film, cover yourself with a blanket and allow yourself to rest for 20-60 minutes. During rest, you can drink green tea. MD, dermatologist Debra Jaliman says that the combination of natural ingredients, warmth and relaxation effect gives the best results and perfectly improves skin tone.
  • Adhere to the principle of regularity. Ideally, you should wrap twice a week for one month. This will give the best results. In the future, they can be maintained by doing 4 wraps per month.

When can wraps not be done?

When can wraps not be done?

Wraps are not shown to everyone. Procedures should not be performed on women in position, since wraps increase body temperature, which can cause pregnancy complications.

They are also contraindicated for those diagnosed with dermatological and infectious diseases, neoplasms on the skin of the body, liver, kidney or heart failure, diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases.

After childbirth, in agreement with the doctor, the course of procedures is not forbidden. Dr. Louise Chang I am sure that wraps will help to tighten the stomach and improve the appearance of the skin.

Body wrap recipes for weight loss and cellulite control

Prepare the compositions immediately before the procedure, and after removing them, do not forget to apply a moisturizing or anti-cellulite cream to the skin.

1. From clay and green tea

Dilute half a glass of bentonite clay with a glass of green tea, stir until smooth. Inject 5 drops of lemon essential oil.

The study, the results of which were shared by the publication International Geology Reviewshowed that bentonite clay has antimicrobial properties and helps to remove toxins.

2. From apple cider vinegar with lavender ether

Pour a glass of clay with one glass of apple cider vinegar, stir until smooth. Inject 8 drops of lavender essential oil. Stir. Add enough water to make a thick paste that is easy to apply on the skin of the body.

3. From seaweed and coffee

Pour one cup of dry seaweed (available at a pharmacy) with 1-2 cups of warm coffee. Enter 3 tbsp. tablespoons of sweet almond oil and 4-5 drops of grapefruit essential oil.

4. From a decoction of chamomile and Epsom salts

Prepare a decoction of chamomile: pour 2 teaspoons of dry raw materials with two cups of boiling water and let it brew. When the broth has cooled, enter one cup of Epsom salts, 3 tbsp. tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and 8-10 drops of lavender essential oil.

Scientific studies show that chamomile tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and improves skin health.

5. From ginger root and clay

2 tbsp. spoons of ginger root grated on a fine grater or half a teaspoon of ginger powder, combine with 4-5 tbsp. spoons of clay Dilute the resulting mixture with warm water to the desired density and use as directed.

Since ginger can irritate sensitive skin, be sure to do a patch test.

6. From cayenne pepper

According to data published in British Journal of Anesthesia, the use of cayenne pepper in body wraps also helps to reduce joint pain.

1 st. combine a spoonful of cayenne pepper with 10 tbsp. spoons of white clay. Inject 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil. Add warm water until a thick plastic texture is obtained.

7. Coconut oil and oatmeal

Combine in one container 1 cup of ground oatmeal or oatmeal with 3 tbsp. spoons of coconut oil melted in a water bath. Add 4 drops of tea tree essential oil. Thin with warm water until desired paste thickness is obtained.

8. With honey and caffeine

Heat in a water bath 3-5 tbsp. spoons of honey to a pleasant warmth. Enter 2 ml of caffeine (two ampoules from the pharmacy). Stir and start using.

9. Oil wrap

Take 20 ml of base oil and combine it with 3 drops of essential oil. Use as directed.

Base oils: wheat germ, hazelnut, almond, tea tree, jojoba oil. Effective essential oils: lemon, orange, juniper, bergamot, lavender.

Expert comment

Daria Makarova, hardware cosmetologist

After the 1980 US cardiovascular disease study, fat overnight became a public enemy. Immediately after that, glossy magazines began to condemn cellulite and impose standards of athletic physique on society. And although the study was later proven wrong, it was too late: fat had a bad reputation.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is an external manifestation of the «cooperation» of the elements of the body with each other: fat cells, lymphatic system and skin.

If you decide to start fighting cellulite, the main thing in this matter is a reasonable approach. Because cosmetics can only help up to a certain point, and then not always. Consider the following factors:

  • enlarged fat cells

Find a way to shrink the cells. Stick to a diet prescribed by a professional. Remember that the wrong diet can lead to loss of muscle mass instead of fat. In addition, malnutrition can lead to water retention in the body. This will further accentuate cellulite and increase its appearance.

  • Skin health

Your task is to restore the natural «glue» that holds the skin together. Use natural creams based on oils. For maximum effect, after applying a cream or cosmetic oils, apply a little lemon juice to the skin, this will open the pores and nourish them with oils.

Try to avoid cosmetic products with paraffin. They can block pores, retain water, and severely dry out the skin. Often paraffin oils can be found in children’s cosmetics.

  • lymphatic system

To eliminate cellulite, it is important to increase the circulation of lymph and blood. There are specific exercises that can help improve circulation. At the same time, it is not necessary to practice for a long time, the main thing is to be effective. Intensive lymphatic drainage massage has also proven itself well.

If you act comprehensively, taking into account the three «pillars» of success, then in a few months you will get very good results.

Expert comment

Valeria Ilizirova, cosmetologist

Cellulite is a structural change in the subcutaneous fat (subcutaneous fat layer). It is not a disease and is not included in the ICD (International Classification of Diseases), does not require treatment. This is just a cosmetic defect in the form of an «orange peel», which is more physiological than pathological.

To get rid of cellulite, you need to apply an integrated approach to treatment, taking into account the stage of the disease and the prevailing symptoms.

First of all, it is worth eating right and adding physical activity to the routine of life. This will improve microcirculation, reduce swelling and the percentage of fat in the body. It is also very important to reduce the intake of light carbohydrates, which lead to an increase in adipocytes (fat cells) and water retention.

To this it will be effective to add physical and mechanical methods of treatment. Vacuum-roller hardware massage and manual vacuum cupping massage, as well as the Transion apparatus, help best of all.

These procedures allow you to tighten the skin without surgery, reduce fat «depots» and drain water. To enhance the effect, they should be combined with pressotherapy, body wraps and myostimulation.

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