Acid manicure - trendy design for bold fashionistas

Acid manicure broke into the leaders of the most fashionable trends at the speed of light. Neon outfits, super bright accessories, you should add only acid colors to the manicure and the owner will be visible even from space. Such an effect will please informal, extraordinary personalities who are used to being in the spotlight.

Acid manicure 2019

Acid manicure 2019 fashion trends is the most favorite design of modern bright youth. It assumes the absence of frames and stereotypes, it is performed in any form, design and variations — whatever your heart desires. The most used methods of acid manicure:

  1. Monochromatic coating. Neon lemon, orange, light green, pink, electric blue, even in a monotonous manicure — a bold and eccentric choice.
  2. Multicolored manicure. Acid neon manicure, filled with several bright colors at once, is an original solution for summer.
  3. French manicure. A boring classic jacket can be diversified with bright colors — by painting its standard white smile line with bright acid shades.
  4. inscriptions. Extremely cool design. Made by hand, slider design or stamping.
  5. Craquelure. Gives a beautiful cracked lacquer effect, especially good on white or black backgrounds.
  6. fruit design. A small still life will perfectly fit into a bright acid color; this design is relevant for the holiday season.
  7. Lunar manicure. Trendy transparent holes will soften the neon color a bit, and colored holes in neutral shades will highlight a bright acid hue.


Acid manicure for short nails 2019

Acid manicure for short nails has many options. This length is the most practical, comfortable and popular with girls who lead an active lifestyle and do household chores. Business ladies who are accustomed to short nails and discreet manicures can relax on vacation and indulge in some bright colors. Solid manicure, slider design, rhinestones, sparkles, geometry — all these types of nail decor are performed on a short length, while not losing their attractiveness.


Acid manicure for long nails

Acid manicure for almond nails is a great choice when you want to make an unusual and attractive manicure. Long nails are a canvas for embodying the most sophisticated fantasies. Almond nails are in trend for several seasons in a row, but square and round ones do not lose them at all — this is a matter of taste. Acid shades on long nails in a matte or glossy design are already a catchy accent and do not need decoration. But if you really want to stand out and retreat from the usual coverage, then rhinestones, ombre, painting, abstraction will come to the rescue.


Acid Manicure Ideas

Acid-colored manicure is an adornment for non-trivial young ladies that arouses interest. For a more spectacular manicure, extraordinary types of design are invented. There are a huge number of non-standard ideas for neon manicure:

  1. Unusual drawing. Nail art has multiple creative ideas for drawing. The drawing stretched over several nails, the image of food and drinks, funny faces and funny cartoon characters. The best nail service masters even manage to reproduce the paintings of famous artists on the nails.
  2. Unusual Gradient. Ombre is an interesting design, and if it is performed in a different way, it will become even more attractive. A decorative sand pattern with a gradient transition, a geometric gradient is a beautiful unconventional interpretation of this design.
  3. 3D drawing. A new trend in nail art — bloom suite design, creates an attractive 3D pattern on the nails and enchants with its technique.
  4. modeling. We are used to sculpting in delicate wedding manicures, but you can use it in a casual look and with bright colors. You can experiment and fashion ice cream or fruits — an interesting summer design is ready.
  5. geometric decorative rivets. An interesting replacement for traditional rhinestones. From the variety of choice of curly rivets for nails, you can stop at squares, triangles, circles, rhombuses. Rivets come in silver and gold — they are universal for any coating. And there are acidic bright shades that are combined with a contrasting acid coating.


Acid pink manicure

Bright manicure with acid colors is the choice of real coquettes. He is so playful, frivolous, indiscreet — the perfect option to express himself and be remembered. A pink monochromatic manicure can serve as an accent detail to a light-colored total bow, in combination with plain plain clothes, it will look amazing. Rhinestones, sparkles, drawing act as decorations. Geometric discreet design on pink nails is gorgeous. To soften the brightness of the acid crimson color, it is covered with a matte finish or in combination with gloss.


Acid yellow manicure

A bright lemon-colored acid manicure is perfect for a summer look. This is the most catchy color in the acid palette, it can be seen from afar, so you should not be afraid to go unnoticed with such a manicure. A classy and sophisticated manicure is achieved with this color. It goes well with white, so an interesting and popular nail art is the image of yellow lemons on a snow-white background. Such a pattern is depicted on several fingers, and the rest are covered with a monochrome lemon color.


Acid green manicure

A manicure in acid tones of green is ideal for a direct children’s manicure, without unnecessary semantic load. This color is conducive to lightness, carelessness, and you just want to put something fun on it. Cute white polka dots or delicate white daisies on a green background will create an atmosphere of airiness and ease. Light green jacket with rhinestones is also excellent as a variation of a more restrained nail art. Against this background, you can create a geometric ornament or abstraction with black details. Light green is taken as the basis for the image of kiwi on the nails.


Acid orange manicure

Acid orange manicure 2019 is an impeccable basis for creating a masterpiece on nails. Orange is associated with the sun, warmth and tangerines, so it will be suitable for a bright summer manicure. This background for a fruit pattern suggests the image of oranges, peaches, similar in color to the main color. Perfectly combined with black, yellow and green, they can be combined in one design using geometric shapes or striped manicure. Floristics against this background is also appropriate, the flowers should be of a contrasting color or made in the form of modeling.


Acid matte manicure

Acid summer manicure looks stylish and trendy in a matte finish. A matte finish is applied over a variety of designs and improves its visual perception. A matte finish is combined with a glossy finish, getting a different texture and effect. It is beautiful to apply glossy patterns on a matte layer with a thick transparent gel. Dots of glossy gel, applied to a matte electric color, imitate raindrops and look extremely impressive. The matte finish on the gradient smooths out the transition and adds depth to the colors.


Manicure black with acid

Acid manicure options are full of variety. The most successful combination is the combination of black varnish with bright acid shades. Black varnish can completely cover the nail or draw details and contour. A black jacket on a neon background is extravagant and bold, for lovers of informal combinations. Charcoal light draw monograms, straight lines, patterns, separate elements of different colors in manicure. Black is used not only in the form of varnish, it can be rhinestones, rivets and decorative dark-colored velvet powder to create a cashmere effect on the nails.


acid gradient manicure

Multi-colored acid manicure is performed using a soft gradient transition. Ombre manicure is incredibly spectacular and dazzling. It can consist of two colors that gently transition from each other, or several, where one passes into the other through a smooth shade of the third. The gradient can be: vertical, while it can be performed on one nail or affect several nails to fully display the gradient transition; horizontal, the same or different on all nails; diagonal, shades change diagonally.


Acid Glitter Manicure

Acid manicure on the sea, made in a bright electric color using sparkles, is a great solution. Glitter will bring zest and radiance to a monotonous coating. Coated tonal glitter will add depth and glow, creating a very interesting visual effect. A certain few fingers covered in contrasting shades of glitter will bring out the color of the acid coating and make it stand out. Holographic sequins shimmer beautifully in the sun and resemble an iridescent color, which will perfectly complement any catchy shade of shellac.


Acid french manicure

Acid-colored French manicure is a trendy design in the new season. French manicure is considered the pinnacle of elegance and good taste. When the standard gentle jacket is tired, the option to perform it in bold colors will come to the rescue. The smile zone can be painted instead of white in an acid shade and mark the border with rhinestones — this will be a stylish and unhackneyed design. The nails are covered with bright varnish, and the smile area is painted over with white gel polish or glued with a silver chrome film. The free edge of the nail is painted with several bright colors, imitating a gradient transition.


Acid manicure with rubbing

Acid-lime manicure with rubbing is a stylish design solution. Rubbing adds shine and versatility to the manicure. The neon color, covered with a rub, softens a little and does not look so bright, it looks more elegant and feminine. The rub with a pearl effect is very beautiful, the coating looks voluminous, an unusual depth and expressiveness appear. Mirror rubbing is able to completely cover the main color, so it is good to insert it on several separate fingers for contrast. Chameleon rub shimmers in several colors and looks unusual.


Acid manicure with inscription

Acid manicure for sharp nails complemented by inscriptions is a trendy design look. A variety of inscriptions are intended for girls seeking to express themselves, express their point of view, life views and aspirations. As inscriptions, you can use individual words that have a specific meaning in any language. Cool phrases made by hand or using a slider design have found recognition among informal girls. On each finger, you can write one letter, so that in total they add up a specific word.



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