African braids - 46 photos of the most fashionable weaving options

The original hairstyle will make any image memorable. But in some situations there is not enough time and effort for styling. African braids are a practical and stylish styling option that has confidently held the palm among creative hairstyles for many years.

How to weave African braids?

There are many techniques that can be applied when deciding how to braid African braids. Therefore, any girl will be able to choose the perfect option for her taste. The nuances to be considered are as follows:

  1. To create a hairstyle, on average, you need to braid 200-300 strands. In the salons, two masters work on the pigtails.
  2. Since one’s own hair is not enough in some cases, synthetic materials are used. Often African braids are braided with kanekalon. There are several reasons for this — the material is safe and does not harm the hair, the threads are woven along the entire length or only at the tips. The procedure for weaving African braids with kanekalon takes from 3 to 10 hours. During braiding, it can be a little painful, because every millimeter of hair must be tightly fixed.
  3. How to arrange a pigtail depends on the tastes and preferences of the girl. It can be tied simply with an elastic band or fixed with special glue.
  4. Judging by the reviews of the owners of the afrokos, the disadvantages of the hairstyle include prolonged drying and the inability to fully wash all the strands. Unpleasant consequences lie in wait if the master overdoes it with the amount of synthetic material. Due to its severity, the hair follicles will begin to fall out. Therefore, it is recommended to do treatment and strengthening before going to the salon.
  5. What else you have to put up with when braiding your hair is with a limited number of hairstyles. Discomfort during sleep is another negative review.
  6. After 2-3 months, it is necessary to make a correction with a specialist or dissolve the strands. You can’t do this on your own, because you can ruin the structure of the hair.

At home, you can also braid afro braids, but you should stock up on time and patience. Hair should be washed 2-3 days before weaving day. The process of weaving African braids at home is as follows:

  • gently combing your hair, make a parting;
  • divide them into strands of uniform thickness;
  • weave a synthetic thread at the base of the curl;
  • braid a braid from a strand, adding a little synthetic material, reaching the tip.

Features of caring for afrokos are as follows:

  1. With such a hairstyle, it is recommended to wash your head no more than once a week. Do not apply different conditioners or masks to curls. It is necessary to use vitamins for hair, otherwise they will become brittle.
  2. If synthetic threads are woven into the strands, then they must not be dried with a hair dryer, curled with a curling iron, or straightened.
  3. While the head is decorated with such details, you should refuse to visit the sauna, bath and solarium.
  4. You can not skip the correction after the time specified by the master. If you do not go for a correction in 2-3 months, you can destroy your own hair.
  5. The main thing is to survive the first week. After all, tightness of the hair will cause discomfort and itching of the skin. For it to pass, you need to adhere to the correct care. It consists in the following: a cotton pad is moistened in chamomile decoction and wiped over the scalp. It is advisable to repeat the procedure 3 times a day.

how to weave african braids

Afrokos care

how to braid african braidsweaving african braids

African braids 2018

Such an option as African braids is ideal for active and young girls who want to save themselves from everyday hair styling for 2-3 months. The most popular types of hairstyles are:

  • classic, characterized by smooth tips, thanks to which the styling lasts extremely long. This is a very common weave. It can be supplemented with different elements or painted strands in different colors. Weaving time will take 3-6 hours, it all depends on the number and length of the braids, the professionalism of the master;
  • «pony tail», distinguished by the fact that the tip (15-20 cm) remains curled. It resembles a pony’s tail, hence the name. The only drawback of styling is fragility;
  • Senegalese — are bundles, they are thicker than ordinary braids and are twisted from two thin strands. The downside is the short lifetime of the styling;
  • «zizi». For this option, ready-made synthetic materials are woven into the hair. Strands can be curled or perfectly even;
  • dreadlocks that look stylish and unusual are large plaits with woven woolen threads;
  • African Curly braids, in this version, the hair is braided at the root zone, and the rest is intertwined with synthetic material and looks like a curl.

african braids 2018

African braids 2018

african braidsweaving african braids

African braids for short hair

Short hair is not an obstacle to creating an original hairstyle. Laying is carried out on strands no longer than 5 cm, by weaving a special synthetic material into them. In this way, you can lengthen your hair without extensions. There are such types of design:

  • African braids with threads for short hair, this is a lightweight option;
  • strands into which kanekalon is woven, while it can significantly lengthen them.

African braids for short hair

African braids for medium hair

The owner of a caret can easily get long hair, because when weaving African braids is used, synthetic threads are added to real strands. If you weave bright colored details into the braids, you can save on painting and at the same time make the image unique. When creating such a styling, it is recommended to consider the following:

  • the advantages of hairstyles include durability and ease of styling;
  • such an option as stylish African braids is not suitable for owners of oily hair, since the braids will quickly become disheveled from private washing;
  • synthetic threads can be lengthened or curled;
  • owners of thin hair will receive the desired volume for a long time.

African braids for medium hair

African braids for long hair

From very long native hair, African braids cannot be braided. However, if there is a desire to apply this method, it is necessary to take into account the following nuances:

  • if the hair length exceeds 10 cm, then options with curled strands are not suitable, otherwise they will get confused;
  • weaving African braids on elongated curls allows you to fully express your imagination and create a variety of styling, such as a high ponytail, one or two bunches.

African braids for long hair

Fashionable African braids

Fashionistas will be able to apply extremely interesting options to create hairstyles with African braids. To diversify the styling, it is worth arming yourself with bandages, headbands and elastic bands. Wreaths with artificial or real buds will help to create a sophisticated and romantic look. Quick but stylish styling includes the following:

  • high or low tail;
  • «Malvinka», where the upper strands are collected, and the lower ones are loose;
  • classic «shell»;
  • traditional beam;
  • one or two thick braids.

weaving african braidstrendy african braids

African braids with threads

A very popular option is African braids with threads. When creating them, the following features are taken into account:

  • synthetic threads are attached as close as possible to the roots, giving the hair a tangled look, but thereby ensuring styling reliability;
  • when weaving an afrokos with threads, it is important to pay special attention to two things — their attachment and fixation at the tip. The latter are “soldered” with a special apparatus;
  • approximately 150 shades of synthetic threads are produced, so you can choose the material for the natural hair color or absolutely contrasting;
  • craftsmen often use acrylic threads, which perform the same functions as kanekalon. They are lightweight and wear quickly. Acrylic threads are recommended for beginners because they are easier to work with.

african braids with threads

African braids with kanekalon

Lovers of bright memorable bows will be able to make African braids with kanekalon. They have the following distinctive characteristics:

  • it is better to entrust the creation of complex patterns to a professional, since the braids should fit so tightly to the head that the skin should be visible;
  • African stylish braids can be absolutely any color — gray, green or red. You can mix strands of natural hair color and kanekalon of a bright shade. If desired, you can create a whole rainbow on your head.

african kanekalon braids

African braids with bangs

People with a high forehead should leave their bangs natural. She will in no way spoil the impression, and the Afro braids will look incredibly organic. If you take into account age, then the hairstyle naturally looks on people up to 35 years old. You can braid your hair in wide or small braids. In both cases, the effect will be different. The finer the weave, the more elegant the image will turn out. Wide braids are recommended for young girls.

african braids with bangs

Thick African braids

Many young fashionistas prefer to choose large African braids. They are characterized by such distinctive features:

  • in addition to the density of hair, a significant volume is achieved due to the abundant weaving of threads or kanekalon;
  • you can create thick African braids for short, medium or long hair;
  • braided strands can be left loose or collected in a thick tail.

thick african braidslarge african braids

small african braids

Small African braids look sophisticated and elegant. Masters spend a significant amount of time on their creation, but the result exceeds all expectations. They can be designed in the following variations:

  • can be smooth or wavy, have a corrugated effect;
  • for braiding, strands of the same thickness or different ones can be used, for example, smaller ones in the front and larger ones in the back.

small african braids

Colored African braids

To create stylish original bows, stylists use African braids, the varieties of which are presented in large numbers. Color details deserve special attention, among which are the following:

  • threads or kanekalon that match the natural hair color as much as possible or are made in a color scheme similar to them;
  • extremely bright and even acidic shades can be used;
  • threads or kanekalon can be taken in one tone or be multi-colored;
  • the tone may be uniform along the entire length or there may be a smooth transition from one shade to another, known as an ombre.

colored african braidsafrican braids varieties

African braids dreadlocks

One of the extraordinary options, which presents the types of African braids, is dreadlocks. They fit perfectly into casual and hippie style. The hairstyle is suitable for any lifestyle, with the exception of professions in which you need to have a lot of contact with people. Such details do not go well with the dress code, but they will effectively complement glamorous, rocker and other styles. The hairstyle suits any face shape.

african braids dreadlockstypes of african braids

African braids

Afro curls with pigtails, known as corrugation, are capable of giving the image tenderness and romance. The hairstyle is small curls of strands of hair. It can be different in volume — from small to large curls. Corrugated afro braids are reminiscent of a perm, only safer for hair. The variety is suitable for those who have thin or weakened curls.

african braids

African ombre braids

If you weave kanekalon ombre, which is available in different variations, into beautiful African braids, you will be able to create a bold and bright image. Synthetic material can be dyed in two colors or more shades. It is important to remember that with each wash of the head, the color fades and the material deteriorates. On average, the hairstyle will last 2-3 weeks.

african ombre braids


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