Afro braids - a fashionable hairstyle choice for girls and women

In an incredible variety of original and unusual hairstyles, afro braids have become a popular trend of the last few seasons. A lot of small weaves can not only attract attention, but also visually adjust the volume, length and structure of the hair.

What do afrokos look like?

Outwardly, this type of hairstyle looks like a lot of small symmetrical braids. In modern fashion, stylists offer several weaving methods, which slightly differs the styling effect. In addition, women’s afro-braids look different on different hair lengths. The longer the curls, the easier it is to achieve symmetry of the tips. Experiments with color are considered an actual solution. Not only coloring is in fashion, but also the interweaving of bright and multi-colored strands, threads, ribbons and other accessories.

what do afrokos look like

Afrokos — pros and cons

Unusual and very attractive small flagella all over the head always look stylish and spectacular. Against the general background, you will definitely stand out and demonstrate your originality. However, like any complex hairstyle, afro-braids have their pros and cons. The advantages of this styling unconditionally include the following criteria:

  • always styled hair;
  • saving time daily for styling and combing;
  • originality and originality of the image, even if the clothes do not correspond to such qualities;
  • a great way to quickly increase the length;
  • the opportunity to radically change the image and style;
  • in cold weather, such a solution can replace a headdress;
  • you can change the color of your hair without resorting to dyeing harmful dyes.

The main disadvantages of afrokos are the following points:

  • initially there is discomfort due to excessive hair tension, a constant feeling of heaviness on the head;
  • much more time is spent on washing and drying;
  • braiding takes up to 10 hours;
  • if artificial strands or threads are additionally used, then in the warm season it is very hot with braids, the feeling of a hat on the head;
  • this solution is not suitable for everyone;
  • with improper weaving and care, such a hairstyle can provoke hair loss due to tension, which injures the bulb.

afrokos pros and cons

How to wash your hair with afro braids?

The procedure for leaving and washing with braids is not considered difficult, but refers to long and laborious processes. The basic rules include choosing a shampoo for normal hair. At the same time, it is worth applying the product not only to the root zone, but also to the entire length. Afro braids at the back of the head should be washed especially carefully, since this part does not fall into your field of vision, and you can miss a few strands, which will later be noticeable. Be sure to dry your hair, because when wet, styling becomes many times harder, which can greatly injure the skin and bulbs.

how to wash your hair with afro braids

How much do afro braids cost?

One of the major disadvantages of this choice is the cost. Due to scrupulousness, the work is expensive. The cost of the hairstyle varies depending on the length of the hair, the thickness of the braids, the method of weaving and the presence or absence of additional accessories. The most budget option for a short length without add-ons costs an average of $ 50. Colored afro braids can cost up to $500, especially if you combine several colors at the same time, add a shirred effect, or use resistant special products for long-term wear.

how much do afro braids cost

Weaving afro braids

Such a fashionable hairstyle as afrokosy requires not only patience, but also certain skills and abilities. If you are thinking about updating your appearance in this way, stylists strongly recommend paying attention to several factors that may not suit your type. For example, an afro opens almost the entire face, and therefore requires ideal symmetrical oval lines. But at the same time, in the question of how to weave afro-braids, stylists also offer several original hairstyles that can be made from a variety of plaits. Let’s see the most popular ideas:

  1. With shaved temples. This option looks great in an ensemble with shaved temples. At the same time, you can use the razor both on one side only, and on both sides at once.

weaving afro braids

  1. Weaving on the head. Masters offer a very practical and easy-to-wear option, where weaving an afrokos goes along the head, starting from the frontal zone and up to the back of the head, turning into a tourniquet. But here it is important that the shape of the skull is correct.

how to weave afro braids

  1. With loose ends. Afro braids can only be braided over the head, and the ends can be left loose. This choice is considered the most feminine, here you can come up with many original ways of fixing.

afro braids

Afro braids for short hair

Such a stylish solution is considered an actual choice for a short length. And even if you don’t want to lengthen your hair, you will add volume, which will transform the whole look. Afro braids for short hair are recommended to be made as thin as possible. Thick harnesses keep a clear straight shape and will stick out ridiculously. However, the effect of a very short haircut will not work. The classic square is considered the optimal length. Cascading curls are also in trend, which can be complemented with a bright color or an ombre transition. At a short length, you can experiment with shaved temples.

afro braids for short hair

Afro braids for long hair

For girls with beautiful long curls, there are no restrictions in choosing a weaving method or additions. Recently, however, ideas with bright or contrasting colors have become more and more relevant. Regardless of the thickness of the braids, ombre or highlighting is a good solution. White afro braids are considered universal. In the hot season, you can experiment with bright and contrasting additions.

afro braids for long hair

Types of afrokos

In addition to properly washing and choosing care products, it is important to correct the braids in time. This means that when the natural hair grows back, it is necessary to twist the bundles, especially if artificial curls and accessories are used. In addition, such a hairstyle often goes astray and fluffy, which also requires attention and correction in the salon, otherwise the whole appearance will be sloppy and sloppy. However, at the same time, stylists offer a lot of stylish styling with beautiful pigtails that will add color and attractiveness. Let’s see the ideas for classic afro braids:

  1. Bundle. One of the stylish and very practical solutions in the hot season is considered to be selected curls up, decorated in a high bun at the crown or back of the head. This option is also relevant in the cold, as an alternative to a headdress.

types of afrokos

  1. Malvinka. It is very easy to remove hair from the face in an easy way by tying the extreme strands at the back of the head. The advantage of the malvinka is the absence of the need for additional fixing accessories.

classic afro braids

  1. French braids. Small pigtails look very unusual in weaving a large spikelet. At the same time, you can start the hairstyle both on the head, and only on free strands.

types of afro braids

  1. Tail. Another uncomplicated, but very attractive choice would be a regular tail. And here you can use additional fixing accessories or fix your hair with braids.

hairstyles with afro braids

Afro braids zizi

This type of weaving is considered the most popular. The main advantage of zizi is a gentle effect on native hair. The main method of shaping the hairstyle is the imposition of artificial thin braids on native curls. Thus, zizi afro-braids do not weigh down and pull the bulbs much, do not distort the hair structure. Through the use of synthetic thin cords, you can adjust the length depending on personal preferences, add one or more bright shades. Fashionable zizi are also considered the most time-saving option.

afro braids zizi

Afro braids through braids

If you are looking for an option that will definitely set you apart from the rest and emphasize your originality not only due to the originality of the hairstyle itself, but also the shaping method, then afro braids for braids will be the best solution. This hairstyle is done on the head using the French spikelet method. However, the main difference is the uneven non-standard shape of the braids — a zigzag, «snail», in the form of an openwork or geometric abstraction, and so on. This choice is also considered the shortest to wear — up to 14 days, using artificial strands up to a month.

afro braids through braids

Thick afro braids

In addition to many thin flagella, stylists also offer a method of weaving thicker expressive braids. This option is especially suitable for girls with thick and lush hair from the waist down and below. If you opted for this decision, you should understand that hairstyles with afro braids in this version are not diverse. Due to the thick width, the shape remains more rigid and clear, non-plastic. However, it is easier to weave any artificial strands or threads, ribbons and other accessories into thick pigtails.

thick afro braids

Afro braids with threads

One of the most popular types of additions for many small braids are colored threads. Stylists offer many original ideas for adding such accessories. One of the most common is the interweaving of threads along the entire length symmetrically. In this case, the coloring can be selected both identical and contrasting. Afro braids with threads are easier to shape into interesting styling. In addition, the threads can be woven both from the root of the hair, and starting from the middle of the bundle, leaving loose ends, adding beads and rhinestones, which will once again attract attention and decorate the image.

afro braids with threads

Afro braids ombre

A fashionable trend in modern hairdressing is considered a gradient color transition on the hair. And today, designers offer such a technique not only in coloring reviews, but also in the formation of interesting hairstyles. One of the most popular solutions was various types of afro braids. This option looks great on both thin and thick bundles, in combination with synthetic strands and fibers, threads or with the temporary dyeing method. The trend is not only natural contrasting shades, but also bright unnatural colors.

ombre afro braids

Afro braids corrugated

This version of a fashionable hairstyle outwardly resembles a chemical or biowave. The main difference between this styling is not only the use of braids or braids, but also their formation into symmetrical curled curls. To give this texture, special tools and temperature control tools are used. As a rule, curled hairstyles with afro braids have a wet effect at the same time. And the thinner the curls, the more this illusion is enhanced. Designers do not recommend short length corrugations, as such a choice picks up hair even more.

corrugated afro braids

Afro braids with bangs

If you wear bangs, then this addition will not become an obstacle to weaving fashionable braids. However, in this case, it is important to initially decide whether the short frontal part of the hair will take part in the hairstyle or remain in its natural form. Afro braids with bangs look stylish in a contrasting solution. With the help of a shade, you can correct the oval of the face and emphasize or, on the contrary, hide certain areas. If the bangs remain intact, designers recommend giving them an even shape so that the main focus is on the bundles. However, asymmetrical haircuts are not prohibited.

afro braids with bangs

Afro braids with kanekalon

Another stylish addition to a fashionable hairstyle is kanekalon. Bright and gradient artificial strands have a significant advantage over dyes, because they do not violate or interfere with the structure of the hair. In this case, the shade can be chosen both natural and unnatural bright. Colored afro braids remain a fashion trend from season to season. In recent reviews, designers suggest using more than three contrasting colors of kanekalon, which is especially good for catchy and bright bows for spring and summer. Such an accessory is applicable for any type of afro braids.

afro braids with kanekalon


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