Afro braids with kanekalon - a fashionable hairstyle for any season

Many small braids all over the head have become a fashionable hairstyle for the last few seasons. And although this choice has both advantages and disadvantages, stylists do not stop experimenting with unusual options. And the latest trend is Afro braids with kanekalon.

Afro braids with kanekalon

The African direction is not new in modern fashion. However, earlier this style was reflected mainly in music, clothing, color ideas. In the last few seasons, designers have been successfully demonstrating fashionable experiments in African style hairstyle ideas. And to add attractiveness and color to the whole image, bright and contrasting artificial strands will be an actual addition. Afro-braids with kanekalon blonde look especially catchy. But on dark hair, you can also pick up an expressive shade. Let’s see the pros and cons of such a solution:

  1. Pros. The main advantages are considered to be an incredible variety of weaving ideas, an always bright unforgettable bow, a visual increase in volume and length, the need for washing and drying much less often, in general, the image becomes unique.
  2. Minuses. The main disadvantages of such a hairstyle are the severity of the hair, which can lead to injury to the bulb, difficulty in care, spending more time, your own hair becomes brittle and brittle.

afro braids with kanekalon

How much kanekalon do you need for afro braids?

Why do stylists use kanekalon directly to complement African braids? The answer to this question is simple — the thing is that this type of artificial curls is easy due to the use of a natural product. Seaweed does not adversely affect the texture and health of natural hair and minimally weighs them down, which has a beneficial effect on both the bulbs and the scalp. There is no definite answer to the question of how much kanekalon is needed for Afro-braids. It all depends on the length and thickness of the bundles. 2-3 packs of 200 grams are used as standard.

how much kanekalon do you need for afro braids

Afro braids with kanekalon — how long does it last?

Such a hairstyle is considered wearable, and the wear time depends directly on your personal preferences. However, it is important to consider that the longer the styling lasts, the more unpresentable the appearance becomes. After about 2-3 months, the hair roots begin to grow up to 4 centimeters. In addition, after each wash, strands climb and fluff out of the braids, which also looks very careless. Afro braids with kanekalon hairstyles can be adjusted. However, stylists in any case give an average period of no more than 5-6 months.

afro braids with kanekalon how long does it last

How to care for kanekalon afro braids?

If you decide to make such a fashionable hairstyle, it is very important to familiarize yourself with how to properly care for it. The washing process is simple, but requires some effort and more time. It is worth using gentle washing shampoos and balms, do not rub the braids and do not squeeze them hard. In the question of how to wash afrokos with kanekalon, the rarity of this process is considered a special advantage. However, after each wash, be sure to dry each pigtail well. If moisture remains, it can adversely affect the condition and health of your hair.

how to care for afro braids with kanekalon

Which kanekalon is best for afrokos?

Designers recommend choosing bright artificial strands only with seaweed in the composition, avoiding synthetic fakes. This is due not only to the influence of the accessory on natural hair, but also to their weight. Stylish afro braids with kanekalon should be light so that the bulb and scalp are not injured. If you buy fake synthetics, you run the risk of making your curls too heavy. The main difference is the price. Japanese kanekalon with seaweed is more expensive than synthetic fibers. In addition, synthetics can get confused even in packaging.

which kanekalon is best for afrokos

Weaving afrokos with kanekalon

Today, stylists offer many interesting ways to weave African braids. In such a variety, you can easily find a method for use at home. However, designers insist on the help of a professional who will make the hairstyle qualitatively symmetrical and durable. When adding artificial curls, as a rule, one of its own strands and two synthetic ones are taken. But you can experiment in other ways. Let’s see one of the easiest ways to weave afro braids with kanekalon:

  • comb your hair well;
  • start weaving from the back of the head, from the lowest strands, following to the crown;
  • connect strands with kanekalon in a ratio of 1: 2 (one curl of your hair with two colored ones);
  • the latest to braid pigtails at the frontal temporal zone.

weaving afrokos with kanekalon

Afro braids with kanekalon for short hair

For girls with short haircuts, this choice of hairstyle is considered especially relevant. If you are tired of waiting for your hair to grow out, you can visually add length using the weaving method with artificial strands. And in this case, it is important to decide on the shade of the supplement. You can choose as close as possible to your color, then you will give the impression of the owner of thick and long hair. Afro braids with kanekalon for short hair are also presented without lengthening. But here the minimum length will be a classic square to the shoulders with volume.

afro braids with kanekalon for short hair

Afro braids with kanekalon for medium hair

The same effect, as for a short length, with the help of artificial curls can be done on medium hair. When choosing an accessory, you should understand that if you significantly increase the length, then the ends of the braids will differ dramatically in shade. And in order to smooth out the difference, stylists offer to select natural shades that are close to their own. However, bright colors are also in trend, for example, pink afro braids with kanekalon, which are great for both blondes and brunettes. A stylish addition to the youth bow will be contrasting and large beads at the ends.

afro braids with kanekalon for medium hair

Afro braids with kanekalon for long hair

Owners of beautiful long hair are not limited in choosing the method of weaving, the thickness of the braids and the type of additions. This hairstyle is considered especially relevant for those whose curl structure is thin and brittle. Weaving afro braids with kanekalon will perfectly add volume. In addition, with the help of bright unnatural colors, you can emphasize the originality and individual style in the image. For long hair, stylists also offer many variations of hairstyles, the most popular of which are the bun, malvinka, openwork and voluminous braid.

afro braids with kanekalon for long hair

Fashionable afro braids with kanekalon

There are several options for fashionable braids, among which are universal ones for any length and structure of hair and for a certain style, image, for short or long curls. The traditional type of weaving involves dividing the strand into three equal parts. But given that you are adding kanekalon, two curls will be replaced with artificial ones. Large afro braids with kanekalon are more suitable for longer lengths, as they hold a clearer and tougher shape. On short haircuts, this option can stick out. Let’s see the most popular solutions:

  1. Afro braids zizi with kanekalon. These are the most popular braids that suit everyone without exception. Zizi are strands made from artificial curls, therefore they are considered a gentle option.

fashionable afro braids with kanekalon

  1. Senegalese. Such braids differ in the way of weaving. When finished, the pigtails look more like twisted bundles. Here you can experiment with the thickness. Large Senegalese braids look more expressive.

large afro braids with kanekalon

  1. French Braids. The difference between this type of weaving is comfort and practicality for an active lifestyle. Braids are woven from the forehead to the back of the head along the head. Here you can form unusual zigzags or abstract patterns.

women's afro braids with kanekalon

  1. Pony tail. This option is applicable only for classic weaving. A distinctive feature is the unfinished tip, which is formed into a straight shape or an attractive curl.

stylish afro braids with kanekalon

Thick afro braids with kanekalon

Thick braids have become a fashion trend of the last season. And in such a hairstyle there are a number of advantages. First, the weaving process takes less time. Secondly, your hair is less exposed to adverse effects due to large curls. However, thick Afro braids with kanekalon are only suitable for long lengths. On short and medium strands, such a hairstyle can stick out in different directions, as it keeps a clear, rigid shape. For wide braids, use the classic weaving method, zizi, not braids and the Senegalese method with a plait.

thick afro braids with kanekalon

Small afro braids with kanekalon

Many small afrokos are popular due to the volume they give when finished. With the help of additional artificial strands, you can vary the hairstyle in length. In addition, small braids are more plastic. A wide variety of styling can be formed from them, for example, a simple bunch, a malvinka, or complex variations of French and openwork spikelets. Afro braids with kanekalon for blonde hair are popular with the addition of three or more colors. For brown-haired women and brunettes, an ombre effect or a plain version is perfect. Contrasting beads are considered universal jewelry.

small afro braids with kanekalon

Afro braids with kanekalon ombre

A fashion trend in modern women’s fashion is considered a gradient transition in color scheme. This coloring is popular in fashion and shoe design, nail-art, hair coloring and selection of hair accessories. Afro braids with kanekalon ombre are presented in several options. The most common is a two-tone design with bright and discreet shades. A contrasting transition of three or more colors is also in fashion. Using gradient curls all over your head, you will always provide yourself with an attractive and extraordinary appearance, standing out from the crowd.

afro braids with kanekalon ombre

Black afro braids with kanekalon

Kanekalon in a dark classic shade is considered a win-win choice. This choice is universal for any hair color. In combination with a dark shade, black strands will add volume, and with light curls they will intertwine very interestingly, but will dominate. Women’s afro braids with kanekalon in a dark classic color will suit any outfit and for any season. In the cold season, this styling will perfectly replace the headdress. But in the hot period, you should take care of the presence of a panama, hat or cap, since the sun’s rays will be attracted.

black afro braids with kanekalon

Colored afro braids with kanekalon

A fashionable solution would be a multi-colored hairstyle. In this case, artificial strands of several colors are used. It is advisable to choose contrasting colors, but stylists are also interested in experimenting with accessories of different tones of the same color palette. Afro-braids with red kanekalon, the addition of electric blue, raspberry, pale pink are considered a stylish choice today. The trend of the last few seasons has become ideas with gradient braids. For such weaving, ombre strands are used with a combination of black and yellow, red, pink or in other ensembles.

colored afro braids with kanekalon

Afro braids with kanekalon with bangs

Relevant in modern women’s fashion remains the question of choosing a haircut directly. Bangs are considered a stylish addition to many styling. And stylists offer many original solutions in terms of shape, shade, length and other parameters. Stylish afro braids with kanekalon suggest the absence or presence of straight bangs. If you have chosen a beveled, semicircular or other non-standard shape, then it is better not to braid the pigtails in this area. However, it is possible to use braids to lengthen the front of the hair and get rid of the bangs altogether.

afro braids with kanekalon with bangs


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