What is alginate?

Alginate — these are salts of alginic acid, or rather an extract from the seaweed kelp. In scientific terms, it is a high molecular weight polysaccharide, which is a block copolymer of D-mannuronic and L-guluronic acids.

Alginate was discovered in 1881 by the British chemist E. Stanford, who studied the properties of various algae, or rather, methods for extracting iodine from algae. Thanks to these studies, he received alginic acid. The properties of alginates were also found to form a film, create viscous suspensions and gels, have a beneficial effect on the skin and stimulate the immune system.

Alginate is often used as a food additive, which, in addition to being consumed in food, has a number of useful properties, including therapeutic ones. As a drug, this component is able to bind and remove heavy metals such as lead and mercury from the body, stabilizes elevated cholesterol levels, and accelerates weight loss.

But alginate gained its wide popularity precisely in the middle of the 20th century due to the healing properties of skin healing. Long-term practice of using alginates has shown their safety and high efficiency. Experts have noticed that the mass with the participation of alginates, applied to the affected areas, effectively heals and renews the skin. It began to be used for burns, ulcers, bedsores, lacerations, to stop bleeding and regenerate the integument. But having taken a big step out of medicine, masks ended up in beauty parlors.

Now, in almost every cosmetologist’s office, alginate masks are used as the final procedure after peeling and / or facial cleansing to normalize the skin condition and neutralize inflammation and redness.

More about alginate masks

Alginate masks (or as they are also called plasticizing masks) have a flexible, elastic base, which is similar in physical properties to agar or gelatin, that is, it solidifies into a dense, homogeneous mass. Due to these properties, alginate is often used to make casts for sculptures, etc.

As a rule, manufacturers combine the classic composition of alginate masks with additional useful components that can significantly increase the effectiveness of the mask and make it more specialized for the intended use. Most often, as part of masks, you can also find various plant extracts, vitamins and trace elements.

Each mask has its own useful components, which are selected depending on the indications for use.

What are the effects of alginate masks:

    • Perfectly care for and restore the skin of any type;


    • Have a lifting (tightening) effect;


    • Have a drainage effect;


    • Improve the outflow of blood and lymph;


    • Promote skin renewal, resorption of stagnant spots;


    • General prevention and correction of skin imperfections;


    • Moisturize and nourish the skin;


    • Anti-cellulite effect;


    • Anti-inflammatory action.


Alginate masks are produced in the form of a powder, which, immediately before use, is diluted in water or special solvents to the consistency of thick sour cream, and then applied to the face, neck, and décolleté. We will talk about this in more detail below.

Application features

Well, let’s get down to mixing and applying! First, prepare a special dish for the mask. It should not be too deep, ceramic (attention: no metal!) container. For kneading, use a cosmetic brush or spatula, they can be purchased at specialized stores. Before proceeding with the direct mixing of the ingredients, make sure that you have read the instructions for the mask. Mix all the ingredients in the correct proportions indicated in the instructions. If at this stage you did not make a mistake, then you should get a homogeneous mass, the consistency of which resembles thick sour cream. The mask should be moderately liquid, otherwise it will simply spread all over the face, and the effect of the procedure will be very doubtful.

One of the main secrets for the use of alginate masks is the obligatory application of serum or a special concentrate directly under the mask. This technique will help to significantly increase the effect of applying the mask. Under the pressure of the mask, all the active components of the serum are absorbed into the skin, and excess fluid is removed from the skin.

Apply the serum and then the resulting mass on the face and neck in a horizontal (!) position. Do not try to apply the mask while standing up: as it tightens, it will “pull” your skin down as well. The application time of the mask ranges from 15 to 30 minutes. Relax and try not to leave the horizontal position while applying the mask.

The mask is removed with smooth movements, from the neck and towards the forehead, in one layer. After removing the mask, you do not need to wash your face, just wipe the skin with a tonic and apply a cream that matches your skin type. Feelings of unusual freshness and firmness of the skin after the procedure will accompany you for a long time!

The course of application of alginate masks depends on the indications and the severity of the problem. For the best effect, renewal and rejuvenation of the skin, it is recommended to take a course of 8-15 alginate face masks, once or twice a week.

Even though alginate masks can be easily made at home, we still recommend having the first treatments under the supervision of a beautician who will also help you choose the right products for your skin’s needs.

Indications and contraindications

A wide range of effects of alginate masks allows them to be used to treat problem skin, acne and post-acne, reduce age-related changes, restore skin tone and relief, facial contours, reduce hyperpigmentation, and even eliminate dermatosis and rosacea. Masks are also great as a regular skincare routine for almost all skin types, including dry, oily, combination, normal. Also, alginate masks are great for anti-cellulite wraps, healing of wounds and scars. Regular use of alginate wraps rejuvenates the epidermis and saturates it with useful trace elements.

Despite the safety and hypoallergenicity, alginate masks still have a number of contraindications that should be considered before using them. For example, oncological diseases and individual intolerance to the substances included in the composition, skin sensitivity. For people who are allergic to algae and seafood, it is advisable to first try the effect of the alginate mask on the skin of the hand, and then apply it to the face or other parts of the body.

The best alginate masks 

Dr. Jart+

Unlike other Korean brands that focus on beautiful packaging, Dr.Jart+ stands out for its scientific approach to product development. All Dr.Jart+ products contain rare highly active plant components in high concentrations, and the latest developments in the field of dermatology are used in the manufacture of products.

These fun muzzle cups are a real hit in Korean cosmetics this year. There are 4 alginate masks in the line, which are suitable for solving such problems as lifting, skin lightening, improving elasticity, cleansing, moisturizing and other problems of the epidermis. The main feature of these masks is convenient packaging, which includes a cup, a spatula for kneading and even a liquid for dissolving the mask.


Using this mask, you can significantly improve the turgor of the skin of the face, tighten it and rejuvenate it. Dermask Shaking Rubber Elastic Shot improves skin elasticity, reduces the depth and severity of wrinkles, and prevents the appearance of new ones. The composition includes vitamin A (retinol), adenosine, ceramides and OxyForce ™ Cellular Active.


This moisturizing face mask will visibly improve the condition of the skin and saturate it with life-giving moisture. Also, one of the priority tasks of the mask is to even out the tone and microrelief of the face. The composition of the Hydro Mask ampoule includes vitamin B (panthenol), gardenia extract, bergamot oil, castor oil and the exclusive Expert Moist complex. It is enriched with useful amino acids, therefore it restores the natural hydrobalance of the epidermis.


This mask contains extracts of aloe vera, arpine and guava leaves. They have a soothing, softening, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect, matte and tighten pores. The mask penetrates quite deeply into the structure of the skin, cleanses its surface of the keratinized layer of dead cells. This promotes rapid skin regeneration and collagen production.


Brightening alginate face mask Dr. Jart+ Dermask Shaking Rubber Luminous Shot is the perfect solution to brighten dull skin and give it a healthier complexion. A freshly prepared modeling mask saturates the skin with beneficial ingredients and instantly cools it pleasantly. The rubber mask adheres tightly to the skin, thereby preventing the loss of beneficial ingredients. The composition includes glutathione and Vita botanical complex. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that evens out skin tone. The natural herbal complex includes sea buckthorn and grapefruit extract, so it also refreshes the complexion.

Joko Blend

JOKO BLEND is a brand of organic cosmetics produced in Ukraine. The manufacturer presents a line of scrubs and masks for face and body, which include highly active components of natural origin — ground coffee, Atlantic salt, brown cane sugar and nourishing oils, as well as alginate. JOKO BLEND products do not contain aggressive chemicals, fragrances and dyes, therefore they are safe for any skin type.

In the arsenal of this brand there are as many as 8 options for alginate masks that are ideal for home care. They saturate the skin with substances necessary for its youth and health, accelerate regeneration processes, increase elasticity, and prevent the early development of age-related signs. Among them, we would like to highlight three favorites:


This alginate mask is saturated with natural ingredients of blueberry and acerola, which nourish and protect the skin from moisture loss, premature aging, daily aggressive environmental influences. Plant extracts and inulin polysaccharides provide comprehensive facial skin care and gently care for it. The mask effectively smoothes fine wrinkles, moisturizes the epidermis, slows down the aging process and eliminates already existing visible age-related changes. Also, the mask helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, treat redness and inflammation, saturates the skin with vitamins and important trace elements, restores a healthy complexion.


A natural mask based on hyaluronic acid is an indispensable tool for intensive and long-lasting skin hydration. The product contains a healing complex of active ingredients, which creates a special hydrofilm on the skin surface to protect against dehydration and the negative effects of environmental factors. The mask has a rich spectrum of vitamins that normalize cellular metabolism, slow down the aging process, and reduce the manifestation of negative factors on the skin surface. With regular use of a mask with hyaluron, the skin begins to renew itself faster, the condition of the epidermis improves significantly, inflammation and redness decrease. After applying this mask, you will feel how your skin has become renewed and beautiful.


The mask includes healing components of green tea and aloe, which have a beneficial effect on the skin and heal it comprehensively. Trace elements protect against dryness and the appearance of signs of premature wilting. The product intensively saturates the skin with vitamins and minerals, therefore significantly improves its appearance. Green tea extract cleanses pores, makes the skin matte, eliminates inflammation. Aloe vera accelerates the healing of lesions, has an antimicrobial effect, and moisturizes the skin.


Another brand of natural Ukrainian cosmetics, which has proven itself due to the effectiveness and quality of products and pricing policy. Products are manufactured using a unique patented technology that ensures maximum safety of biologically active substances of the original plant material. All cosmetic products are dry, in the form of ultrafine powders. This means that there is no need to introduce preservatives, stabilizers, fillers, flavors. TM Agor products help the skin to acquire a healthy look due to the awakening and restoration of internal processes. The products are completely safe for use by both adults and children.


If you are looking for a mask that instantly transforms your skin, tightens the oval of your face and smoothes fine wrinkles, then this mask is exactly what you need. The mask provides an express rejuvenating effect, eliminates signs of fatigue and fading, makes facial features clearer, removes swelling, and has a tightening effect.

Also, the mask has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the dermis. Regular use of the mask improves the level of firmness and elasticity of the skin, ridding the cells of toxins and dead skin cells. Blood circulation is normalized, regeneration and intercellular metabolic processes are improved. The mask helps to eliminate age spots, relieve inflammation and the first signs of age-related changes. The work of the sebaceous glands is normalized.


The Oriental Lights mask is a real magic wand that, as if by magic, returns beauty and youth to the face: it removes fatigue, evens out the tone of the face, and eliminates puffiness. The product seems to model a new face contour, removing excess swelling and preventing fading, giving a lifting effect.

This mask also softens the epithelium, renewing its original structure, removes peeling, removes the stratum corneum. Ficin, contained in figs, renews cells. The components of the mask also refresh the skin, tone it and nourish it. They activate the synthesis of elastin and collagen, prevent aging, reduce the number of wrinkles, fill the cells with moisture. They act as an antioxidant and reduce inflammation.

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