Almond-shaped nails - manicure and design ideas for every taste

In recent seasons, a soft streamlined contour has been considered an actual choice for the shape of the nail plates. This solution looks more elegant and emphasizes romance, sophistication, femininity. Almond-shaped nails remain a fashionable trend in modern nail-art from year to year.

Manicure almond-shaped nails 2019

At the latest shows, stylists have presented a diverse selection of stylish and beautiful solutions for such feminine graceful borders. The main difference is a soft contour, slightly narrowed towards the edge of the nail plate. This is a good choice for owners of full and short fingers. However, it is important to be able to correctly choose a design so as not to distort the shape, but to add originality to the whole image. Let’s see the most fashionable manicure for almond-shaped nails:

  1. Almond shaped bright nails. Solutions in saturated shades look very impressive and catchy. Natural natural colors are considered especially relevant — red, green, blue, yellow and others.
  2. business design. Such a beautiful and delicate contour is perfect for business business women who are forced to comply with the strict dress code. When choosing a design, it is worth stopping at universal colors — black, white, gray or nude.
  3. In pastel colors. Ideas in light color shades will add a touch of romance and sophistication to the whole image. In the warm season, colors such as lemon, salmon or percy are in trend. In the cold, blue, lilac, ivory, turquoise are considered a good choice.

Manicure for long almond-shaped nails

Girls who can boast of beautiful long nails are not limited in their choice of design. Stylish nail-art can be massively decorated or in a laconic style. The matte effect in a monophonic solution looks very impressive on a long length. And in this case, both light light shades and deep saturated tones are suitable. A beautiful almond-shaped nail design can be accentuated with a frame or a concave hole. An actual addition will be a composition of rhinestones and stones of various shapes and colors. Long nail plates can also be decorated with a gradient.

Manicure for long almond-shaped nails

Manicure for short almond-shaped nails

The main advantage of such soft borders of the nail plates is the ability to visually lengthen the fingers. Therefore, this choice is especially relevant for owners of the natural length of the nail plates. A beautiful manicure for almond-shaped nails is best done in delicate pastel and light colors. But the finish can be catchy or concise. A stylish solution would be Feng Shui, where a drawing, a brilliant decor, and a textured finish are suitable for highlighting one finger. A matte top will give neatness to the hands. Ombre has become a fashion trend with the transition from one finger to another.

manicure for short nails almond-shaped

Manicure ideas for almond nails

Soft oval contours will always add a touch of romance and grace to the whole image. However, this does not mean that girls who prefer catchiness and expressiveness are prohibited from such a choice. Designers offer a lot of interesting design ideas that will help complement the everyday bow, decorate the thematic ensemble and universal solutions. Let’s see the most popular manicure ideas — almond shape:

  1. Feng Shui. One of the most popular is the solution with the allocation of one finger with a beautiful decor. The rest can be covered in a single color, add glitter, rub or matte finish.
  2. Drawings. Colorful images and patterns always look stylish and attractive. On the nail plates of a streamlined contour, stylists recommend making drawings that visually stretch the length, for example, geometric ones. The almond-shaped nail design for the New Year can be supplemented with a Christmas tree, a snowman and other vertical images.
  3. Almond shaped solid nails. A universal choice for every day will be a coating in one color. Delicate pastel colors, neutral shades of nude, rich deep varnishes are perfect here.
  4. Holes. When choosing a moon manicure, stylists recommend stopping at a geometric triangle of a transparent or contrasting shade. The concave hole will also help to emphasize the soft outlines.
  5. Rhinestones and sequins. Sparkling decor always attracts attention and adds a touch of elegance even to a modest everyday look. Rhinestones and sequins can be combined in one design or used separately.

French manicure on almond nails

The French style remains a universal solution in modern nail-art. This design is considered a classic and goes well with any look. The combination of a white smile and a neutral base has become traditional. This option is great for delicate streamlined almond borders. To add attractiveness and originality, the jacket on the almond-shaped nails can be made in a contrasting color, for example, with a black or red edge. In this case, it is better to dwell on a geometric triangular smile. Refinement will help add rhinestones and stones.

french manicure on almond nails

Almond shaped nude nails

The actual choice would be the option in neutral beige tones. A gentle manicure on almond-shaped nails will perfectly complement a strict business style, a casual city bow or an elegant evening ensemble. However, this solution does not look attractive in a monochromatic coating. To add expressiveness, use several shades of the range or decorate the handles with a shiny finish — rhinestones and stones, sparkles, pearl powder. If you do not want to go beyond conciseness, a matte finish or a white openwork pattern on one finger will be a stylish addition.

almond shaped nude nails

Red manicure on almond-shaped nails

Ideas in bright shades of a feminine range always look catchy and attractive. Red color is considered universal for everyday wear and evening style. For soft contours, a monochromatic coating in an ensemble with a matte top is perfect, especially in rich deep colors — wine, marsala, cherry and others. Almond-shaped red nails can be complemented with black or white patterns. This option is especially popular for romantic bows with hearts, angels and other thematic ideas. Kamifubuki or sparkles will add originality to nail-art.

red manicure on almond nails

Matte manicure for almond shape

Non-reflective coating always makes the handles neat and tidy. This finish is especially true for rich and dark colors. However, on a light background, the matte top looks gentle and romantic. A stylish choice would be a solid color of a deep shade — brown, burgundy, blue, emerald and others. The trend of recent seasons has become a combined design. Matte almond-shaped nails can be made in the style of a jacket or holes, highlighting the edges or a crescent of gloss. In this case, the entire manicure can be in one color. A stylish finish will be a rhinestone border.

matte almond nails

Ombre on almond nails

A fashion trend that always looks spectacular, regardless of the overall style in the image, is considered to be a gradient color transition. The trend is a contrasting ombre and a variant using several shades of the same palette. The transition direction can be horizontal, vertical or finger to finger. The gradient on almond-shaped nails is best done vertically, which will visually lengthen the nail plates. However, a horizontal ombre also looks good at a long length as a background for a pattern or rhinestone trim. The idea of ​​a jacket with a blurry border will be original.

ombre on almond nails

Geometry on almond-shaped nails

The geometric theme remains one of the most popular solutions in contemporary nail-art. The trendy almond-shaped nail design is presented in the negative space style. Such illogical and even incomprehensible combinations of geometric shapes attract attention and emphasize the originality of the image as a whole. Drawings of animals became popular. Such decor can be done on all fingers in an ensemble with a light background or according to Feng Shui, highlighting one nail plate. Geometric manicure can be complemented with a matte top or combined with a pearl rub.

geometry on almond-shaped nails

Marble manicure on an almond shape

Another topical solution for soft, streamlined contours is the marble effect. Such a pattern can act as a decoration to highlight one or two fingers in Feng Shui. In light colors, the marble pattern looks great on all nail plates. The stone design of almond-shaped nails can be combined with other types of decor. The actual addition will be strips of shiny tape foil. Accuracy will add a matte finish. Marble looks interesting in the ideas of the lunar and French style as a basis.

almond shaped marble manicure

Knitted manicure on almond-shaped nails

In the cold season, nail-art with a pattern in the form of knitted braids and aran is considered a fashionable solution. For nail plates of a streamlined contour, stylists do not recommend stopping at a large-scale decor of all fingers. Volumetric textured drawings visually distort soft borders, giving them volume. Therefore, the actual choice would be an almond-shaped Feng Shui manicure, with the selection of one, maximum two fingers. Such an addition is best done in an ensemble with light colors, a classic jacket or holes. Knitted patterns can be made with both acrylic powder and 3D gel.

knitted manicure on almond-shaped nails

Cat’s eye on almond nails

If you want to add a touch of mystery and mystery to your look, stylists suggest stopping at ideas with a glare strip in the style of a cat’s eye. This design looks intricate, although simple in execution. Manicure for almond-shaped nails is relevant in dark and rich colors. In this case, the glare strip looks expressive and catchy. A good solution would be a highlight on the diagonal or on the side of the nail plate. Interesting nail-art can be complemented with rhinestones and stones, transparent black lace patterns, matte finish.

cat's eye on almond nails

Wedding manicure almond shape

Nail plates with a neat streamlined contour have become an actual choice to complement the romantic image of the bride. And in this case, both an expressive long length and a natural short version will be successful. As a rule, the emphasis in the wedding image is on clothes, makeup and hairstyles. Therefore, a light manicure for almond-shaped nails is considered popular — pink, nude, white. But gentle ideas can be complemented by contrasting decor or trim. Let’s see the most fashionable wedding design solutions:

  1. modeling. Textured flowers on one finger look beautiful and very impressive. Modeling is interestingly combined with a classic jacket or a white plain background.

almond shaped wedding manicure

  1. Lace. A win-win solution would be a lace pattern. A white openwork pattern on a transparent or neutral background is considered traditional. However, for attractiveness and expressiveness, stylists suggest decorating a light base with contrasting monograms.

set manicure for almond-shaped nails

  1. With rubbing. Another good addition, especially for monochromatic ideas, is rubbed pigment. And in this case, powder of light colors is suitable. Delicate pearl rub is considered the most relevant choice, but stylists are also experimenting with holography.

manicure for almond nails

New Year’s manicure for almond-shaped nails

On the eve of the winter holidays, I want to think over my image to the smallest detail. Nail art often plays an important role in the whole look. New Year’s manicure for almond-shaped nails 2019 is presented both in thematic and universal winter style. The drawings remain the most relevant. Images of snowflakes, Christmas trees, Santa Claus and other characters will be suitable. This finish can be combined with a French, solid red, blue, white or shiny background. Interesting ideas with textures are in trend. Patterns with acrylic powder should be done on one finger in the Feng Shui style.

New Year's on almond-shaped nailsNew Year's manicure for almond-shaped nails 2019


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