animal print

Animal print is certainly interesting, besides it is very fashionable this season. Designers offer to add some zest to your image by imitating zebra or tiger stripes, leopard, giraffe spots, reptile skin textures and other animal prints on clothes and shoes, hairpins, handbags, glasses and other accessories. Animal print on nails is also very popular this year.

Animal print in clothes

Despite its relevance, the animal print requires great care so that its owner does not give the impression of a tastelessly dressed person. That is why, choosing such clothes, every woman should know a few simple rules:

  1. Best of all, the animal print is combined with plain things in black, brown, gray, beige.
  2. When choosing clothes with an animal print, you should abandon things with stripes, checks, polka dots, flowers and other bright and eye-catching patterns. So in itself animal coloring serves as the main accents in the outfit.
  3. It is worth giving preference to clothes that can emphasize the advantageous sides of the figure. It can be an animal print skirt for owners of slender beautiful legs. But for a full lady, a clutch with an animal print will perfectly complement the image.
  4. You can not combine several different animal prints in clothes, for example, a leopard print skirt with a zebra striped blouse. Looks ugly and tasteless.
  5. Clothing with animal prints in combination with red color looks spectacular, but this composition is very demanding on the figure, make-up and accessories.

By the way, a fashionable animal print is not only the usual and already classic leopard spots, zebra stripes or reptile colors. But also quite original and somewhat unusual small images of cats, dogs, birds, butterflies, which also require careful attention.

Animal print on nails

Animal print on nails will be a worthy alternative for girls who cannot or for some reason do not want to use it in clothes. However, do not forget that in this case, the owner’s manicure should be perfect, and her hands should be well-groomed.


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