Appearance color types - how to determine your color type and choose clothes?

To be stylish and fashionable, self-confident is the cherished dream of a self-respecting woman. Beautiful things and perfect makeup, excellent taste are not the only things worth betting on. Appearance color types are an important nuance on which the total effectiveness of the bow depends.

How to determine your appearance color type?

Updating your wardrobe, you have noticed yourself or heard from others more than once that one color of the rainbow makes you more beautiful, younger, while the other adds age, reduces the sparkle in the eyes, although it goes well with your wardrobe. It’s all about the notorious color types. This is the name of a gamut of colors suitable for a particular person, which is in harmony with the external data that nature has endowed from birth.

Appearance color types are actively used by various specialists, whose main task is to effectively transform. These are stylists, designers, makeup artists, hairdressers. But it doesn’t hurt for any representative of the fair sex to get acquainted with their own characteristics for the competent construction of a wardrobe, masking imperfections and revealing strengths.

how to determine your appearance color typedetermination of the color type of appearance

Appearance color types — description

As mentioned above, the color types of any appearance are determined according to which pigment prevails in a person. This is expressed in skin tone, hair color and eye color. And although each of us is absolutely individual and unlike the others, 4 main types of appearance are conditionally distinguished. They are subdivided according to the criterion of the predominance of a tone related to a cold or warm palette.

You can find out which gamma is close to you by correlating your own external data with the established characteristics that distinguish the color types of female appearance. It will also help to apply cuts of fabric of various shades to the face at the mirror — from light pastel to intense. It is necessary to carefully monitor which tone makes the skin of the face shine, and which gives an unhealthy color.

appearance color types description

Appearance color type summer

The most common type among Slavic women is the summer color type of appearance. Such a girl is distinguished by the delicacy and fragility of features; sharp contrasting transitions of tones and colors are not characteristic. Although along with this, in some cases, inexpressiveness and even plainness of features are noted, but competent makeup will help correct this situation, making the face bright and memorable.

It is easy to determine the same summer color type if you take into account some typical signs:

  1. Hair. For the «summer» natural shades in light brown are typical: pale ash, ash white, light chestnut, chestnut-ash, medium blond, that is, a tone without a redhead.
  2. Leather “summer” girls are sensitive, look transparent, capillaries and small veins are often visible. It is white with a delicate pinkish undertone, it can be beige-pinkish, porcelain, ivory, pale olive. In spring and summer, some faint freckles appear.
  3. Eyes. In the «summer» representatives of the fair sex, the mirrors of the soul are diverse, but invariably have at least a faint grayish-yellow blotches: blue, light blue, gray-blue, greenish, hazel.
  4. Eyebrows and eyelashes with a blond tint.

appearance color type summersummer color type

Appearance color type autumn

A girl who is attributed to this attention-grabbing color type will never get lost in the crowd, and no one will dare to call her a gray mouse. Bright, as if radiating sunlight, it embodies the charm of expressive autumn in a powerful riot of colors. In appearance, warm and soft tones with deep shades reign, not a single gram of fading!

The autumn color type of appearance is easy to identify using a list of characteristic features:

  1. Hair are the pride of the autumn girl: an expressive mop always has a warm redhead: golden, apricot-red, copper, amber, golden chestnut, light brown, honey, red-brown, dark chestnut.
  2. Leather shines with health, but does not have a pink undertone, so autumn ladies do not have a blush, but there is a playful scattering of bright freckles. Often, girls related to «autumn» are white-skinned: transparent white, golden, beige-yellow, peach tone is characteristic. Such skin does not tan well, redness appears.
  3. eye color different, but certainly extraordinary with a golden iris around the pupil.
  4. Eyelashes and eyebrows in girls who can be classified as an autumn color type, they are light, but thick.

appearance color type autumnautumn color type of appearance

Appearance color type winter

If we consider the color types of female appearance, then winter appears to be one of the most extraordinary options. The winter color type of appearance is full of contrast and expressiveness, cold beauty and rich colors. Some of the representatives of the «winter» attract attention with catchy, even somewhat exotic beauty:

  1. Hair predominantly thick, shiny, dark, burning black, raven, with a bluish tint, dark brown. A rare option — white, platinum, ashy.
  2. Leather variable: it can be very light (alabaster, porcelain) and swarthy (olive, swarthy-ashy).
  3. Eyes fascinate with beauty and contrast between the iris and the snow-whiteness of proteins. Any color is characteristic, but always juicy, bright.
  4. Eyelashesas well as eyebrows, dark, thick.

appearance color type winterwinter color type of appearance

Appearance color type spring

Appearance color types are multifaceted, and the “spring” option confirms this. If a winter girl appears in a luxurious form as a fatal beauty, then a spring-type girl looks warm, radiant, cheerful. Sensual and gentle natures in their natural, natural form, where there are no dark tones, are rare. The spring color type of appearance is recognized by the following features:

  1. Hair the ladies mostly have light warm shades: wheaten, golden blond, straw, amber, copper, light chestnut.
  2. Leather very light, but without a noble blue, with a slightly scarlet blush. There is a bronze tone and light freckles.
  3. Eyes, like all other elements of appearance, have only light shades: light green, blue, pale olive, honey. The same can be said about eyelashes with eyebrows.

appearance color type springspring color type of appearance

Selection of clothes by color type

The theory of «seasons», which considers the color types of women’s appearance, helps to choose the ideal shades and tones for a particular skin, hair and eyes in make-up and clothing. And if you follow the recommendations for each color type, then you can easily create the perfect look, in which even what is considered incompatible is easily and originally combined.

selection of clothes by color

Summer color type — colors in clothes

For girls belonging to this type, the following colors are recommended:

  1. You should not give preference to saturated tones, muted shades are shown, although this in no way applies to the various shades of pink.
  2. The basis of the bow can be deep, but not bright blue, blue, turquoise, lemon tone, as well as shades of gray and purple, lavender.
  3. If warm tones are your thing, then brown should be your favorite color, but it needs to be paired with bright «neighbors» to avoid boring bows.
  4. Clothing for the summer color type can also be selected according to the monochromatic principle, when several shades of the same color are combined in one image.

color type summer colors in clothes

Autumn color type — colors in clothes

The bright type, which is the autumn girl, is shown expressive tones, which, at the same time, do not interrupt external data, but emphasize them. The ideal palette is natural warm with inclusions of green color. It is better if the clothes for the autumn color type are made in the following colors:

  • scorched red;
  • earthy;
  • khaki;
  • muted plum;
  • scarlet;
  • dark chocolate;
  • marsh;
  • beige.

color type autumn colors in clothes

Winter color type — colors in clothes

The cold season is reflected in the color palette in which the “winter” girl needs to flaunt. Here you can completely surrender to the contrast in style, without fear to use white and black clothes. Winter beauties should combine a winning combination of black with rich crimson, magnificent emerald, chic azure colors. Emphasizes the beauty that the winter color type has, clothes of noble cold tones: ruby, purple, blue-gray, lemon. From red-orange shades, brown and gold should be discarded.

color type winter colors in clothes

Color type spring — colors in clothes

The spring beauty goes with bright and radiant tones with a predominantly warm color. To the face are pastel shades, soft, delicate, calm: caramel, salmon, peach, sand, golden. You can experiment with different shades of red, orange, blue and purple. At the same time, clothes for the spring color type should not be too dark, so as not to worsen the complexion and not make it dull and faded.

color type spring colors in clothes


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