apple body type

The female figure «apple» is characterized by a rounded shape of the whole body, even, toned legs and arms. Most of the weight and mass is concentrated in two main areas — the abdomen and chest, and at the same time the waist is rather weakly expressed. Girls with this type of figure are recommended to use various techniques that can help balance all proportions, as well as visually lengthen the silhouette. Do not focus too much on the chest or stomach.

Clothes for the figure «apple»

Let’s figure out what girls with an apple shape should wear:

  1. Feel free to show off your beautiful legs. Choose from skirts and a variety of knee-length dresses.
  2. For women with this figure, dresses that fall easily from the chest line are perfect, and at the same time the hem can be flared. These dresses are perfect for an apple-shaped figure, they will balance the proportions and add harmony to the image.
  3. Pay attention to strict fitted jackets with fasteners or one button, flared at the bottom.
  4. Jackets and jackets made from denim with oversized pockets are quite fat, so keep this in mind when you pick your clothes.
  5. Choose trousers with side zips so that they don’t have protruding parts in the front that will create unnecessary extra volume.
  6. They will help to align the silhouette lines and hide the prominent middle of the body — flared trousers or just wide trousers.

How to dress girls with an apple body type?

Remember that the narrowest point of the whole figure is under the chest line. That is why different options for tops that will fit snugly in this place will emphasize femininity well, and will also hide an overly plump belly best of all. The beauty of the neckline can be emphasized by sweaters with a smell or a deep neckline. Don’t forget about the right shoes — be sure to show off your slender ankles, and opt for wedges. It is in such a pair of shoes that your upper part of the figure will not look too bulky.

When choosing a two-piece swimsuit for an «apple» figure, pay great attention to products not with bodices, but with T-shirts, as well as products with high-quality and spectacular finishes at the bottom of the model. A tankini swimsuit is a great option. If you like a closed swimsuit, then choose models with a high content of elastane or lycra materials. The thinnest waist will be visually created by a small decorative belt placed under the chest line. Try on swimsuits with plunging necklines, as such options will add even more sexuality to your truly feminine forms.


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