Ashy hair color for girls and stylish bows for every day

Fashionistas tend to emphasize the dignity of appearance with the help of coloring. Seasonal trends include ashy hair color for girls. The shade complements short, medium, long hairstyles. The tone is selected taking into account the natural color of curls and skin.

Who suits ash hair color?

Hue is considered rare in nature. A well-chosen natural tone looks harmonious, creates beautiful overflows. Before you decide on staining, you should find out who suits the ashy color:

  1. The shade belongs to the light brown tone. The advantage is that it is acceptable to choose the right option for both blondes and brunettes.
  2. Pure «ash» will advantageously set off blue eyes and fair skin. The ashy hair color of dark-skinned girls looks unprofitable. On owners of dark eyes, the tone looks unnatural.
  3. «Ashes» looks good on women not only with pale, but also with golden matte skin.
  4. The disadvantage is to emphasize visible defects: acne and wrinkles. Girls with problem skin are advised to refrain from this option.
  5. The shade will become a taboo for owners of large facial features. «Ashes» will visually enlarge them even more.
  6. The tone looks good on young girls, but is contraindicated for ladies over 50 years old. Hue will make a woman visually older.
  7. It is not recommended to experiment on golden curls. The yellowness will show through, which does not look aesthetically pleasing.

who suits ash hair colorwho suits the ashy colorashy shades

Ash hair color for short hair

Owners of stylish haircuts will emphasize the creativity of the hairstyle. Ash coloring for short hair will help to cope with the task:

  1. Single color is allowed. The shade ranges from silvery blonde to dark, almost black.
  2. It is allowed to highlight individual strands that create the effect of «feathers». The nuance is that the natural and ashy hair of the girls are in harmony with each other.
  3. A game of contrast is welcome. The back of the head and temporal parts are painted in a different shade. The «ash» is taken as the basis, distributed over the upper strands.

ashy hair color for short hairashy coloring for short hairshades of ashy

Long ash hair

Coloring is a good way to highlight the beauty of curls. Ash color for long hair is offered in the following design variations:

  1. It is allowed to embody a monochromatic even tone, which is selected depending on the natural shade. Dark strands require highlighting. In this case, it is recommended to stop at a subtone close to black or brown.
  2. Blondes are allowed any option, but stylists advise to prefer light silver coloring.
  3. Ombre is welcome with a transition from dark roots to highlighted tips.
  4. Laying in waves is able to revive the image. Another good solution is the ponytail.

long ash hairash color for long hairashy staining

Ash square

Women prefer versatile and easy to style haircuts. A good solution is to apply ashy hair color on a square:

  1. Certain techniques give curls additional volume. Confirmation is the balayage, which looks good on both smooth and wavy strands. Masters resort to combining light and dark «ash».
  2. The caret is in harmony with the gradient. When creating an ombre, highlighting or darkening the tips is allowed. The first option is preferable for owners of a triangular face shape, the second — for a square or rectangular.
  3. The highlighted caret looks organic, emphasizing the structure of even healthy strands.

ash squareashy bob hair colorash hair girls

Shades of ashy

A wide palette will help you choose the right tone. Stylists offer ashy shades, presented in the following variations:

  • natural tones accentuated with cool undertones. The light range is represented by notes of pearl, mother-of-pearl, opal;
  • blond — characterized by pronounced silvery notes;
  • platinum — will give shine to curls, set off gray eyes;
  • pink — emphasizes delicate transparent skin;
  • brown — cold chestnut is organically combined with «ash»;
  • light brown — creates smooth natural transitions;
  • caramel — a combination with this shade is acceptable, although it belongs to a warm tone;
  • black — when mixed with «ash» acquires volume;
  • red — suitable for women with fair skin and green eyes;
  • purple — requires skill in embodiment.

shades of ashyashy shadeswho suits ash hair color

Ash blonde color

A good solution is a shade that is as close to natural as possible. Ash blonde hair looks natural. Coloring is selected taking into account the following points:

  1. The tone is suitable for ladies with naturally blond strands, on which gray hair began to show through. In this case, the experiment is allowed even for women of mature age.
  2. A prerequisite is fair skin. Ash coloring is in harmony with blue or gray eyes. Taboo — excessive blush and reddish skin tone.
  3. Coloring is not recommended for women with dark curls. The hairstyle requires constant updating and highlighting, which negatively affects the condition of the strands.
  4. The shade is successfully combined with highlighting and ombre techniques. As an addition, a dark blond is preferred.

ash blonde colorash blonde hairlong ash hair

Ash blonde

Owners of light curls want to emphasize natural beauty. A good solution is the color «ash blond»:

  1. The shade organically «falls» on the strands of fair-skinned women with blue eyes. A swarthy brunette will look doll-like and unnatural.
  2. The tone is associated with a cold color type. Blondes with a light tan are allowed to bring caramel notes by resorting to a gradient. The area in the root zone is highlighted.
  3. «Ash blond» — hair color for girls, which is organically combined with a barely noticeable coloring. Individual strands are dyed in soft pink, light blue, mint undertones.

ash blondeash blonde colorwho suits the ashy color

Ash pink

If you want to bring romantic notes to the image, they resort to muted coloring. An example is an ash-pink color, endowed with delicate soft features:

  1. Masters draw the attention of fashionistas to the need for frequent updates. Otherwise, unwanted yellowness and dullness will occur.
  2. «Rose» with a shimmer of «ash» will emphasize the cold color type, gray or blue eyes, problem-free skin.
  3. The shade is not recommended for owners of golden-red strands. Another taboo is dark skin, warm brown eyes.
  4. For coloring blondes, gray and pink paints are mixed. The proportions vary depending on the desired saturation.
  5. On dark curls, it is recommended to resort to the highlighting or gradient technique.

ash pinkash pink colorash color for long hair

Ash purple hair color

A futuristic image will help to embody bright coloring. The choice of bold fashionistas is an ash-violet shade:

  1. The tone is in harmony with porcelain glowing skin. Contraindications — a tendency to redness.
  2. Coloring will shade gray, amber, blue, green eyes.
  3. «Ashes» well «lay down» on light strands. Coloring dark curls is more problematic. Combination with bright red is not recommended, since yellowness is likely to appear.

ash purple hair colorash purpleash purple hair color

Pearl ash hair color

Blondes often strive to give the strands a pearly sheen. An ash-white shade will help to cope with the task:

  1. Luxurious silvery notes suggest the absence of even a hint of yellowness. The effect is achieved by creating a rich cold tone.
  2. «Pearl Ash» is suitable for women with light curls and skin, gray or blue eyes.
  3. Taboo for creating a subtone is golden red strands and dark skin.

pearly ash hair colorash whitelong ash hair

Ash black

For brunettes with a cold color type, the selected undertone will help you look stylish. Dark ashy hair color is created taking into account the following nuances:

  1. A monochromatic shade is embodied by mixing several tones. These are «ash», silver and jet black. As a result, the curls shimmer beautifully and play in the sun.
  2. It is allowed to shade the black background by applying highlighting. Highlighted strands give visual splendor. Dosed application of “ash” is welcome so as not to overload the image.

ash blackdark ash hair colorash color for long hair

Ash red

A bright shade acquires a cold undertone by adding a purple pigment to the dye composition. The result is an ash-red color:

  1. The shade will advantageously emphasize light skin, gray, green, blue eyes. The tone looks organic on women with a slight tan.
  2. «Red ash» is allowed for girls with the color type «Summer», «Autumn», «Winter». A characteristic feature of the latter is dark eyes without a hint of warmth.
  3. The owners of the “Spring” color type should refrain from the shade. Appearance is characterized by warmer and brighter notes.

ash redash red colorashy staining

Ash brown

Dark-haired women with a cold color type will be able to update the image. For them, «ash chestnut» is intended:

  1. Hue requires careful selection, as it is able to emphasize both the advantages and disadvantages of appearance. Stylists advise to conduct a preliminary test: wear dark blue or gray clothes. If things fit, then it is allowed to experiment with staining.
  2. The tone will advantageously set off both blue and brown eyes.
  3. Combination with certain techniques is welcome. The ash hair color of the girls is in harmony with the natural chestnut strands on which the balayage is made. Another successful technique is bronding, during which a smooth stretching from dark to light occurs.

ash brownash chestnutash hair girls

Ash Balayazh

For women who do not dare to radically change their image, certain techniques are intended. Ash strands are obtained by dyeing «balayage»:

  1. The tonality and ebb is selected individually. Curls acquire a dark, light, pink, light brown shade.
  2. The difference from ombre lies in the selective coloring of the strands. The transition of tones is carried out at different levels. It is permissible not to use the tips in certain parts.

ashy balayageash strandsshades of ashy

Ash highlighting

Separately dyed strands look organically on both short and elongated curls. A good solution is highlighting with an ashy tint:

  1. The advantage of technology is to give visual volume. Highlighting helps to hide the gray hair that has begun to appear.
  2. Blondes are recommended to stay on soft gray tones. Brunettes should prefer «cold graphite».
  3. Reverse highlighting looks interesting. At the initial stage, all curls are stained in «ash». Against the background, strands of the desired tones are created: chestnut, blond. The lack of technology is the need for regular updating of the roots.

ashy shadeshighlighting with an ashy tintashy highlighting


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