Today, the slogan “A car is not a luxury, but a means of transportation” has become a reality, and women behind the wheel no longer arouse the surprise of others. But this does not mean that women should lose their natural charm and merge into a single «automobile» mass. At the same time, in pursuit of beauty, one should not forget that driving is a responsible process, fraught with danger, and it is extremely important to observe safety measures. In this article, we will talk about how to look stylish while driving without risking your safety.

Driving clothes and shoes

The most comfortable clothing for driving is knitwear. Soft and comfortable knitted items do not restrict movement, they look good, and if they are also wrinkle-free, you will not find a better outfit for a motorist. There is nothing better for driving than comfortable trousers, but you can also drive a car in skirts or dresses. It should only be remembered that mini-skirts and dresses, when getting in and out of the car, can expose underwear, putting you in an awkward position, and maxi-length clothes can get tangled in your legs, making it difficult to ride. The optimal length of a dress or skirt for driving is medium. Fitted outfits should not hamper the movement of the legs, it is best if a tight skirt or dress has a slit in the back or side.

Leave fluttering scarves, stoles and trains for other occasions, of course, unless you want to repeat the sad experience of the great Isadora Duncan. Those who cannot imagine their life without jewelry or accessories around their neck should pay attention to small scarves, as well as various necklaces and chains, the edges of which certainly cannot get into the wheel and harm you.

Fashionable caps, hats, hoods or any other headwear in the car are best removed. Not only because they can get hot, but also to avoid the scope constraint they can create.

In the cold season, it is important to choose the right outerwear — voluminous fur coats or long sheepskin coats make the driver clumsy, and besides, they are often hot. Too thin a jacket or coat can cause hypothermia if you accidentally have to spend a lot of time outside near the car (for example, in the event of a breakdown on the highway). There are two options — if you like luxurious fur coats and coats — take them off before you get behind the wheel and put them in the back seat. If you are a fan of light outerwear, always carry an extra jacket in the car (for example, a good down jacket) or a blanket in the back seat.

Separately, we should talk about driving shoes. No one will argue that it is very convenient to drive a car in sneakers or sneakers, but it is unlikely that women will simply refuse tall stilettos and stylish (albeit not very comfortable) platforms and heels of various heights and shapes. In addition, from time to time everyone has situations when it is simply impossible to put on sneakers — a business meeting, a social event, a romantic date require appropriate shoes. In such cases, replaceable driving shoes will save you — light ballet flats, moccasins or sneakers.

Hairstyle and make-up

It would seem, what does a hairstyle mean for a driver? But if you think about it, the importance of the right “automobile” hairstyle is obvious — frilly styling that requires constant monitoring, or hair falling over your eyes distracts attention, makes it difficult to concentrate on the road, which means that they are potentially dangerous not only for the driver, but also for others.

The best hairstyles for a car lady are, without a doubt, all simple hairstyles based on short haircuts. For owners of long hair, it is better to do simple styling that securely fixes hair — fashionable braids, «tails», buns. To make them more spectacular and attractive, you can use original hair accessories.

If your doctor recommends that you wear glasses, do not neglect this advice. If you absolutely do not want to wear glasses, use corrective contact lenses that suit you.


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