Autumn color type

The sorceress of autumn endows us with a palette of bright saturated colors, moisture from fine-grained rains, aromas of mushrooms, wet foliage and apples. The girl, whose appearance corresponds to the beautiful harvest time, is unique by nature. She has ivory skin. Velvety to the touch, like a peach. The face is covered with mischievous freckles, and the head is covered with fiery red curls or dark brown ringlets. seductress. Bestia. Provided that such a woman knows how to present herself correctly. Girl autumn color type is complex in the process of combining shades, textures and material. Fortunately, all problems are solvable if you approach them thoroughly.

Autumn color type — clothes to match

The basis of the wardrobe of a representative of the rainy season should correspond to her psychotype. In autumn, people put on warm clothes, wrap their noses in warm-colored scarves. They hide their ears under funny knitted hats, and their hands are in fingerless gloves. Soft textile materials are definitely suitable — velvet, velor, tweed, velveteen, suede. In summer, wool and cashmere can easily replace natural linen with ethnic ornaments and folklore interspersed. Huge patterns that look vulgar on the shoulders of other women will perfectly decorate autumn girls. Including tunics with «animal» prints, colorful flowers.

Particular attention should be paid to jewelry and accessories. Autumn girls are suitable for weighty stones hanging from their ears with earrings. Also plastic bracelets, multi-colored spectacle frames, signet rings, chains. All kinds of scarves, neckerchiefs, belts with large plaques, exclusive cut bags and clutches will look great. Stockings with folklore patterns and boots with fur trim perfectly complement the look. The leader among shoes is a boot with heels of honey, brown or copper color. Only autumn representatives can afford such a luxury.

Autumn color type — a palette of shades for everyday life

The easiest way to determine the color that will suit an autumn-type girl is to take a walk in the park on an early October morning and inspect the foliage on the trees. Pay attention to the abundance of yellow, red, fiery orange, dark green, chocolate colors. Each of them will be ideally combined with the color type in makeup, clothes and accessories. Colors for the autumn color type should be natural, close to nature. Particular attention should be paid to gold. It looks perfect in any quantity on women in the autumn.

Makeup for the autumn color type is selected taking into account individuality. Often the facial features and skin color of women in this category are bright in themselves. They have dark skin or expressive eyes. It is rarely necessary to resort to the help of decorative cosmetics. There are many options for transformation. You can get as close to natural as possible. Autumn color palette
Or succumb to inspiration and experiment. Autumn loves scarlet lipstick, even tone, warm shades of shadows and blush.

Autumn color type hair from bright red to chocolate color. The main highlight is the golden-honey reflection in the strands. All sorts of shades of copper, chestnut, playful curls are suitable for women of the “orange” pore. You should not radically repaint wonderful hair from nature. An excellent result will come out if you combine good makeup and hair with an emphasis on individuality. Hair color type autumn can curl or slightly add saturation to the natural color.

The autumn woman is a color type in which an immense amount of charm, grace, and unique beauty is invested by nature. The Creator mother herself and a little ability to emphasize their own merits help such girls look wonderful.


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