Autumn jacket - fashion trends and trends for short and long nails

An autumn jacket will easily decorate your fingers, regardless of its execution, whether it is a classic of the genre, a laconic white smile, or a patterned chic design with sparkles and rhinestones. Each original idea will have a French refined charm and a slight charm that gives beauty to the hands.

Autumn French manicure

Do you want to make an autumn jacket on your nails, but you cannot decide on the choice of a fashionable form of the nail plate and trendy solutions? Then you can choose what you like best, because not only long, sharp and almond-shaped nails, but also short nails and non-sharp squares got into the hits of the season. If you like naturalness, then feel free to make a design on a short form of the nail plate, both square and oval, depending on what suits you personally. Experienced craftsmen will tell you which nail art is better to choose so that your fingers are in the spotlight.

autumn manicure french

An autumn stylish jacket is a beautiful French and moon manicure in light, golden, silver and dark colors, when a smile can be classic white, or saturated black or red, green or blue, here the choice depends on personal preferences and the purpose of the manicure. When a universal design is made, which should be suitable for business style, for a holiday, and for romantic walks, then a laconic white jacket will be an excellent solution, but it can be diluted with modest and delicate drawings.

autumn french nails

Autumn jacket for short nails

A trendy autumn French manicure will turn out on a short nail plate if you combine it with the moon version, especially in rich shades. So, a great solution for every day is a design in black matte or glossy design, when both the French and Hollywood smile are drawn with dark varnish. Also this fall, a dark jacket with golden leaves traced with various techniques, from hand painting to stamping and stickers, as you like, has become very popular.

autumn jacket for short nails

An elegant autumn jacket on short nails looks perfect if it is made in white or shiny with glitter and glitter, golden stripes and openwork abstract patterns. These solutions are an excellent choice not only for every day and even for business ensembles, but also for a chic evening or going to a club, or a romantic date, because a real French manicure complements the overall conceived bow with notes of charm and true elegance.

autumn french manicure

Autumn jacket for long nails

What could be better than a beautiful autumn jacket? Only French design on long nails, regardless of their shape, because squares have remained in fashion along with sharp and oval nails. An excellent choice would be a glitter manicure, where the jacket is drawn in a fuzzy line with an asymmetrical shift and a brilliant accent on one or two fingers, which are completely covered with sparkles or glitter. Another hit option can be safely attributed to a manicure in which a smile is drawn with thin twigs with a hint of abstraction.

autumn jacket for long nails

A wonderful autumn jacket will turn out in the aquarium technique that has returned to the world podium, with sparkles and curlicues, monograms and elements of oriental ornament, when the smile is made in rich shades, for example, red or green, blue or even black varnishes. If you prefer full abstraction and gentle gradient transitions, then you can easily make a similar design, where the smile is made ombre, it looks especially beautiful in autumn with yellow and orange varnishes. Additional decor can be a different pattern, depending on personal preferences.

beautiful autumn jacket

Autumn jacket on almond-shaped nails

It’s no secret that the almond shape is back in fashion, and a beautiful autumn manicure jacket looks amazing on it, whether it’s a moon or a French design, it doesn’t matter. This season’s trends are:

  • ombre manicure with a Hollywood smile in pastel shades;
  • yellow, orange, blue, blue and red jacket with interesting ideas, patterns of leaves and citrus fruits, with drops of dew or rain.

autumn jacket on almond-shaped nails

A magnificent autumn jacket on an almond-shaped nail plate will turn out if you make an eternal classic of the genre, a French manicure in white, both with additional designer decor, and a clean jacket. You can decorate and diversify a laconic design with silver or golden stripes in an accent version, on one or two fingers. Adherents of exquisite elegance can easily choose a French manicure with a white jacket, and at the same time be in the trend of the season, because no one has canceled the classic options.

beautiful autumn manicure french

Autumn jacket for sharp nails

A great idea for all time is a white jacket with an autumn design, with a diverse delicate or catchy pattern made by various techniques, but do not forget that stickers have come into fashion and you can easily use them on your own, just like making a jacket. Therefore, a manicure with abstract stickers in an oriental style is a great idea, both for every day and for a holiday. A smile decorated with different foils and shiny stripes, golden or silver, will also look very original, here the choice already depends on personal preferences.

white jacket with autumn design

A very original autumn jacket on sharp nails will turn out if you use multi-colored varnishes and dark stripes with the moon highlighted to decorate the nails. This design is suitable for many occasions, in addition to a strict business image, it is better to choose a classic French manicure without any decor for the official style. Stylish and concise, it will fit not only into business suits, but also into festive bows, even under a wedding dress, especially in a snow-white version.

autumn jacket for sharp nails

Autumn jacket ideas

What French autumn design is at the peak of popularity this season, colors and patterns?

  1. In addition to the classic French manicure, patterns with leaves, twigs, flowers, droplets, plot drawings with umbrellas and other autumn themes, inscriptions and dots, a laconic and sophisticated jacket with sparkles, a traced smile with golden or silver lacquer on a beige and pink base is in fashion. Contrasting and soft gradient transitions, stripes, clear geometry and graphics.

autumn jacket ideas

  1. The autumn jacket with an original smile, asymmetrical and traced with abstract patterns, or leafy or floral ornaments, oriental-style monograms and curlicues, a veil in dark and saturated shades, also got into the trends of the season. It looks especially beautiful in red and black versions, when catchy tones are perfectly woven into the colors of autumn and complement the planned ensembles with notes of sensual romanticism and femininity.

french autumn design

Autumn jacket with a pattern

A true seasonal hit is an autumn jacket on nails with a pattern that can be of a diverse theme, not only with floral, floral motifs and droplets, but also whole plot drawings or inscriptions. So, the French trend remained in fashion, it is especially harmoniously combined with a jacket, and not only in white, but also in red and even black. If you want to make an original pattern, then you can easily draw the Eiffel Tower, umbrellas with raindrops, a silhouette of a person against this background and use stickers depicting megacities.

autumn jacket with a pattern

Another trend of this season is an autumn jacket in sunset tones with the image of tropical plants, leaves, fern branches and various palm trees. An excellent idea that can successfully diversify monotonous everyday life and bring brightness and catchiness to them when your fingers will definitely be in the spotlight. Do not lose sight of the black jacket with floral ornaments, for example, with painted or pasted leaves of maple, oak, birch, willow and other deciduous trees.

autumn jacket on nails with a pattern

Autumn white jacket

Fashionable autumn French manicure is not only a classic French manicure without any decor, but also an interesting design with non-trivial delicate and catchy patterns, if desired. You can make small leaves with droplets and rhinestone inclusions, or simply decorate the nail plate with rhinestones and small or large pebbles, as you like. You can also make an accent drawing on the entire nail of a diverse orientation, but sustained in the autumn theme.

autumn white jacket

An original autumn jacket with a white smile will turn out if you make it not oval, but rectangular or asymmetrical, in the shape of an envelope or with abstract curves, although the oval also looks great, especially with an accent addition in the form of a delicate or catchy pattern. The drawing can be hand-painted and contain diverse ornaments, or made with lines and dots in a three-dimensional version with small rhinestones and multi-colored pebbles at will.

fashionable autumn manicure french

Bright autumn jacket

Do you want to make a beautiful autumn jacket on your nails? It’s easy, you just need to decide on the chosen design, what you want more — multi-colored classics or something original. Even the classic version can be successfully diluted with diverse patterns, or you can choose a bright, but different-colored jacket and complement it with leaves or flowers. However, self-confident young ladies choose an abstract smile, traced with all sorts of patterns, and a French envelope in bright and rich colors.

bright autumn jacketbeautiful autumn french nails

Gentle autumn jacket

An undeniable seasonal hit is a nude autumn jacket, both in combination with a moon design, and with stylish geometry and graphics. A laconic option for all occasions, which looks great on any shape of the nail plate, on short and long nails. Experienced masters with great pleasure can make a beautiful narrow or wide white smile, its size depends on the length of the nail. An additional decoration can be thin stripes and patterns from them, glitter, kamifubiki and rhinestone blotches.

gentle autumn jacketnude autumn jacket

French with autumn leaves

To get a beautiful jacket on the nails, the autumn design in which will please the eye, you need to do a manicure with drawings of diverse leaves. For example, maple, oak, birch, alder, mountain ash, and other deciduous trees, you can dilute them with berries of the same mountain ash or viburnum, dots, umbrellas and droplets. Maple leaves in golden color with black, brown and green veins, drawn by hand, look very elegant.

french with autumn leavesfrench nails autumn design

Matte autumn jacket

A bright and interesting jacket with an autumn theme is obtained by using matte varnishes or a special top, both with a French and Hollywood, and a non-trivial asymmetrical smile. An exquisite manicure can only be a jacket without any additions, or go with a minimal rhinestone decor, or with delicate patterns. Not only white, but also red, black, green, yellow, blue and blue smiles are in fashion.

matte autumn jacketfrench with autumn theme

Autumn jacket with rubbing

To make a bright autumn French manicure, you can easily use a variety of powder, both pearl, pink, mother-of-pearl, and mirror, steel, silver or golden, here the choice depends on personal preferences and desires. Experienced nail artists can easily make you a gradient smile using multi-colored powder, which will give your fingers a certain charm. Rubbed manicure is an excellent choice not only for every day, but also for festive occasions, even weddings and gala parties or social events.

autumn jacket with rubbingbright autumn manicure french

Autumn jacket with sparkles

A perfect seasonal hit, this is a beautiful fall French manicure with glitter, where a brilliant effect can be achieved in a variety of ways. For example, use sequins, sand, glitter, foil, stripes, gold and silver varnish and mother-of-pearl. French jacket, lined only with glitter without any additional designer decor, is in great demand, because the resulting design conquers and captivates with its laconic charm and tenderness.

autumn jacket with sequinsbeautiful autumn french manicure

Autumn jacket with rhinestones

Do you want to make a bright and rich design? Choose a red autumn jacket, and then any pattern or accent full coverage of one or two fingers can be diluted with rhinestones. Small and large stones are easily laid out in a variety of patterns, according to a smile, oval, moon, or original inclusions scattered throughout the nail plate. The original rhinestone decoration looks not only on a red background, but also on white, yellow, orange and other colors that you like.

red autumn jacketautumn jacket with rhinestones


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