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Women are always looking for their own unique ideas to create a harmonious image in order to look well-groomed and beautiful. Autumn makeup is designed to help cope with these tasks, it should be as gentle and natural as possible. However, bold bright solutions are also allowed to complement evening bows.

Fall makeup trends

In make-up, as in clothing, there is a place for a variety of ideas that can reflect the individuality of this or that representative of the fair sex as much as possible. Fashionable autumn makeup is characterized by the following current trends:

  1. When creating it, in some cases, bright accents and geometric lines are used. In bright colors, you can highlight the lips or eyes. A frosty blush is created on the cheeks.
  2. One of the main trends in 2019 will be the combination of pink and purple. It looks very bold and catches the eye with expressive eyes. With the help of such colors, a stunning smokey is created, you can draw the most incredible arrows, in some cases, just cosmic shades are created.
  3. Another fall trend is casual smoky eyes. Such autumn makeup can be done in absolutely any color. Feathering can be created with a finger. The emphasis here is on both the upper and lower eyelids. Sloppy smokey implies fuzzy boundaries, so this option does not need to be taken too carefully.
  4. Just like in clothes, there can be glittery accents in makeup. A sparkling make-up will help create rhinestones and glitters, which are selectively on the eyes, lips and cheeks.
  5. Pink blush on the cheeks is at the peak of popularity.
  6. Again, the girls turn to bright lips. The main thing is to choose and apply red lipstick correctly. It is available in glossy and matte versions.

fall makeup trends

Features of autumn makeup

Many stylists have presented the autumn make-up collection to the attention of fashionistas. Its features include the following:

  1. In the trend of «spider legs», when tufts of eyelashes stand out. To create such an effect is simple, you need to apply several layers of mascara in a row, while not separating the cilia. They will stick together a little with the help of mascara and those very “paws” will be created.
  2. Another unusual option in which autumn makeup is presented is bleached eyebrows. This season, makeup artists emphasize only the eyes, this option is often used by models at fashion shows.

autumn makeup features

Fall makeup trends

The next trend, which is represented by makeup for the autumn type, will be naturalness and naturalness:

  1. The makeup uses beautiful nude shades, a light tone and a minimal amount of cosmetics. To create this option, you need to have beautiful and healthy skin.
  2. The trend in which autumn makeup is proposed is blurry lips. Models with lips with a fuzzy contour can often be seen at the autumn shows.
  3. Classic reds, fiery scarlet and deep wine tones are usually combined with a laconic make-up.
  4. Makeup artists continue to experiment with eye make-up, some turning to sweeping arrows, while others adorn the eyelashes with black and white eyeliner.
  5. If you do not want to turn to bright shades on the lips, you can use a transparent gloss. Thanks to the luminous liquid structure, you can shade the natural skin tone and look natural at the same time.
  6. Neutral shades can be present on the eyes, for this smoky brown tones are applied, which can add elegance to the image. Cheeks can also be distinguished with such shades.
  7. Makeup artists in some cases turn to neon accents in the image, bright colors can be present right on the face. The bright eye liner can be applied with orange, yellow, bright blue, green or fuchsia.

fall makeup trends

Autumn makeup colors

Naturalness is relevant for several seasons, so the appropriate makeup in the autumn style will become extremely popular:

  1. Monomakeup consists in creating it with the help of one shade on the eyes, lips and cheeks. It looks amazing as the blush can be used both on the cheeks and as an eye shadow.
  2. The draping technique is often used — one of the options for correcting the face and placing accents with blush. Here blush is applied using two shades, it is light and dark. Dark blush is placed diagonally along the cheekbone, and light blush is applied to the apples of the cheeks.
  3. Eyebrows with a clear architecture are no longer in fashion. Naturalness is the starting point, so it will only be possible to slightly correct the shape, comb the eyebrows and fix with a special cream.
  4. Often, makeup artists, creating an autumn fashionable make-up, turn to highlighting the lower eyelid with the help of graphic arrows, bright colors and overhead buns.
  5. Fall makeup trends will be dark lips. They can be bright, fuzzy, with a blurred outline.

autumn makeup colors

Autumn eye makeup

To create a unique autumn makeup for every day or evening look, special attention is paid to the design of the eyes:

  1. Gold, bronze and copper shades are selected for green eyes. Shadows should have shine, because matte options will muffle the brightness of the eyes. Violet, lilac and lavender are the shades that are amazing in combination with green. Yellow-green gamma is a great option for light makeup.
  2. For blue eyes, chocolate shades are suitable, which are complemented by a matte or shimmery effect. Terracotta shades are made up of brown and clay red. Arrows of this color are able to favorably illuminate the eyes.
  3. For brown eyes, dark green or metallic blue will be suitable. Many brown shades, complemented by shimmery particles, are suitable for light autumn makeup. Shades of red are applied to the lips. This is a classic red, wine color and shades of juicy berries.

autumn eye makeup

Autumn makeup for brown eyes

The original autumn makeup for brown eyes is best complemented with a warm range of shades:

  1. A pastel palette is recommended for creation, shimmering sparkles and shadows can be in brown, beige and sandy colors.
  2. The first option uses burgundy shadows, which are complemented by yellow, and green eyeliner is used. This autumn makeup makes the eyes more expressive.
  3. Makeup with green shadows is complemented by a black eyeliner, glitter with a shimmering effect.
  4. For brown eyes, you can use smoky makeup, these are beige and dark brown shadows.

autumn makeup for brown eyes

Autumn makeup for green eyes

Casual or evening autumn makeup for green eyes can be made incredibly spectacular:

  1. Green eyes are considered the brightest and most unusual, so there should be no problems with choosing shadows. You can turn to bronze shades and pencils, in which case a softer image will come out.
  2. To create a brighter image, purple and lilac tones are used, which also perfectly highlight green eyes.
  3. When making autumn fashionable makeup for green eyes, you should not resort to silver, blue and brick colors, because they can make the look dull and tired.
  4. When choosing an eyeliner, you should not turn to black, it is better to use chocolate or dark gray options.

fall makeup for green eyes

Autumn makeup for blue eyes

Autumn makeup for blue eyes has great privileges in choosing colors:

  1. The rich palette begins with a soft blue hue and ends with a brightly saturated brown.
  2. If the eyes are a rich violet color, then all shades will do, you can turn to bright mascara and eyeliner.
  3. Sky-light irises are perfectly complemented by soft pastel shades. In the evening version, you can turn to thick arrows in retro style.
  4. Makeup for gray-blue eyes is selected depending on the wardrobe, because they, like chameleons, can adapt to any clothes. Shadows are selected with a pink tint, shallow brown or golden olive.

fall makeup for blue eyes

Autumn makeup for gray eyes

To emphasize gray eyes and make them more expressive, you need to choose the right colors:

  1. Silver shades with a metallic sheen will be a win-win option in makeup with gray eyes.
  2. If the skin is warm, then you can give preference to golden, bronze, sand and caramel shades.
  3. If you want to stand out and make a catchy autumn makeup for blondes, then you should stop at brighter and lighter shades, such as pinkish-beige, creamy or light brown.
  4. To make the eyes expressive, you can use eyeliner, you can choose a gray, silver-blue, dark blue or light blue shade.

autumn eye makeup

Autumn lip makeup

Of no small importance is the correct choice of colors for the lips:

  1. The classic red color is in fashion, it can be bright lipsticks of scarlet, juicy wine or berry color. These tones will be relevant both in autumn and in winter. In addition, lip glosses are back in fashion.
  2. Matte lipsticks of all colors remain relevant. The perfect choice for this season would be matte lipstick in nude shades. With its help, you can create an incredibly harmonious light autumn makeup for every day. Such lipsticks emphasize the high cost of the image, light restraint. They are persistent, so you can not be afraid of violating the integrity of the image.

autumn lip makeup

Fall Makeup Ideas

Creating autumn makeup for every day or evening, stylists offer a variety of ideas:

  1. It is relevant to use brown shades with a red base for an autumn exit. The image can be created sexy and bright, while black arrows and red lipstick are used, and green wide arrows combined with peach lips will be a more restrained option.
  2. Wine lips are a classic fall look and pair beautifully with rosy brown smoky.
  3. The ideal idea would be to combine milk chocolate shades with peach blush and lipstick.
  4. Warm and cold is a favorite combination in makeup. For example, you can make bright carrot lips, complemented by sea wave arrows, which are strewn with glitter.
  5. There is a suitable bright image for green eyes, these are orange shades that are applied to the entire moving eyelid.

fall makeup ideas

Bright autumn makeup

Lovers of bright memorable bows will be able to make a very beautiful autumn make-up:

  1. The glitter of mother-of-pearl shadows not only attracts attention, but also adds extra volume to the eyes.
  2. The palette of shadows amazes with its multicolor, in it you can see both deep shades of purple and brown, soft plum and lavender.
  3. This season, it is customary to cover only the upper eyelid with shadows and shade it thoroughly, without using eyeliner, but only mascara.

bright autumn makeup

Gentle autumn make-up

Creating a light autumn make-up, stylists consider the following:

  1. Minimalist style has returned to fashion, where colors are elegantly selected.
  2. Naturalness is the main trend that will help you look younger, but the main thing is to take care of your skin or choose the right foundation. At the same time, it is not necessary to correct facial features, because high cheekbones and slightly sunken, but beautifully outlined cheeks are in fashion.
  3. The main thing in such a make-up is to place accents on the lips and eyes, you can apply a little mascara and highlight the lips in a rhyme.

gentle autumn make-up

Autumn evening makeup

For an evening look, you can make an unusual autumn make-up, which is characterized by the following details:

  1. These are bright flashes of red, pink, blue and orange on the eyes in the form of arrows. The most popular bright palette will be shades of blue and purple.
  2. Red lipstick is perfect for an evening look.
  3. In the cold season, you can turn to warm makeup in bronze shades.
  4. For an exit, smokey eyes are suitable.

autumn evening makeup

Autumn wedding makeup

The autumn make-up of the bride deserves special attention:

  1. A universal and win-win option would be wedding makeup in brown shades, it is especially suitable for blue eyes.
  2. When creating makeup, you can turn to peach shades, along with a wedding hairstyle, it will look amazing.
  3. You can add a little grunge to the wedding look, for this, rich shadows with a metallic effect are chosen.
  4. If you want to look enchanting at the wedding, then you can spread rhinestones and sparkles over your face.
  5. Another image is as close to natural as possible, these are light brown shadows, dark shading along the edge and wet beige gloss on the lips.

autumn wedding makeup


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