Autumn manicure - 88 beautiful nail art ideas

The change of seasons brings not only new colors to the environment, but also a change in trends in nail art. Autumn manicure can be interesting and creative, while being made no worse than summer. For the 2020 season, nail artists decided to use both well-known techniques and completely new techniques.

Manicure in autumn style

Stylists offer the attention of girls a variety of variations that present a fashionable autumn manicure:

  1. Nails that are not too bright in color are the main trend. They are more suitable for the beginning of autumn, when it is still warm and comfortable. It’s a good idea to use natural shades. In deep autumn, it is worth saving cold saturated colors.
  2. Regardless of the trends and recommendations of nail masters, varnishes should be chosen according to the skin color, style and clothes of their wearer. All these little things play an important role in creating a beautiful manicure.
  3. In autumn, it is worth covering your nails more often with colors such as chocolate, burgundy, blue, purple, green, gray, black. They can be used individually or combined. Autumn manicure turns out beautiful and stylish with the use of pastel shades.

autumn style manicurefashionable autumn manicureautumn themed manicure

Autumn manicure for short nails

Conciseness, but at the same time style are characterized by the ideas of autumn manicure for short nails:

  1. When there is no exact vision about manicure, then you should choose a win-win option — to make a nude design. It will require cream, gray, pastel, beige and pink shades. To diversify the autumn light manicure, you just need to add minimalist drawings or a geometric print.
  2. Another suitable option is dark tones, which include green, purple and black. Matte or glossy design with rubbing and other decorations will suit both square and oval nails.

autumn manicure for short nailsautumn manicure ideas for short nailsautumn colors for manicure

Autumn manicure for long nails

The undoubted advantage that characterizes the autumn manicure for long nails is the ability to fully show the flight of fancy to masters and fashionistas:

  1. If you want to create a concise design, nail art can be monochrome, but you can also embody a combination of various shades that alternate with each other.
  2. Golden elements will look unique, for example, with their help you can depict autumn foliage.
  3. Autumn youth manicure can be embodied in bright colors and with original images, for example, a fox or a hedgehog.

autumn manicure for long nailsmanicure autumn youthautumn shades of manicure

Autumn manicure for sharp nails

The pointed shape of the nail plates provides an opportunity to embody a stylish autumn manicure:

  1. The choice of colors depends on the desire of the owner of such nails: to give them femininity and elegance, or, on the contrary, to focus on some aggressiveness. In the first case, pastel colors are suitable, and in the second, you can make a dark autumn manicure.
  2. An interesting shape can be additionally highlighted if the base is made transparent, and the tip of the nail is painted in any color, embodying the original variation of the jacket.

autumn manicure for sharp nailsstylish autumn manicureautumn style manicure

Autumn manicure on square nails

A universal variety of nail art can be called an autumn manicure on a soft square. This shape is great for complementing all sorts of images:

  1. Nails can be varnished in one color, while one of them can be accentuated by depicting a drawing on it made on an autumn theme, for example, leaves.
  2. Twigs and leaves can be placed on all plates, while the base can be made pastel or transparent to bring harmony to nail art.

autumn manicure on square nailsautumn manicure on a soft squarefashionable autumn manicure

Autumn manicure for almond-shaped nails

When creating a stylish autumn manicure, almonds can be called one of the best forms for its implementation:

  1. Muted colors will fully help emphasize the femininity of such marigolds. At the same time, a catchy accent can also be brought to nail art by making a pattern on one of the plates using gold or silver.
  2. Autumn bright manicure can be achieved thanks to sparkles. It is more suitable for festive events, when the decor completely covers the nail plate. To create such a design, you need a special coating. Glitter, yuca flakes, sequins or other shiny component is attached to it. With any decor, you get incredibly beautiful nail art.

autumn manicure for almond nailsautumn manicure almondsmanicure in autumn colors

Autumn manicure monophonic

A win-win option for all occasions will be an autumn manicure minimalism, created in a monochromatic design:

  1. One of the most beautiful options is the use of rich chocolate shades. Manicure is suitable for any autumn look. Shades literally help out if the nails are cut short. You don’t have to add nail art decor.
  2. Another favorite color for a monochromatic manicure is Marsala. It is perfect for black or gray clothes.
  3. If desired, autumn monochrome manicure can be matte or glossy. Wine colors are an incomparable solution. Their excellent addition will be rhinestones, foil or gradient.
  4. In autumn, it is worth trying out shades of blue, both light and dark saturated. In terms of popularity, it is not inferior to another color — green. For autumn, it is better to choose an olive shade or green emerald.

autumn manicure monochromeautumn manicure minimalism

Gentle autumn manicure

If you want a more relaxed design, then you should pay attention to the autumn nude manicure:

  1. To create it, a light and unobtrusive beige or pale pink color is used. Pastel shades are universal for autumn nail design. They can be combined with gold decor or different patterns, use the matte version.
  2. Light brown and all its shades are perfect for completing autumn looks. For a delicate manicure, it would be more correct to choose a matte monochromatic design. To add depth to the nails, you should play with different textures, for example, decorate one nail with crystal chips.
  3. Autumn gentle manicure will turn out from gray. The shade enhances the natural beauty of the handles, especially when paired with fall-themed nail art. In 2020, it is worth using a matte gray design, in which one nail will be decorated with a marble pattern.
  4. The manicure is gentle in the style of minimalism. For this, nail art masters use mini-drawings. The background for them is a nude coating.

gentle autumn manicureautumn nude manicure

Bright autumn manicure

If you want to bring notes of brightness to the image, you can use all kinds of autumn colors for manicure:

  1. Aquamarine color is relevant for an unusual design. It looks especially good on long sharp nails. A bright manicure with blue will also turn out due to the drawings made with a simple black gel polish.
  2. Autumn nail art is not complete without gold decor. It harmoniously looks on the nails in any style. Stripes of gold foil can decorate a nice nude.
  3. Gold decor can be represented by golden rhinestones or foil in the form of prints. Especially impressive «gold» looks in combination with black lacquer. Manicure is mysterious and memorable.
  4. To create a chic fall design, use a black matte background and gold foil. Pieces of the latter should be laid out using the negative space technique. This design is perfect for long nails.
  5. The main trend of autumn is the «liquid metal» technique. Droplets resembling liquid rhinestones look especially beautiful on a matte finish. What shade the drop will be depends on the color of the foil used. Brilliant decor can be complemented with a “brush stroke” in black.
  6. Rubbing — that’s what else will add brightness to the autumn manicure. This design is useful for a festive and elegant look. Thanks to the variety of rubs, you can create any nail art. Rubbing can be transformed into a gradient with color stretching.

bright autumn manicureautumn colors for manicure

Autumn French manicure

An eternal classic that passes from season to season is an autumn manicure jacket with or without a pattern:

  1. In autumn, pastel shades should be combined with rhinestones, glitter and foil. The design is harmonious and beautiful.
  2. In the fall, you can play with different versions of the “smile”. It can be made in different colors on all fingers or choose not only classic, white. Trendy colors for «smile» include black, blue and marsala, green. Shades can be combined with each other.
  3. A jacket with a gradient, where there is no clear transition line, got into the trends.
  4. Another popular version is the minimalist jacket. On one finger, you can draw an image with the same color as the shade of the smile.
  5. The jacket looks spectacular, in which the “smile” line is marked with lace or monograms. A popular solution would be a drawing depicting leaves. In addition to color, the shape and size of the “smile” can change, for example, it can reach the middle of the nail.

autumn manicure frenchautumn manicure jacket with a pattern

Matte autumn manicure

A good alternative to a glossy design is a matte simple autumn manicure, which can be created from one color or several:

  1. You can weave pebbles, rhinestones, drawings or small patterns into the design. The main thing is that the decor does not overload the manicure. You can lay out whole strips of foil, stones and rhinestones, collect figures from kamifubiks or sparkles.
  2. For matte nail art, you can use nude or bright shades. Decor in the form of foil is ideal for nude ones. It can be applied at the base of two nails and stretched to the center.
  3. For autumn, a green twig is ideal, located diagonally on a matte background.

matte autumn manicuresimple autumn manicure

Autumn manicure with a fox

The current trend of the season is a manicure in autumn colors containing the image of a fox:

  1. The red-haired beauty will be the best decoration of nails. The image can be any size, location, for example, affect one or two nails.
  2. This is far from the only animal print for autumn manicure. At this time, the style is represented by a wide variety. So the nails can be decorated with delicate predatory patterns that complement the image of a fox, or you can make a print on the entire surface of the nail. Moreover, each design will be unique in its own way.

autumn manicure with a foxmanicure in autumn colors

Autumn manicure with foil

The trend of the season is autumn manicure with gold or silver, where shiny elements are applied using foil:

  1. The design with this decor is incredibly popular because the foil will not fly off the nail for a long time. It makes beautiful patterns. Foil is a stylish and bright material that will make any design flawless.
  2. The manner of application is unimportant, so the foil can be used as a solid color cover or combined with other designs. An invariably winning result will be the use of foil on a nude and dark background.

autumn manicure with foilautumn manicure with gold

Autumn manicure gradient

A popular type of nail art is the autumn ombre manicure:

  1. The color scheme is often taken characteristic of this season, presented in yellow-orange colors.
  2. Bright colors are also allowed, for example, an aquamarine or raspberry shade, turning into a similar blue or pale pink tone. This is a great way to bring some color into the fall season.

autumn manicure gradientautumn ombre manicure

Autumn manicure with rhinestones

Bright pebbles can harmoniously complement the autumn shades of manicure:

  1. Along with sequins, rhinestones have remained popular for several seasons in a row. They look especially beautiful on a matte finish.
  2. In autumn, rhinestones can be applied to the nail plate of both one and two fingers. At the same time, they can be arranged in the form of an intricate pattern or a scattering of small pebbles can be stretched over the entire nail. Rhinestones can serve as an accent to another design, such as a solid color.
  3. You can collect rhinestones of different sizes and colors exclusively on one nail, and cover the others with a pale pink glossy color.
  4. One rhinestone can become the center of a geometric pattern. Let’s also admit the option when several pebbles turn into a triangle, collected at the base of the nail. At the base it is worth placing one large rhinestone.

autumn manicure with rhinestonesautumn shades of manicure

Autumn manicure with pumpkin

The trend is autumn multi-colored manicure, decorated with a pumpkin image:

  1. The vegetable is reasonably associated with the autumn period. A pumpkin can be drawn in a single copy or in company with other vegetables, supplemented with drawings on another autumn theme.
  2. The image of a pumpkin or other objects is created with acrylic paints, colored or shiny varnishes, and a thin brush.
  3. The design can be decorated with stamping and different stickers. In addition to pumpkin, popular patterns include inscriptions, stripes, polka dots, curls.
  4. Images are best saved for one or two nails. On the rest, it is worth doing a monophonic manicure, while its shade should be in harmony with the palette included in the drawing.

autumn manicure with pumpkinautumn multi-colored manicure

Autumn manicure geometry

An excellent concise option is an autumn manicure with stripes or other geometric shapes:

  1. Stripes can be thin or wide, folded into triangles or squares.
  2. When you get tired of drawing straight lines, you should resort to the «spider web» technique. The design is done in different shades with a special gel polish. With the help of a cobweb, it will be possible to create not only beautiful geometric prints, but also stylish drawings. The technique got its name because the patterns created really resemble a cobweb. For autumn manicure with it, you should use shades such as burgundy, chocolate, nude.
  3. The gossamer is suitable for nails of any length and shape. A good addition to the pattern will be kamifubuki, foil. They can be placed on both matte and glossy finishes.

autumn manicure geometryautumn manicure with stripes

Autumn manicure with a hedgehog

An excellent solution would be an autumn manicure with a hedgehog pattern:

  1. The image can be artistically traced, cartoonish, made schematically using geometric shapes.
  2. The drawing may contain only the image of a hedgehog or be supplemented with an apple, an acorn, leaves and other elements.

autumn manicure with a hedgehogautumn manicure with a pattern

Autumn manicure with a twig

You can embody a manicure with an autumn theme in the form of a twig:

  1. Plant motifs are especially welcome at this time of the year. Twigs, leaves and flowers can be completely invisible and delicate, or vice versa, bright and large.
  2. The twig can be supplemented with rowan fruits, drawn or lined with red rhinestones.

autumn manicure with a twigautumn themed manicure


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