Autumn nail design - 36 fashion design ideas for any length

The rainy and slushy season is just around the corner. And often at this time of the year, the mood tends to zero, which is reflected in the appearance as a whole. Therefore, stylists offer to add spectacular and beautiful accents to the image. One of the most popular such solutions will be autumn nail design.

Autumn nail design 2018

At the latest shows, stylists presented a variety of ideas that will interestingly decorate even the most modest and discreet bow. And if autumn means conciseness and nondescriptness in a combination of clothes and accessories for you, then you should give free rein to your imagination in nail-art. One of the main differences is the color. Without a doubt, finishing and decor play an important role in the direction of design. However, it is the color that often determines its theme. Let’s see the current autumn colors of manicure 2018:

  1. Cold classic tones. Gray shades have become a popular choice this season. Classic white and black also remain in trend, but the cold dusty color is considered the perfect solution for any look.
  2. Autumn nail design Bordeaux. Of the entire feminine red palette, burgundy will be especially successful. In fashion and all the tones of this shade — marsala, brick, wine.
  3. Autumn nail design in brown and beige tones. The nail design in brown tones remains universal. The trend is both deep chocolate color and any pastel shades of beige — ivory, coffee with milk and others.
  4. yellow-orange shades. A win-win solution to emphasize the suitability of the season are ideas in warm colors. Such nails perfectly convey the theme of fallen leaves and complement the image with a touch of comfort.
  5. dusty blue. If you are attracted to colorful and rich ideas, then the cold muted color of the sky-sea range will become relevant for you. This shade looks great both in a monochrome solution and in an ensemble with decor.
  6. Autumn nail design emerald. Intense green remains the fashion choice this year. And such a nail design will very beautifully complement the idea of ​​​​a monochrome coating with a matte finish.

Autumn manicure 2018 for short nails

In the coming period, the natural length of the nail plates remains relevant for everyday bows. This choice is successful for any kind of activity — a business woman, housewife, sportswoman and others. The most successful will be a monochromatic coating in both dark and saturated colors, and light-colored varnishes. However, such ideas do not look expressive. Add a colorful feng shui pattern or decorate your nails with symmetrical original designs. Autumn manicure for short nails involves a minimum of false decor.

autumn manicure 2018 for short nails

Autumn design for long nails 2018

A popular shape for long nails is soft square and almond. But sharp stilettos have become a stylish trend of this season, which will add attractiveness to the image, and brutality to the main style. Ideas for autumn manicure with gel polish are presented in the direction of minimalism. Here, dark monochrome colors are relevant in an ensemble with a simple pattern on one, maximum two fingers. Richly decorated ideas remain relevant. For example, an interesting choice would be a contrasting ombre with a matte top and a textured stucco addition.

autumn design for long nails 2018

Fall Nail Design Ideas

Given that in the demi-season, the images are distinguished by closed and multi-layered solutions, the hands remain one of the open parts of the body, and therefore attract attention. So, stylish design should be given special attention. Win-win will be bright and catchy ideas. But if you follow a strict dress code or your main style follows a concise direction, then Feng Shui ideas will be relevant for you. But let’s find out the most fashionable ideas for autumn manicure:

  1. Autumn knitted nail design. An actual addition is the interpretation of a knitted pattern — braids, arana. Such motifs can be conveyed using a drawing or as a textured decor with acrylic powder.

fall nail design ideas

  1. With rubbing. Rub-on pigment remains one of the trendiest supplements. Actual colors are considered dark and saturated «Maybeetle», «Northern Lights», a mirror and delicate pearls.

autumn manicure ideas

  1. with foil. If in the hot summer season shiny ribbons were more popular, then in the fall liquid foil takes the lead. This tool looks especially impressive on a matte finish.

beautiful autumn manicure

  1. Autumn geometric nail design. Geometry is a universal theme that will successfully complement the image for any season. In autumn, dark, warm and restrained colors are welcome, combined with simple patterns — stripes, checks, dots and others.

simple autumn manicure

  1. Holes. Lunar nail design remains a classic that looks spectacular and stylish. A standard crescent and a geometric hole in the form of a triangle are in fashion. But the overhead trim here has become superfluous.

manicure autumn design

Autumn French manicure

Does not lose its relevance and the French style in nail-art. The highlighted edge of the nail plates gives the image conciseness and at the same time originality. Autumn French nail design is presented with a bright colored smile in combination with a transparent or nude base. Ideas with black, red, blue, green and orange varnishes are considered especially successful. At the same time, the standard duo of white edge and neutral background remains a win-win for any combination of clothing and accessories. And to add grace and attractiveness, apply a simple pattern to a bright smile.

autumn manicure french

Bright autumn nail design

Catchy and contrasting ideas will help dilute a dull and gloomy look. If, when choosing clothes and shoes, you focus on the practicality and functionality of the product, then stylish nail-art will help you remain feminine and attractive. In this case, deep saturated tones are considered popular colors — marsala, sapphire, emerald, chocolate. As a finish, you can choose any color of the sunny range, including coral and orange. A beautiful autumn manicure will be complemented by bright stones, colored foil, rubbing and other interesting decorating tools.

bright autumn nail design

Autumn matte manicure

The non-reflective coating will always make the nail design neat, and the handles in general neat. If you are getting your fingers in order for everyday looks, then non-staining nail polishes will be the most relevant choice. Gray is considered a good solution, both in dark and light shades. Autumn design manicure is also presented in rich deep solutions, where burgundy, brown and purple look especially impressive. To emphasize the originality of the matte top, make a combined nail-art with a glossy transparent varnish — raindrops.

autumn matte manicure

Autumn monochrome manicure

One color nail design looks stylish and always appropriate. And in this case, you can safely rely on your own taste and imagination. If your main style corresponds to the romantic direction, then gentle and light colors will be a good solution. For urban casual bows, rich and catchy colors are suitable. A simple autumn manicure without a pattern will complement the evening style. In this case, saturated deep tones are suitable — marsala, mustard, emerald, eggplant, sapphire and others. For a business dress code, it is better to stay on a win-win black and white classic.

autumn monochrome manicure

Black autumn manicure

During the period of rains and slush, the dark classic shade often fades into the background due to its gloominess. But not this year. Black lacquer remains in trend, but stylists recommend using it as a background in an ensemble with a beautiful finish. If you complement a discreet or business bow, then French style or holes will be an excellent choice. You can add a matte top here, which will not be superfluous. If your dress code permits, then a few rhinestones or a rock arrangement will add to the charm. Fashionable autumn manicure is presented with a black background and colorful drawings.

black autumn manicure

Autumn manicure ombre

Gradient transitions remain one of the most popular types of decor, which is always original in its execution. In the rainy period, both bright and dark ombre are considered relevant. Autumn gradient manicure is stylishly combined with a matte finish, however, it looks very impressive in gloss. A popular idea was an ombre in yellow-orange tones with voluminous decorations in the form of berries or fallen leaves. The gradient perfectly complements the French and moon style, acting as a beautiful base.

autumn ombre manicure

Autumn nude manicure

The most versatile choice is the design in beige and milky tones. The neutral palette will perfectly complement the image in any style. Monochrome nail-art will be a stylish addition to the strict image of a business woman, where the main emphasis is on restraint and elegance. A gentle autumn manicure with rhinestones will effectively complete a romantic bow with a beautiful dress or flying skirt, closed heeled shoes and a neat handbag. Minimalism ideas with dots on each finger will add originality to a practical casual ensemble.

autumn nude manicure

Autumn manicure cat’s eye

The original and somewhere even mysterious design with the effect of a cat’s eye returns to the trends. Beautiful autumn manicure 2018 is presented in dark deep colors. The green scale is considered especially popular. Stylists offer such ideas with a glossy shiny finish. Often, the glare effect rarely harmonizes with other types of finishes. But this season, a cat-eye ensemble with a marble pattern has become a popular solution. A good choice would be varnishes of cold colors — purple, blue. Here, designers recommend making the glare strip light.

autumn cat eye manicure

Autumn manicure with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals remain a spectacular addition in the period of rains and slush. At the same time, such an evening finish will perfectly complement everyday looks with jeans, rubber boots, a raincoat and a parka jacket. The novelties of autumn manicure 2018 are interestingly beaten in the plot. Colored stones complement the pattern in the form of viburnum or rowan berries. Transparent rhinestones act as raindrops. However, fashion design can also be abstract, such as geometric.

autumn manicure with rhinestones

Red autumn manicure

A separate line presents nails in red tones. This color remains the most characteristic of the autumn season. But this year, the dark saturated autumn colors of manicure have become the most relevant — marsala, brick, wine, burgundy, ripe cherries. However, bright shades are great for French and moon style solutions. The red palette is considered acceptable not only in everyday urban and youth bows, but also in business fashion. But if in the first case, original decorated solutions are welcome, then restrained ideas are characteristic of a strict direction.

red autumn manicure

Autumn nail design with a pattern

Colorful images and patterns on the nails always attract attention and emphasize the original style. The demi-season period is characterized by drawings with seasonal fruits, vegetables and berries. A manicure with autumn leaves is also considered relevant. To make the images look symmetrical and clear, stylists suggest using translations, sliders and stickers. Nail design with drawings can be combined with other techniques at the same time, for example, a gradient transition from finger to finger, rhinestones and stones, rubbing and sparkles.

autumn nail design with a pattern


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