Avocado manicure is a stylish trend of this season

This season, fruit motifs are extremely popular, which are used to create stylish nail art. Avocado manicure is a novelty that can be easily implemented on the nail plates. Various methods of application and all kinds of design variations will help in this.

Manicure 2020 with avocado

Many stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas manicure design with avocado:

  • the fruit is often depicted in a section, this is the best solution for drawing it;
  • avocado can serve as the main focus in the design being created. To this end, it can be made as clear and bright as possible and depicted against a neutral background;
  • avocado manicure can contain only this type of fruit or be supplemented with other types. For example, if you use the application of bananas, pineapples, oranges, you can get a unique tropical composition;
  • such nail art will perfectly fit into the looks made with the help of outfits containing a tropical print, which is incredibly popular this season.

manicure 2020 with avocadomanicure design with avocado

Manicure for short nails with avocado

With the right design, short nails with avocado will look truly unique:

  • due to the fact that the area of ​​the shortened nail plates is insignificant, the design should be as concise as possible. You can limit yourself to applying a nail to any one specific finger and make it the main focus of the image;
  • an avocado manicure will look incredibly organic, in which an olive shade coating is taken as the main background;
  • another good solution would be to apply an image of a fruit on a transparent background;
  • this pattern will harmoniously fit into the delicate French design.

manicure for short nails with avocado

Manicure for long nails with avocado

On elongated nail plates, you can fully express your imagination. Long nails with avocado are a clear confirmation of this:

  • on all nail plates, you can depict one fruit at a time or even apply a composition using other elements;
  • as for colors, absolutely any options can be taken, both discreet and as bright as possible;
  • avocado manicure can be complemented with sparkles, rhinestones, stones;
  • lettering is another popular technique that is often used in the case of an avocado in a cartoon version.

Manicure for long nails with avocado

Manicure with avocado on almond nails

If you want to get an exquisite and sophisticated nail art, fashionistas will be able to make a nail design with avocado almonds:

  • the pattern is very harmoniously combined with this form of nail plates, since the fruit also has an oval rounded appearance;
  • to emphasize the tenderness and femininity of the owner of such a design, you can create a manicure with avocado on a pastel background. At the same time, the matte finish will look unique;
  • bright or dark colors are also acceptable, while the fruit can be made in a similar color scheme with the main background or make up a pronounced contrast with it:
  • the presence of additional decorative elements depends on the length of the nails. On short nail plates, it is better to refrain from them and make a choice in favor of conciseness, while on elongated ones, all kinds of brilliant options are allowed.

avocado manicure on almond nails

Avocado Manicure Ideas

For fashionistas who want to do an avocado manicure, design ideas are offered in an extreme variety:

  • nail art with cartoon drawings will look very original;
  • the image of the fruit can be smooth or voluminous;
  • to simplify the process of creating a manicure, you can turn to the use of stickers;
  • the picture can be located only on one finger or on several;
  • manicure with avocado pattern is performed in different colors. The main coating is white, yellow, green;
  • the background and the drawing itself can be created using a glossy or matte finish.

avocado manicure ideas

Cartoon nails with avocado

The current and extraordinary trend of this season is nail design with avocado, where the fruit is depicted as a cartoon character:

  • eyes and a smile are drawn on the cut half of the avocado. Any other details can also be used, for example, you can depict legs and handles raised up;
  • often such a manicure with an avocado pattern is complemented by inscriptions made in a comic form, for example, “Fatty”.
  • drawing this variety of fruit can serve as a motivation for girls on a diet. The sad cartoon image of an avocado looks original, which is accompanied by the inscription: “Today you will not break loose”:
  • you can find avocado, which is a component of the fruit composition. In this case, each character can express any particular emotion.

cartoon nails with avocado

Avocado pattern on nails

Stylists bring to the attention of the fair sex a manicure with an avocado pattern, made in a variety of variations:

  • the classic drawing of this element is common, when it looks as natural as possible;
  • A beautiful manicure with avocado, created using rich saturated colors, will look unique. In this case, an avocado can be drawn on one finger, and watermelon, orange, lemon and other varieties of brightly colored fruits can be drawn on the other;
  • cartoon drawings are especially in demand among young fashionistas. They will help to fully express the individuality of the girl;
  • accompanying the drawing with inscriptions often has a motivating value, so this technique is also incredibly relevant.

avocado nail design

avocado stickers for nails

A stylish design can be incredibly easy to bring to life if you make a manicure with avocado stickers:

  • The advantage of this type of nail art is that the girl will be able to pick up any drawing she likes. At the same time, he will initially correspond to her ideas;
  • a gentle manicure with avocado, made in natural greenish-olive tones, is popular;
  • you can use any other color scheme, both discreet pastel and dark or very bright and saturated;
  • cartoon images can also be drawn on stickers.

avocado nail stickers

Manicure with avocado on one finger

Lovers of conciseness will be able to make nails with avocado, where this element will be located on only one finger:

  • often such a pattern acts as the main catchy accent. Therefore, it would be advisable to apply the image on the nail, covered with a contrasting varnish compared to the rest of the fingers. For example, all nail plates will be painted black, and one nail, on which the avocado is located, will be painted white;
  • you can use a transparent design on which the fruit will stand out and attract attention;
  • the choice of the finger on which the drawing is applied is determined individually, for example, on one hand it can be the ring finger, and on the second — the thumb.

avocado manicure on one finger

Matte nails with avocado

A matte manicure with avocado will look extremely elegant and noble:

  • nail plates can be covered with matte varnish, and the fruit can be depicted with gloss, further highlighting it and making it the main focus;
  • you can apply a three-dimensional image of the picture;
  • you can also find such a technique as the location of a scattering of small avocados on any of the nail plates. On the other finger, you can draw a large-sized fruit that fills almost the entire nail plate.

matte nails with avocado

Yellow manicure with avocado

Using a yellow shade coating provides an opportunity to create an incredibly cute avocado manicure:

  • yellow color is reasonably associated with the spring-summer period, therefore it becomes especially relevant in this season;
  • yellow can be picked up in a muted version, close to pastel colors;
  • lovers of bright bows can stop at bright yellow varnish;
  • the coating can be applied the same on all fingers, or one nail plate can be made contrasting, for example, cover it with white varnish, and draw a fruit on top.

yellow manicure with avocado

Green manicure with avocado

Green nails with avocado can be called a stylish trend of this season:

  • the green hue is associated with both spring foliage and summer grass, so it is in trend during this period;
  • you can apply shades such as bright light green, muted and delicate olive, dark or light green;
  • to make the fruit stand out against the general background, you can use a different tone to draw it, for example, place a dark green pattern on a light green coating;
  • An image made on a different background, preferably a light shade, white or pastel, will look great. This design should be applied on one nail plate, which serves as an accent of the image.

green manicure with avocado

White nails with avocado

With the help of white varnish, you can create incredibly beautiful nails with avocado:

  • the coating can be used in a glossy or matte version, such an option as a shining white rub is also suitable;
  • all sorts of shiny elements, such as sparkles, kamifubuki, rhinestones, will look great on a white background. They can be taken to complement stylish nail art and placed on a patterned nail or on some other finger.

white nails with avocado

Nails with avocado and banana

One of the most harmonious combinations is a summer manicure with avocado and banana:

  • fruits can be located on one nail plate or on different ones;
  • the image can be as close to natural as possible or made in a cartoon version. In the latter case, the addition of all kinds of inscriptions containing a comic or motivating theme is common;
  • a muted and restrained pastel color scheme can be taken as a background;
  • lovers of bright nail art can use rich, eye-catching tones. It is acceptable to supplement with other varieties of bright fruits, such as watermelon and pineapple;
  • banana can be shown whole or semi-peeled.

avocado and banana nails


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