baby dollar

The popular fashion style of the 60s — baby dollars is back in fashion. The symbols of this style are femininity, tenderness and innocence. The skillful use of baby dollar elements will help you look much younger than your years, which is what every woman dreams of. However, after 35 years, in order not to look ridiculous, you must be careful and observe moderation when choosing clothes of this style, exclude infantile accessories and too bright colors. In addition, baby dollar style clothing cannot be considered office wear.

The style of baby doll women’s clothing favorably emphasizes femininity, creates an image of a fragile and sweet woman, which especially attracts the male sex and causes a desire to protect. There is no need to be afraid to look weak, because this is our female strength.

Baby dollar clothes on the catwalks

Dress — as the most feminine part of the wardrobe, it occupies a special place in baby dollars. Most often it is short with a high waist and a flared, fluffy skirt. In the form of decor, various ruffles, satin ribbons, embroidery, ties, bows, lace and much more are used. Puffed sleeves and floral bright colors make this outfit look doll-like. The fabrics used for dresses are light and airy. It can be chiffon, silk, satin, guipure. A vivid example of modern dresses made in the style of baby dollars is the spring-summer collection of this year by the youth brand Red Valentino. The images created by designers are reminiscent of fairy princesses. Lace and chiffon dresses in pastel colors, bright sundresses combined with floral decorations around the neck and bracelets, flirty short plaid dresses. Shoes and accessories, according to the overall image, are complemented by decorative elements — bright colors and bows. There is no place for aggressive and gloomy tones.

Corset dresses, puffy skirts and many other baby dollar outfits were presented in her 2013 collection by designer Betsey Johnson. Along with romantic crinoline dresses, daring miniskirts paired with colorful patterned stockings, cropped tops and strapless corsets appeared on the runway. The clothes are made in a wide variety of colors: pink, purple, orange, green, red and others. Fluffy baby dollar dresses are harmoniously complemented by hats, floral headbands, wreaths and bows on the head.

romantic lingerie

Baby dollar underwear excludes aggressive sexuality and combines innocence and coquetry. Usually these are transparent airy peignoirs of gentle tones and sets with pantaloons, decorated with lace ruffles. It can also be a thin mesh shirt with polka dots with an open back or made of dense elastic material with two-level frills on the hem. Silk embroidery, openwork patterns, satin ribbons — all this will give the image freshness and romance. By the way, initially it was nightgowns with a yoke that were called baby dollars. Later, short dresses of the same style appeared, which became the beginning for the development of an independent style in women’s clothing.

Best of all, this style fits into the warm summer season, however, in winter you can remain a flirty «doll». To do this, you should pay attention to warm dresses, sundresses and even coats or fur coats with high waisted baby dollars, knitwear in bright colors and sweaters with puffed sleeves.

Baby dollar accessories

With baby doll clothes, plain bags with appliqué or brooch decoration look good. Hair can be decorated with a bandage or a hoop with a flower or a bow. All kinds of jewelry of the «doll» plan will perfectly complement your image:

  • hairpins-berries;
  • hairpins-hearts;
  • jewelry with stars;
  • brooches in the shape of a cute ladybug.

Makeup baby dollars

Makeup in the style of baby dollars is very gentle and natural: pastel shades, peach blush and scarlet lips. Against the background of naturalness, with the help of thickly made-up eyelashes, the eyes stand out.


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