Ballerina nails - ideas for a beautiful stylish manicure

The recognition of fashionistas was earned by the nail plates, slightly narrowed towards the ends. Ballerina nails are a cross between square and almond. The second name of the form is “pointe shoes”. Both solid color and printed design will visually stretch the fingers, add sophistication.

Ballerina Manicure Ideas

Nail art masters show imagination when creating a design. Ballerina nail ideas are characterized by the following trends:

  1. The shape looks attractive, so even a plain manicure will become self-sufficient. It looks good both glossy and matte finish, shiny rubbing.
  2. On the nails «ballerina» organically «lay down» openwork patterns. Lacy motifs, swirls and monograms are embodied with the help of complex painting.
  3. One finger is allowed to be accented. The plate is completely covered with small sparkles, large kamifubuki, rhinestones. It is allowed to lay out a strip of pebbles.
  4. Natural themes are welcome: imitation of the structure of marble, reptile skin, animal colors. The pattern is embodied with the help of natural or bright shades.
  5. It is allowed to put drawings in the style of pop art on the plates. These are images of girls’ faces, cosmetics. The pattern is made bright, applied to a neutral or catchy background. Welcome to the anime theme. An example is the Hello Kitty image.
  6. Brightness is achieved using the ombre technique or rainbow manicure. Drawings depicted with varnish or made by applying stickers will help to make the design catchy.

ballerina manicure ideasballerina nail ideasnude ballerina nails

Long nails «ballerina»

Pointe shoes look harmoniously on elongated plates. Manicure for long nails «ballerina» is represented by the following trends:

  1. A significant area provides an opportunity to implement a gradient transition. Ombre includes two or more shades of a similar or contrasting color palette.
  2. The stonework looks good. Rhinestones are laid out in the form of clear lines, taken to fill in certain parts of the picture. An example is a large stone imitating the middle of a flower. The petals are filled with small rhinestones.
  3. It is allowed to make a “long ballerina” drawing on the nails depicting butterfly wings. The pattern is created on one or two adjacent plates.
  4. The image of prints on a transparent basis will help to avoid congestion.

long nails ballerinamanicure for long nails ballerinaballerina nail design

Ballerina for short nails

Owners of naturally long fingers will prefer discreet pointe shoes. Manicure «ballerina» on short nails looks neat and concise:

  1. An easy way is to apply a matte or glossy monochromatic finish.
  2. “Negative space” looks organic. The reception is embodied by applying transparent stripes that stand out against the general background. It is allowed to leave the area of ​​the hole unpainted.
  3. Minimalism is welcome, manifested in the application of thin lines. Another option is laconic geometry. Shapes are filled or marked with outlines.

ballerina short nailsballerina manicure for short nailsmanicure ballerina french

Nail shape «round ballerina»

Stylists bring femininity to the image with the help of certain techniques. An example is the round ballerina nails:

  1. The shape is close to an oval, but is characterized by a narrowing of the tips.
  2. The classic jacket will emphasize the rounding in the “smile” area. The tip is painted over with white or pastel varnish.
  3. Contour drawings depicted by thin lines organically “lay down” on a light base.
  4. Beautiful nails «ballerina» are created using glitter. Glitter covers all or several plates.

nail shape round ballerinaround ballerina nailsballerina nude nails

Nails «sharp ballerina»

If desired, seductive notes are brought to nail art. This characterizes the design of nails «ballerina» of a pointed shape:

  1. To smooth out aggressiveness, thin lines that develop into a “spider web” pattern will help.
  2. It is allowed to emphasize the sharp tip by making a snow-white or colored jacket.
  3. A brilliant coating in the form of a rub or glitter looks harmonious. An alternative solution is to create a chaotic abstract pattern using foil.

ballerina nail designballerina manicure ideas

French manicure «ballerina»

Girls choose techniques that do not lose their relevance. A confirmation is the jacket on the form of «ballerina»:

  1. The classic remains relevant — a white «smile» drawn on a pastel background.
  2. Owners of long graceful fingers are allowed to expand the shaded area. «Smile» reaches almost the middle of the plate.
  3. Brightness will bring a tip filled with sparkles. It is allowed to clearly lay out a “smile” or refer to a stretching technique.
  4. The image of a triangular border is welcome. It is allowed to create a contrasting black drawing on a light background.

jacket on the form of a ballerinamanicure ballerina french

Nails «ballerina» nude

Pastel coatings are suitable for both everyday and office bows. A universal solution — nude nails «ballerina»:

  1. A simple way is to apply a uniform coating on the plates. Variety will bring a combination of textures. An example is the coating of several fingers with a smooth ordinary varnish. Other plates are made with the help of velvety powder, decorated with voluminous stucco patterns.
  2. It is permissible to dilute the nude background with the help of contrasting patterns. The black snake drawn on two fingers looks interesting. Another example is a leopard print that accentuates a pair of plates.

long nails ballerinaballerina nude nailsnude ballerina nails

Matte nails «ballerina»

A discreet coating will bring nobility to the image. Confirmation is the matte manicure «ballerina»:

  1. It is allowed to cover the plates with varnish of the same color. Nail art wins due to the saturation of the shade.
  2. The matte base serves as a harmonious background for applying shiny elements. The decor is sequins, rhinestones, laid out in the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole or in the form of a strip.
  3. Several fingers are allowed to be accentuated by rubbing.
  4. An interesting option is to depict orange flames on a black matte background.

matte nails ballerinamatte manicure ballerinaballerina nail ideas

Glitter ballerina nails

For an evening out, a design that attracts attention is suitable. These are shiny nails «ballerina»:

  1. Harmony in the image will bring the application of kamifubuki on a transparent background. A discreet base will help avoid congestion.
  2. A popular technique is highlighting the area of ​​u200bu200bthe hole and the “smile” with sparkles. The decor is taken in gold, silver or color.
  3. Combination with other techniques is allowed. A gradient effect is created on several fingers. Other plates are covered with sparkles, echoing in shade with one of the ombre colors.

glitter ballerina nailsshiny ballerina nailsmanicure for long nails ballerina

Reflective nails «ballerina»

Magnetic gel polish has won popularity among young fashionistas. Reflective manicure «ballerina» is endowed with the following characteristics:

  1. Nail art begins to shimmer under artificial lighting. The varnish is applied to the plates completely, in the form of stripes or patterns.
  2. Combination with the «cat’s eye» technique is welcome. Manicure will look even more radiant.
  3. It is acceptable to make a design with dry pigments. Loose decor has a white or gray color, applied over a colored base.
  4. Another option is to secure the background with a reflective top.
  5. The selection of ready-made shellac with iridescent particles will simplify the creation of nail art.

reflective ballerina nailsreflective ballerina manicure

Nails «ballerina» «cat’s eye»

Nail art with a shiny effect will attract attention. The confirmation is a manicure of the “ballerina” shape, made using the “cat’s eye” technique:

  1. The design feature is to create a shining strip on the nail plate. The part has a longitudinal, transverse, diagonal arrangement.
  2. When creating nail art, two or more shades are involved, similar or contrasting in tone.
  3. It is allowed to combine the technique with drawings, applying foil, sparkles.

cat eye ballerina nails

Nails «ballerina» «leopard»

Animal prints are in trend. Popularity won the design of nails on the form of «ballerina» with a coloring «under the leopard»:

  1. The pattern covers all nail plates or certain ones made accented.
  2. To create a print, natural beige-brown shades are taken. Another option is the selection of bright colors, filling the spots of the leopard with sparkles.
  3. An interesting solution is to make the “smile” area painted. The base is covered with a neutral pastel varnish.
  4. Leopard print is allowed to alternate with another animal pattern — tiger stripes.

nails ballerina leopardballerina nail design

Nails «ballerina» «gradient»

Color transitions will help to diversify the design. Nails «ballerina» with «ombre» are created in the following variations:

  1. Nail art, made in white and pastel colors, will become universal. Another option is to make a contrasting black and nude design.
  2. To embody bright bows, a manicure created using bright colors is suitable.
  3. French is often embodied with the help of a gradient. The transition from the tip to the base is done using a color stretch. There is also a vertical or diagonal arrangement of ombre.

ballerina gradient nailsballerina ombre nailsballerina nail design

Marble nails «ballerina»

Natural motifs are popular among fashionistas. An example is the design for the “ballerina” shape, made in marble:

  1. When creating nail art on the plates, the structure of the stone is imitated. Gray or black streaks are applied to a light base.
  2. It is allowed to alternate the marble design with plates covered with a single-color varnish.
  3. Decoration is allowed. Shiny strips laid out with foil are placed on top of the marble base.

ballerina marble nailsballerina shape designmanicure form ballerina

Ballerina nail design with stickers

Certain elements are designed to facilitate the creation of nail art. Manicure on nails «ballerina» is done using stickers:

  1. The plates are varnished in a light, dark, bright shade. A finished drawing placed on a sticker is applied to the base. There are floral, abstract, animalistic, geometric, cartoon ornaments. The advantage of the method lies in the ease of applying the pattern.
  2. Bright drawings made on a transparent background look interesting. The plates are eye-catching without being overloaded.

ballerina nail design with stickersballerina nail manicurebeautiful ballerina nails

Bright nails shaped «ballerina»

Young women of fashion prefer a catchy, catchy design. Bright nails «ballerina» will become a find:

  1. The desired effect is achieved by applying a single-color coating. Nail art wins due to the saturation of the shade.
  2. It is allowed to make a jacket bright. A catchy varnish is taken to be applied as a base or to fill in the “smile” area. The latter can be made wide, affecting almost half of the plate. Reception is recommended for girls with long graceful fingers.
  3. A catchy effect is achieved with the help of drawings. Plant, abstract, animal themes, geometry are selected. Patterns are allowed to be combined with colored rhinestones.
  4. Rainbow manicure is on trend. The plate is divided into sections in the form of stripes or geometric shapes, which are filled with multi-colored varnishes.
  5. Brightness is able to give an ombre effect. The gradient transition is embodied with the help of saturated shades.

bright nails shape ballerinabright ballerina nailsyouth nails ballerina

Winter manicure on the «ballerina»

In the cold season, preference is given to themed nail art. Winter nails «ballerina» are represented by the following trends:

  1. Dark deep shades become relevant: blue, black, burgundy.
  2. The winter theme is in trend: images of snowflakes, Christmas trees, toys, frosty patterns.
  3. Scandinavian motifs are welcome, covering the plates like an ornament on a sweater.
  4. Looks good marble design, combined with silver or gold.

winter manicure for a ballerinawinter nails ballerinawinter manicure for a ballerina

Ballerina nails with Hello Kitty

Young women of fashion embody non-standard solutions when creating nail art. An example is a fashionable manicure «ballerina» with drawings on the theme «Hello Kitty»:

  1. Preference is given to pink colors. The shade acts as the main background or covers the tips of the nail plates, embodying the jacket.
  2. The image of «Hello Kitty» can be applied schematically using thin black lines, without painting over.
  3. There is a drawing with a cat, as close as possible to the original. Youth ballerina nails are decorated with a white Hello Kitty image with a red or pink bow.
  4. It is allowed to add sequins or rhinestones that organically fit into the overall design.

ballerina nails with hello kitty


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