Basic wardrobe for a woman

In the wardrobe of every woman there should be things that go well with each other, with other clothes, and allow you to always look in a new way. In this article, we will talk about these things, as well as offer options for a basic women’s wardrobe.

Basic items in a woman’s wardrobe

Basic wardrobe items should be neutral colors: white, black, gray, beige, navy blue. This will make them more versatile. Color accents in the image can be easily created with the help of bright accessories (gloves, hats, scarves, bags), knitted tops, shoes.

The basic wardrobe should include:

  1. Classic double-breasted coat.
  2. Trench coat (mackintosh, raincoat of medium length).
  3. White blouse-shirt.
  4. Jumper with a round or V-neck.
  5. Pantsuit.
  6. Dark blue jeans that suit your style.
  7. Sheath dress in black or beige.

As additions, use knitwear: colored T-shirts, skirts, as well as a variety of bright accessories.

Basic wardrobe of a modern woman

Ideally, a woman’s wardrobe should be divided into three «capsules»: casual, business and elegant.

Of course, depending on your lifestyle and type of activity, one or another “capsule” may prevail. For example, for a housewife, the official component of the wardrobe is not so important, but for a business woman, it will be the key one. In any case, you should try to bring these three components into a state of harmony, because this is the only way you can be sure that you can easily create an image for any situation: from an interview to a party or a country walk.

In the basic wardrobe for a full woman, you should include things of a simple fitted silhouette, well focusing on the femininity of the figure and making the owner visually slimmer. These can be pencil skirts and sheath dresses made of dense, but not too thick fabric, as well as dress pants. For romantic images, you can use clothes in the style of new look, while not forgetting to focus on the waist. If the belly protrudes too much and there is no pronounced waist, you can wear Greek-style dresses that perfectly hide this flaw.

The basic wardrobe of a business woman should include two or three high-quality suits. It is desirable that their colors are well combined with each other, in which case you will be able to combine the «top» and «bottom» from different suits, which will significantly diversify your office looks.

Lovers of social events should expand the elegant «capsule» of the wardrobe. Pay special attention to accessories: handbags, shawls and stoles, belts and belts, gloves — all these details can refresh the image and give it a completely new sound.


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