basic wardrobe of a modern girl

Every modern girl must have a basic wardrobe. And this is not just a collection of outfits that you really like, but versatile items that go well with other clothes. In the basic wardrobe of a modern girl there should not be many things, it is enough to have 10, but the most necessary and versatile.

Basic wardrobe of a young girl

In the basic wardrobe of a stylish girl should be the following things:

  1. Quality skinny jeans. It is desirable that there are two pairs of them — one dark, the other light. If this is a basic wardrobe for a full girl, then instead of tight jeans, get classic straight-cut trousers.
  2. One of the main things in any wardrobe is a pencil skirt, which will help create a stylish and business look.
  3. A few T-shirts-alcoholics. This is the most versatile thing that can be combined with anything, be it a skirt, trousers, jeans. This shirt can be worn under a jacket or jacket, complete the look with stylish accessories such as a hat, glasses and a trendy bag.
  4. An indispensable element of the wardrobe of every fashionista is a little black dress, which simply must be in the basic wardrobe of a modern woman of any physique and any profession. It can be worn for a holiday, an important meeting or a date.
  5. Black or dark blue pantsuit. It is needed both for young students who have to defend their theses and public speaking, and for business ladies.
  6. When it comes to the basic wardrobe and the most necessary things, it is especially important for any woman to have high-quality underwear that fits your size. Full ladies need to stock up on beautiful slimming underwear that will keep the figure in good and toned condition.
  7. Comfortable shoes with a stable heel. Open toe shoes look very cute, which are perfect for jeans, a skirt or a trouser suit.
  8. Of the outerwear, the raincoat is considered the most versatile option. Let it be a black double-breasted trench coat with a stand-up collar.
  9. No modern girl today can do without accessories, so having a few scarves in your basic wardrobe will always make you look fashionable and stylish.
  10. And, of course, a handbag, which is a close friend of any girl. Do not save on quality, because such an accessory can both spoil the image and give it a complete look.

As for the basic wardrobe of a business woman, classic things should prevail in it. Alcoholic T-shirts can be replaced with elegant blouses and shirts, jeans with straight-cut trousers and add a jacket and jacket in the style of Coco Chanel.

When compiling a basic wardrobe for a full woman, first of all, you need to focus on the type of your figure, since each figure needs an individual approach, and especially for full ladies. In the basic wardrobe of a plump woman, there should be elongated blouses, skirts or dresses just above the knee, the presence of slimming underwear and some kind of cocktail dress that will emphasize dignity is a must.

If you are among the short women, then in your basic wardrobe there must be things that visually lengthen your height. Namely:

  • straight-cut trousers with vertical stripes or just black tapered bottoms;
  • pencil skirt and high-waisted dress;
  • shirt or blouse with a V-neck;
  • if we talk about outerwear, then you need to choose models that fit the figure;
  • shoes exclusively with heels, comfortable and stable for everyday wear;
  • a classic mid-length coat, if you are preparing a basic wardrobe for a woman for the winter, and a raincoat for a warmer season.

As you can see, things are quite simple, there are not many of them, but thanks to them you will never say that you have nothing to wear. A skillful combination of things from the basic wardrobe will help you to always be beautiful, fashionable and stylish.


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