basic winter wardrobe

With the arrival of the cold season, the question of a warm, reliable and practical wardrobe becomes relevant. Of course, every fashionista wants to look stylish, but at the same time not feel discomfort from the piercing wind, severe frost and slippery asphalt. Satisfying such requirements is, in fact, quite simple. You need to create a winter basic wardrobe that will serve you in any situation.

According to stylists, a well-designed women’s basic winter wardrobe will help you out for more than one year. You just have to update it slightly in subsequent seasons to stay in trend. Therefore, professionals put forward several principles for the correct preparation of a basic wardrobe.

First of all, it should be noted that the things that make up the basic wardrobe should also include elements of clothing for the autumn-winter season. This will give you the opportunity to easily create the desired image for yourself, given the weather conditions. After all, it is quite difficult to predict whether the winter will be warm or frosty.

Another criterion for the competent selection of things for a basic wardrobe for the winter is that things should be designed in the same style direction, taking into account where you spend most of your time. But also in the arsenal there should be a place for universal things, for example, jeans, a turtleneck or a jumper.

Women’s basic winter wardrobe must be interchangeable. Then you can easily harmonize different combinations and create beautiful images with a minimum of things.

Color type and winter basic wardrobe

One of the main conditions for the correct preparation of a basic wardrobe is to take into account the color type of appearance. To date, stylists distinguish, as the most common, light eyes and dark hair, blond hair, as well as a chocolate type, when the hair and eyes are of the same chocolate color scheme. If you bring such shades into your image, then it will be easy to choose a wardrobe in accordance with fashionable color trends.


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