Beach curls - what do they look like, who do they suit, how long do they last?

The modern hairdressing industry offers young ladies a large number of different hairstyles. For seaside holidays, trips to nature and trips to the beach, beach curls are ideal, which are distinguished by their extraordinary ease of installation and attractive appearance.

What do beach curls look like?

Among the wide variety of hairstyles, young girls and older women often choose beach curls — a well-known styling that is characterized by spectacular oval-shaped curls. When creating this original hairstyle, it is important to consider that the curls in it should not be too well-defined and tight.

So, the effect of beach curls always coexists with slight negligence, so it is just perfect for windy weather, which is almost always observed near the shores of reservoirs. Charming beach waves-curls that flow beautifully, framing a woman’s face, should not be very conspicuous or attract too much attention to themselves. They smoothly and harmoniously fit into everyday and elegant female images, neatly complementing and completing them.

what do beach curls look like

Who suits beach curls?

One of the positive characteristics of this gorgeous hairstyle is its versatility. Properly styled beach curls will suit absolutely any woman, and long strands are not needed at all to create such a styling — it looks great on short hair.

Meanwhile, according to most stylists, this hairstyle is best suited to owners of light or red hair. For girls with dark chestnut or black strands, styling beach curls on a square is better, in which the curls are made more clearly defined and neat. This nuance can emphasize the depth of dark tones and make the hairstyle appropriate not only in the hot, but also in the cold season.

who suits beach curls

How long do beach curls last?

The traditional variation of the hairstyle, which you can do with your own hands at home, lasts only until the next shampooing. As a rule, it retains an attractive appearance only until the evening, and the very next day it requires a slight correction, which is performed using a special cream. Meanwhile, modern masters of hairdressing are able to offer the fair sex a “long-playing” version of this hairstyle, which will allow you to get elastic and natural curls for 6-8 weeks.

A similar service in studios and beauty salons is called the beach waves effect and is the application of a mixture of two components to the strands, one of which gives the hair a wavy texture, and the other protects it from the inside. When choosing this styling option, it is worth considering that beach curls on dark hair hold a little worse than on light ones — in this case, the result will have to be constantly maintained with the help of a styling product.

how long do beach curls last

How to make beach curls?

Traditionally, styling beach curls is created using a curling iron or ironing. These tools can be used both independently and in a professional beauty studio. Meanwhile, depending on the length of the hair, there are other ways to form such a hairstyle, some of which have been familiar to the fair sex since childhood.

how to make beach curls

Beach curls for long hair

There are many different ways to make beach curls for long hair, but the most ideal method is to create beautiful and tight waves with a hot iron. To do this, it is necessary to pre-treat the hair with a special protective agent that will protect it from the negative effects of high temperatures, and then carefully divide the entire shock of strands into equal parts and twist them into peculiar flagella. Further along the harnesses, you need to carry out a hot iron, holding the device in one place for a few seconds.

In addition, beach curls for long hair can be created in other ways — using braids or buns, an ordinary curling iron or curling irons. On long strands, you can wind the papillots, which are long curlers, or spray them with salt water and, dividing into strands, squeeze them several times with your hands.

beach curls for long hair

Beach curls for medium hair

For medium length hair, all the same methods are suitable as for long strands, however, laying beach curls on medium hair is somewhat more difficult and, moreover, the effect lasts less time. In order not to be disappointed with the result, stylists advise girls with medium-length hair to seek help from professionals or use styling and protective products liberally.

beach curls for medium hair

Beach curls for short hair

On short hair, styling beach curls is done using tongs or curling irons, the size of which corresponds to the intended size of the curl. In addition, in this case, you will also need a lot of special tools and tools — a comfortable comb, modeling spray, gel or varnish to fix the hairstyle. Owners of short hair must adhere to the following sequence of actions:

  1. Wash and dry hair thoroughly. All strands must be absolutely dry.
  2. Using a comb, divide the hair into many strands of the same thickness.
  3. Carefully wrap each strand around the working plane of the tongs, keeping the angle of rotation about 45 degrees.
  4. Hold each strand on the working surface for about a minute and release the curl, giving it the opportunity to freely slide off the curling iron.
  5. Repeat the procedure until all hair is curled.
  6. Using your fingers, gently tousle all the strands and highlight the waves, fixing them with a special mousse or spray.
  7. Fix the hairstyle with a small amount of hairspray.

beach curls for short hair

Hairstyle beach curls

Laying curls, beach wave, in itself looks luxurious and incredibly attractive. She creates a feminine and romantic image, making her owner a little younger and much sexier. Meanwhile, wearing loose curls in this case can get boring, so there are variations of this hairstyle that look no less interesting and original.

beach curls hairstyle

Bundle of beach curls

Light beach curls can be styled in a variety of hairstyles based on a bun, which can look casual and concise or festive and elegant. Among the most popular variations of such styling are the following:

  • low bun with a hairpin;
  • a bunch of long strands with curls released along the edges;
  • a simple bun for every day;
  • a bundle with a roller;
  • Greek bunch;
  • side beam;
  • high beam.

bun of beach curls

Voluminous beach curls

A huge number of the fair sex lacks the volume of hair, as a result of which the hair looks too thin, weak and lifeless. Such strands will not be attractive even in the case of beach styling — they need to be added volume to make them much more attractive. This effect can be achieved in many different ways, for example:

  • do beach curls for medium or long hair with preliminary twisting of the strands into flagella;
  • after washing, dry the heads, dropping down. Another life hack for the lazy can be a bun made in the evening on wet hair;
  • beach waves-curls created with the help of hot curlers look incredibly voluminous;
  • the use of special products — dry shampoo, special styling, thermal sprays, mousses, shampoos to add volume;
  • preliminary coloring with a volume effect — highlighting, coloring, balayage, ombre.

voluminous beach curls

Beach curls on a bob

The bob hairstyle has not lost its relevance for many years in a row. Nevertheless, many young ladies want to diversify their appearance, adding freshness and originality to it. An excellent solution for this will be beach curls on a square, which can be created using a curling iron or ironing. This installation is performed as follows:

  1. Comb the strands well and separate the bottom section, pinning the top with a hairpin or clip.
  2. Separate one strand, the size of which will correspond to the expected size of the curls.
  3. Lubricate the strand with a small amount of foam or mousse and pinch its tip between the hot plates of the curling iron.
  4. Gently wind the strand onto the device, not reaching the roots of about 1 centimeter.
  5. Repeat the procedure with the strands remaining below, making sure that each new curl is located under the previous one.
  6. Remove the clip from the top of the hair and twist all the strands from this area.
  7. Lightly comb the head with a comb with rare teeth and fix the hairstyle with varnish.

beach bob curls

Beach curls with straight ends

Unusually beautiful beach curls with straight tips give the image of the fair sex femininity, unique charm and charm. The length of the straight section in such a hairstyle can be different — a long straight end makes it playful and mischievous, and a short one makes it elegant and sophisticated.

It is not at all difficult to make such a styling — you need to use a curling iron or an iron, but during operation, do not bring the device to the very end, leaving a straight section. Meanwhile, the difficulty may lie in the fact that the length of the straight section on all strands must be the same, which is far from always easy to achieve.

beach curls with straight ends

Beach curls with bangs

Often, women’s hair is complemented by bangs, which can be the most diverse — long or short, even or asymmetrical, straight or oblique. In the case of choosing elongated front strands, it can be wound in the same way as the main hair, while short bangs always retain their original appearance. Beach curls on the hair look especially bright and original in combination with thick straight bangs, which clearly stand out against the general background of the hairstyle.

beach curls with bangs

Beach curls for a wedding

Stylish beach curls are ideal for creating a wedding hairstyle that will emphasize the beauty, youth and charm of a young bride. Particularly well-loose strands look in the summer image of a young lady who has chosen a ceremony on the seashore. Meanwhile, they will look great in a classic look based on a luxurious fluffy dress. In this case, stylists recommend making beach curls in a neat bun, leaving a few strands on both sides of the face.

beach curls for wedding


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