Anime hairstyles - how to create an original youth look?

The culture of Japan began to spread around the world and at the same time become very popular. Anime hairstyles are one of her reflections, many modern girls want to embody them in their image. At the same time, the appearance will acquire original and unique features.

Anime hairstyles for girls

Stylists offer young fashionistas a variety of women’s anime hairstyles:

  1. Among the popular options you can find the usual gavrosh haircut, bob, options for tails, buns and weaves.
  2. Anime hairstyles can be curled into curls, the main part of them can remain loose.
  3. Often there are side pair details, such as tails or intricately twisted buns.
  4. To look like an anime character, you can grow bangs. The heroine must have mystery, for this you need to cover half the face. The bangs should be beautifully styled, but some strands may fall carelessly. A distinctive feature of this styling will be volume.
  5. Not only young ladies, but also older women will be able to embody the traditions of Japanese culture in their image. For them, styling variations are offered, consisting not of paired side elements, but of single elements. For example, it can be a pronounced bouffant in the upper part of the head and fixing the strands at the back using a beam.

anime hairstyles for girlsfemale anime hairstyles

Anime hairstyles for short hair

Many girls prefer cropped strands, which are practical, but at the same time able to give the image a stylish look. Short anime hairstyles are presented in the following variations:

  1. You can perform styling in a chaotic version, this will require devices such as a comb and a hair dryer.
  2. Another option that anime hairstyles are presented with is a hedgehog. First, strands are combed and fixed in the back of the head. After the iron, the strands are straightened in the front, after which they are combed onto the face. Such styling is created simply, while it looks interesting and helps to express oneself.
  3. The most common hairstyle for short curls will be thick bangs that fall down over the eyes, when cut out, torn ends are created. This option, if necessary, corrects the shape of the face, gives expressiveness to the look.

anime hairstyles for short hair

Anime hairstyles for girls with medium hair

Anime hairstyles for medium hair can become a universal solution. This length provides an opportunity to realize a variety of ideas:

  1. For medium length, an anime bob or bob hairstyle with bangs is often performed. This styling harmoniously emphasizes the face, the tips twist inward. It will be a simple and comfortable styling for every day.
  2. You can experiment with different shades of hair, but you need to rely on a bright color that will showcase the healthy shine of the strands.
  3. At medium length, you can create two ponytails on the sides. In this embodiment, the ends can be curled or straightened with an iron. The ends may have graphic and jagged lines. Ponytails can add cuteness to the image and are more associated with children’s hairstyles. This option can be supplemented with original accessories.
  4. Anime-style styling can be without bangs, they have straight, ragged or asymmetrical ends.

anime bob hairstyleanime hairstyles for girls with medium hair

Anime hairstyles for long hair

In order to embody anime hairstyles, long hair is perfect:

  1. The easiest option would be the Sailor Moon hairstyle. To create it, you only need a comb, hairpins, two elastic bands and hairspray. To begin with, a straight parting is made in the middle, and with the help of hairpins on the sides two ponytails are created, but they must be made as high as possible.
  2. For long hair, anime hairstyles with maximum hair volume are often used. This styling is distinguished by strands that fall off the face, thereby visually lengthening the shape of the oval.
  3. On elongated strands, you can embody a wide variety of variations of stylish styling. They can be perfectly aligned or made very curly, the ends are made emphatically straight or milled. It is also possible to combine all kinds of techniques in the design of one or another part of the hairstyle.
  4. Anime fans often resort to doll style, which is complemented by curls and bouffant. Such variations include several elements in their composition, these are bangs, strands near the face and curls. To become truly unique, this option is complemented by an original hair decor.

anime hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful anime hairstyles

Beautiful anime-style hairstyles can make the image truly unique:

  1. Among the anime options, it is worth highlighting the styling that will fit into the everyday look as much as possible. Smooth and shiny hair looks great, which is complemented by a long oblique bang, it can be located either straight or to the side. A haircut for a rounded shape will be relevant.
  2. A popular option in the style of a caret, often it is also complemented by a bang.
  3. Owners of long hair should turn to a loose version. The hair is straightened with an iron, you can make a parting on the side or in the middle.
  4. Spectacular varieties of styling include paired or single elements. For example, tails can be fixed high on the sides or a high ponytail is created, complemented by a pile in front of the head. This technique is also applicable when creating a beam in a single or double copy.
  5. The ideal option for light anime hairstyles for girls is smooth straightened hair.
  6. It’s worth experimenting with different lengths. The most common options are the image of «Sailor Moon» and styling «cat ears».

beautiful anime hairstylesanime hairstyles

Anime hairstyles with ponytails

When anime hairstyles are created, the ponytail is one of the most popular and sought-after elements:

  1. For such styling, you need to divide the hair into two parts and do not forget to separate the strands of the bangs. Next, you need to comb your hair up and tie it into a ponytail on each side.
  2. After you need to add volume to the hair, for this you need to make a bouffant with a thin comb and fix it with varnish.
  3. The strands that form the tail can optionally be wound onto a curling iron or left unchanged.
  4. Such anime style hairstyles can be decorated with interesting hairpins or ribbons.

anime hairstyles with ponytailsanime tail hairstyles

Anime hairstyles with ears

Ears are one of the most original elements that represent ideas for anime hairstyles:

  1. Cat ears are extremely easy to make and look very creative. To implement them, you will need a thin comb, varnish, elastic bands, a hair straightener and multi-colored hairpins.
  2. First, the hair is divided into two sections. Then each section is divided into an upper and lower strand.
  3. After you need to make a pile and sprinkle strands with varnish. The upper strand is twisted into a bundle so as to resemble a cat’s ear as much as possible. The hair is fixed with invisibility, after which it is fixed again with varnish.
  4. After you need to do the same on the other side. To keep the pile for a long time, you must not forget to spray the strands with varnish.
  5. The remaining strands are combed into the tail right under the cat’s ear. The same steps are done on the other side.
  6. After you need to wind the hair in the tail with a curling iron. To give more volume, you need to straighten the strands with your fingers.
  7. The last addition to this hairstyle will be bright hairpins.

anime hairstyles with ears

Anime hairstyle with bangs

To embody anime hairstyles in real life, bangs are often used:

  1. If you want to look a lot like your character, then you need to grow a long bang. Bangs in hairstyles can be beautifully styled, smoothed or be a strand casually falling over the face.
  2. For short hair, you can make thick bangs with torn ends. These anime style hairstyles will correct the shape of the face, you can apply bright coloring in them.
  3. For medium length, a bob with bangs is used. The volume is given along the entire length, and the tips are twisted towards the face.
  4. Two side ponytails can be perfectly combined with straight bangs, while interesting coloring techniques can be applied.

anime hairstyle with bangsanime hairstyle ideas

Curly Anime Hairstyles

On curly hair, you can also create light anime hairstyles. Curls often complement anime styling, because they have a certain charm:

  1. Long curly curls are often decorated with torn or asymmetrical bangs, and the ends of the strands can be cut off with a torn ladder.
  2. In anime hairstyles, both tight curls and soft curls can be used.
  3. Curls can be presented in a loose version or be collected in high tails.
  4. On curly hair, there are both anime hairstyles without bangs, and supplemented with this detail. In the latter case, the bangs are often made straight, contrasting with the rest of the hair.

curly anime hairstyles

anime braid hairstyle

Among young fashionistas, anime pigtail hairstyles are extremely popular:

  • to create them, the strands are collected in high side tails, after which weaving is carried out;
  • pigtails can be twisted into tight bundles, creating an imitation of ears;
  • there is also a double variation of styling, when the ears are located on top, and there are additional pigtails on the bottom.

anime braid hairstyle

anime bun hairstyle

With the help of such an element as a bun, you can embody incredibly cute anime hairstyles:

  1. Hair buns are worn in different interpretations. The easiest option is buns with loose hair, for this you need to create a straight parting.
  2. To make the styling more original, the hair is divided into a zigzag parting and two buns are created, located as high as possible.
  3. If we turn to Japanese anime, then the bundles look good painted in an unusual color.
  4. Two buns fit well with straight bangs. On the head, you can create voluminous bundles, if you first make a pile, and then roll your hair into two fluffy bundles.
  5. To make the hairstyle look more feminine, not all hair is removed in a bun, but one strand is left near the face.

anime bun hairstyles

Anime hairstyles for loose hair

An incredibly feminine version that anime hairstyles are presented in life is loose strands:

  • hair can be left completely loose, making a bouffant at the top of the head;
  • often loose strands are complemented by high-lying small bunches or small ponytails;
  • strands can be made perfectly even or curled into curls.

anime hairstyles for loose hair

Fancy Anime Hairstyles

Many fashionistas prefer to create Japanese anime hairstyles in an original creative way. Any anime styling can become unusual if you choose the original color for hair coloring. The most daring young ladies can choose a green or pink shade. To somewhat soften the image and make it not so catchy, the ombre technique will help, allowing a smooth transition from one tone to another.

unusual anime hairstyles


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