Beautiful braids - an original and spectacular variety of fashionable hairstyles

Beautiful braids can incredibly effectively decorate the image. With their help, you can complement everyday or evening bows, creating unique original hairstyles. Hairstyles differ depending on the length and structure of the hair, each girl will be able to choose the most suitable option for herself.

Beautiful braid weaving

Many girls are wondering how to weave beautiful braids? There are many design variations, they depend on the individual wishes of the fashionista, on the structure and length of her hair:

  • shortened strands imply simple weaving, the longer the curls, the greater the flight of fancy can be shown;
  • a braid can be presented in a single copy or there can be several of them;
  • side weaving is used or beautiful braids are located at the back of the head. There is a styling option when a lot of small braids braid the head;
  • with the help of braids, you can create complex styling, for example, you can make a fancy wreath or collect these details in a bun.

beautiful braid weavinghow to weave beautiful braids


Beautiful braids for long hair

Beautiful braids for long hair for girls are very popular. This is due to the fact that due to the considerable length, there are many types of styling:

  • pigtails can be braided tightly or be loose and voluminous;
  • beautiful braids can be taken as the basis of a hairstyle or act as components of a difficult styling, for example, if they are collected in a high or low bun;
  • these elements can go along the entire length of the hair or weave only in the middle. In this case, the latter option is valid both in the upper and lower parts. In the first case, the tail is located after the braid, and in the second, the braid located below serves as a continuation of the free upper strands;
  • interweaving of colored strands will look spectacular, which will help to revive the image and make it unforgettable;
  • on elongated curls, all sorts of original decorative elements, such as hairpins, a thread consisting of beads, ribbons, will be a harmonious addition.

beautiful braids for long hairbeautiful braids for long hair for girls

Beautiful braids for medium hair

A universal solution would be a beautiful weaving of braids for medium hair. This length provides an opportunity to embody all the ideas used on long curls, but at the same time it is characterized by great convenience in the implementation of hairstyles:

  • pigtails are created in a single or multiple copy, they are braided tightly or loosely;
  • different weaving is used, with the help of which beautiful braids are created, for example, they can be French or made in the form of a fishtail styling;
  • all sorts of collected hairstyles are also common, they can be easily embodied on strands of medium length. Examples include organically created wreaths, high or low buns, a combination with a tail.

beautiful braids for medium hair

Beautiful braids for short hair

Owners of short strands will be able to create beautiful hairstyles with braids for short hair:

  • You can diversify a short hairstyle by weaving braids in the side parts of the head, these details act as fixing elements. In this way, you can braid a bang;
  • you can pick up the hair at the forehead and braid it into a braid that falls back;
  • if a girl has curly curls, then with the help of small braids located on the side, you can make her hair more neat and harmonious.

beautiful braids for short hair

Beautiful hairstyles with braids

Stylists offer numerous options in which beautiful braids are presented for every day or intended for a festive exit:

  • recently, these details, made in a volumetric version, have gained great popularity;
  • two beautiful braids — this is one of the most common styling, while they can be braided in a variety of ways;
  • a pigtail laid on one side looks extremely original;
  • French weaving is distinguished by sophistication, and many women of fashion prefer to choose it;
  • openwork braids will help to create a sophisticated and elegant image;
  • a hairstyle can be created from very original elements, for example, this is a braid of ponytails;
  • you can give the strands the missing volume with the help of kanekalon;
  • pigtails can be combined with other types of styling, for example, with a tail or a bun.

beautiful hairstyles with braidsbeautiful braids for every day

Beautiful voluminous braids

Owners of luxurious elongated curls will be able to apply beautiful voluminous braids to long hair:

  • the use of volumetric elements will help to further emphasize the richness and beauty of the strands;
  • volumetric effect is achieved using a special weaving technique, when at first beautiful braids are braided in the traditional way, and after they are given volume by pulling the strands in different directions. This technique incredibly decorates certain types of hairstyles, for example, pigtails look extremely impressive in this performance;
  • deliberately careless styling is allowed, which is recognized as one of the trends of recent seasons. It is very organically fit into the image in the style of boho and casual style.

beautiful voluminous braids

Beautiful two braids

A great solution for every day can be simple and beautiful braids that are braided on both sides:

  • details can be located exclusively in the lower part or start from above, beautifully braiding the head;
  • beautiful two braids can be done in the traditional way or in an original alternative, for example, this is a French braid or fishtail;
  • there are varieties of styling when two braids braided from above are combined into one below;
  • another variation of the performance would be to leave the strands loose closer to the bottom, so that the ponytails would continue the hairstyle.

beautiful two braids

beautiful side braid

Many girls believe that the most beautiful braids are those in which there is asymmetry. A striking example of this is a pigtail laid on its side:

  • to perform this hairstyle, the hair is combed from one part to another;
  • you can give the strands additional volume if you use a fleece in the upper part;
  • the braid can go down the head both from above and be located in the lower part. In the first case, it can be made in the form of a spikelet.

beautiful side braidmost beautiful braids

beautiful french braids

In recent seasons, many fashionistas have reasonably recognized that very beautiful braids are those that are made in the French version of weaving:

  • this technique provides an opportunity to get an incredibly beautiful hairstyle. Pigtails begin to weave from above, due to which facial features become more open and their beauty is additionally emphasized;
  • beautiful French braids are perfect for complementing evening looks or as a wedding styling;
  • these details can simply be braided and limited to this, or you can give them additional volume, for which the strands are stretched on the sides.

beautiful french braids

Beautiful braids with kanekalon

Those who want to get beautiful lush braids can turn to such an additional decorative element as kanekalon for this:

  • if you want to make the image as natural as possible, then it is recommended to use a material that is close in color to the natural shade of the strands;
  • Kanekalon threads will also look harmonious, which, although they do not completely match the color of the hair, differ from it by only a few tones;
  • lovers of bright extraordinary bows can use kanekalon in rich tones, which will serve as a piquant highlight of the image;
  • kanekalon can be woven into braids, making them much more voluminous;
  • another way would be to make many small braids out of kanekalon and your own hair, like African ones. They can be left loose, gathered in a ponytail or put in a bun.

beautiful braids with kanekalon

Beautiful openwork braids

Beautiful openwork braids for medium or long hair look incredibly elegant and stylish:

  • masters use complex weaving techniques to create them, but the result is worth it, the hairstyle will act as a memorable accent of any image;
  • you can make an openwork pigtail on the side, and leave the rest of the strands loose;
  • another option would be to completely collect the hair and braid it in an openwork braid;
  • for additional fixation of openwork elements, invisible hairpins can be used, they will help to securely fix a spectacular hairstyle.

beautiful openwork braids

Beautiful ponytail braid

A great solution for every day will be beautiful and light braids made from many ponytails. To create this styling, a special technique is used, which is as follows:

  • strands are collected and stabbed into separate small ponytails, which are alternately woven into a braid;
  • ponytails are created evenly along the entire length of the hair, it is advisable to fix them as the braid is weaved.

beautiful ponytail braid

Beautiful bundles with braids

A beautiful bundle with a scythe is reasonably recognized as a very comfortable and at the same time stylish styling:

  • the bun and pigtails can act as separate elements of the hairstyle, for example, the latter can be located on the back of the head, and high buns will be located in the upper part of the head;
  • another option would be to make a free braid in the side part, and collect the beam at the bottom;
  • beams created from many small braids woven into a single whole look extremely original.

beautiful buns with braidsnice braided bun

Beautiful tail with a scythe

As an everyday option, a beautiful hairstyle with a braid acting in combination with a tail is very relevant. You can find these types of design:

  • often a pigtail is braided from above, and below there is a freely descending tail;
  • the braid can be braided at a certain distance in the lower part, and then it smoothly passes into the tail;
  • you can make an African variation of the tail when it is assembled from numerous small braids, while they can be braided both from natural strands and from kanekalon.

beautiful ponytailbeautiful braided hairstyle

Beautiful braids for a wedding

Any wedding celebration will be harmoniously decorated with beautiful unusual braids:

  • French varieties of styling look unsurpassed and elegant;
  • you can embody a hairstyle with one voluminous braid, beautifully laid on its side;
  • volume is an indispensable attribute of a wedding hairstyle, in this variation it is recommended to create braids;
  • openwork weaving will help to make the image unforgettable;
  • a bun is one of the most spectacular styling designed for a wedding, while it is often combined with pigtails;
  • for wedding styling, attributes are used that give the image brightness and make it extremely spectacular. These are tiaras, interweaving of ribbons, threads of beads and bright shiny pebbles, original hairpins that harmoniously fit into the overall look.

beautiful braids for wedding


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