Beautiful jacket - 64 photos of fashionable design for nails of any length

A manicure design that has stood the test of time is a beautiful french manicure. Whatever novelties the masters of nail art invent, it invariably remains in demand. The relevance of the jacket lies in its versatility. Nail design goes with any look. You can add zest to it with a variety of decor.

Beautiful French 2020

Stylists bring to the attention of fashionistas a beautiful jacket on nails 2020, represented by all sorts of design options:

  1. This year it is worth trying out gradient tips and contrasting, warm “smiles”. The latter can be made not only in the form of a standard crescent, but also diagonally, in the form of small flowers.
  2. One or two nails would be nice to emphasize with drawings and accent design. The trends that represent a beautiful jacket are predatory prints and patterns, lovely floral sketches.
  3. To simplify the process of creating nail art, you can and should use ready-made drawings in the form of sliders.

beautiful french 2020beautiful french nails 2020

Beautiful jacket for short nails

On shortened nail plates, you can create an incredibly beautiful French manicure 2020:

  1. It is believed that on short nails you can draw the perfect «smile». Due to the slightly shortened length, this can be done with ease.
  2. Best of all, a beautiful jacket will look on square nails. It can be created in any style. Shades are better to choose calm and light. The plate of a pair of nails can be decorated with golden lines, lay out a pattern of rhinestones or draw leaves, flowers.
  3. One of the possible options is a soft blue «smile», slightly continuing on the sides, and a soft pink base coat.
  4. Another example is a silver “smile” line and a solid white coating on the little fingers and ring fingers, and on the rest you can make a regular jacket.

beautiful jacket for short nailsbeautiful french manicure 2020

Beautiful jacket for long nails

On elongated nail plates, it is possible to embody any ideas and create a very beautiful jacket on long nails:

  1. There is enough space for experiments, so both the classic design and its new variations will do. In this case, the shape of the nails does not matter. Manicure looks equally great on an almond-shaped, square and sharp plate.
  2. Of the possible design options, it is worth taking a closer look at the painting, an abundance of decor is allowed.
  3. On long nails, the shape of the “smile” line may differ from the shape of the nail. It can be highlighted in black or white, and the main part covered with a transparent varnish.
  4. On sharp nails, a “smile” can be emphasized with a thin silver line. On two nails it can even be laid out with small rhinestones.

beautiful jacket for long nailsbeautiful french on long nails

Beautiful french on almond-shaped nails

A beautiful jacket on almond-shaped nails will look incredibly gentle and elegant:

  1. This form accepts a jacket in a classic style, with unusual rich shades, it can be decorated with drawings, prints or rhinestones.
  2. The nude tone on the nail plate and the contrasting white color on the tip are a win-win combination. The design is simple in execution, but it looks perfect on almond-shaped nails.
  3. A variety of stones perfectly complement a beautiful jacket. The main thing is to choose small stones of a neat shape. They can be arranged in the form of placers or perfect stripes. Other suitable additions are floral motifs, rhinestones and geometric patterns.
  4. All together you should not interfere on one nail. Rhinestones can be placed only on one, and on the rest you can make a classic French manicure.

beautiful french on almond-shaped nailsbeautiful french on almond-shaped nails

Beautiful jacket for sharp nails

It is recommended to give a pointed shape to round nails on short fingers, and a beautiful French manicure will make them even more attractive:

  1. What the design will be depends on the type of sharp nails (stiletto, peaks, almond-shaped with a sharp end). The type of “smile” also matters. For example, asymmetrical or curly will give the design originality.
  2. On sharp nails, a classic beautiful jacket on oval nails looks great. It can be supplemented with all kinds of painting, drawings a la watercolor, sequins, foil or sparkles.
  3. For an unusual manicure on the tips, you can use black. In this case, the nail plate is often covered with a solid beige tone.

beautiful jacket for sharp nailsbeautiful french manicure

Beautiful french on square nails

A beautiful square jacket will look truly unique:

  1. When creating a design, it is important to make a shallow “smile”, with perfectly even edges and top points that are strictly on the same level.
  2. From the decor it is worth using: small matte multicolor crumbs, sliders, decorative foil, glitters, fine velvety powder, yuki flakes.
  3. A thin beautiful jacket looks good on square nails, a variant with a narrow, voluminous and geometric stripe.
  4. Matte French manicure is trending in 2020. For festivities and parties, you should look at the brilliant option, which uses glossy varnish, shiny rubs, metallic varnish, rhinestones, kamifubiki and broken glass.

beautiful french on square nailsnice square french

Ideas for a beautiful jacket on nails

This season, stylists offer a jacket, the beautiful design of which is represented by a variety of ideas:

  1. Trendy French manicure is an option with original highlighted nail tips. In this way, you can create an exquisite nail design. With all the fantasy, decor such as rhinestones and stones, shiny stripes and ribbons, sequins, glitter, foil should be used.
  2. New techniques also hit the trends (unicorn tear, brush strokes, quail egg effect).
  3. In 2020, the standard pink and white design should be replaced with bright and saturated shades. You are also allowed to experiment with the arrangement of ornaments.
  4. The trend of 2020 is bright nail art, in which several coatings should be combined.
  5. A reverse beautiful jacket is also in fashion, where the “smile” line is drawn near the cuticle.

beautiful french nail ideasfrench beautiful design

Beautiful colored french

The “smile” line does not have to be highlighted in a classic white color. You can choose your own shade for each nail, practically create a rainbow on the nails. A beautiful colored jacket is a great manicure option for the summer:

  1. Colored French manicure is ideal for cheerful girls. When it is performed, different colors can be used on all nails, or a plain bright coating is chosen for nail art.
  2. The design presented in such a decision as a beautiful red jacket will refresh any urban look. Bright madness will become even more attractive if the manicure is matte.

beautiful colored frenchbeautiful french nails 2020

Beautiful jacket with a pattern

A win-win way to make a beautiful bright jacket even more noticeable is to complement it with an original pattern:

  1. When you get tired of drawing clear lines, you can make double stripes instead of a “smile”. Their trick is that the tips only reach the middle of the nail.
  2. Different variations of «smiles» should be combined with drawings. Double stripes, for example, are well combined with the image of a branch with leaves in the entire nail plate. But the pattern should be on one finger, and the stripes on the rest.
  3. Painting in a rainbow version is a good way to combine a beautiful colored jacket and drawings. For short nails, you should choose vertical stripes, and for long nails, horizontal stripes.

beautiful jacket with a patternbeautiful bright french

Beautiful white french

The classic design, which is appropriate with a daily look and evening dresses, is a very beautiful jacket, made in white:

  1. In 2020, a plain white “smile” can be turned into a triple one. In this case, bright pink or any other saturated color is neatly laid out between two layers of white.
  2. If, on the contrary, white is a favorite, then you can try a stylized jacket. Thin lines, geometric shapes and angles are drawn in it with white varnish. The “smile” line is formed, but drawings depart from it.
  3. White color can be used with other shades. The most banal combination — with a black tone, is still relevant. But it is worth thinking about burgundy, other saturated colors.

beautiful white frenchvery nice french

Beautiful jacket with stones

One of the options that present beautiful french ideas would be to freshen it up with stones:

  1. They can be on several or only one finger, become part of the pattern or be an independent decor.
  2. The stones perfectly complement the beautiful red jacket on the nails. A few pieces of shiny decor can be laid near the cuticle. In this case, it is worth using stones of different colors and sizes. A charming manicure will turn out, where the stones are laid out from the middle of the base and slightly to the right.
  3. They should also be placed diagonally, making an unusual “smile”, for example, draw a floral pattern on half of the nail, and cover the other with transparent varnish.
  4. Bright orange stones can even be laid out in a triangle, the top of which is directed towards the base.

beautiful jacket with stonesbeautiful french nails

Beautiful black french

The most beautiful jacket made in black is ideal for evening looks, but for everyday life you can also find options:

  1. Black can draw the edges of the nails or use the color as the main coating.
  2. The design can even be informal, with sliders, a frame and unusual painting.
  3. Black jacket in some cases is performed using the negative space technique, with a double edge.
  4. Girls who spend a lot of time in offices can choose a matte style, beautiful origami to decorate a jacket. Interesting geometry and abstraction, stylish stripes will serve as a good decor.
  5. Black French manicure looks good on almond-shaped nails, square and sharp. On a traditional background, you can lay out a pattern of multi-colored pebbles.

beautiful black frenchthe most beautiful french

Beautiful jacket with sequins

Brilliant decor will make the most beautiful jacket on nails even more original:

  1. The main rule is to know the measure. Sequins are best placed on one finger or two. They can draw a vertical line that will divide the finger in half.
  2. Sequins should be actively used when the nail is decorated with geometric shapes. Their scattering is also appropriate at the tip of the nail. In this case, the sparkles may go a little on the plate.
  3. Short nails and glitter also go great together. They can cover one nail, and make a classic French manicure on the rest.

beautiful jacket with sequinsmost beautiful french nails

Beautiful jacket with rhinestones

With the help of rhinestones, you can create both a catchy and beautiful gentle jacket:

  • the combination of French manicure and lunar design is common. In this case, the hole area is laid out with rhinestones;
  • with rhinestones, you can lay out longitudinal or transverse strips, fill in geometric shapes;
  • rhinestone patterns also look great, for example, they can lay out twigs or parts of a flower.

beautiful jacket with rhinestonesbeautiful soft french

Beautiful jacket with foil

Foil is an excellent way to decorate a beautiful fashionable jacket:

  1. The decor can be used in the form of a triangle, rhombus and other figures. The “smile” line is isolated with foil or beautifully attached to the nail plate.
  2. There are no restrictions on the color of the decor either. In 2020, the minx technique is fashionable, where the foil is stickers with ready-made patterns. They only need to be attached to the nail, make a “smile” line, and a wonderful manicure is ready. Another trendy combination is multi-colored foil and negative space.
  3. You can write on the foil. This decoration is enough in a single copy. Foil can also be combined with a matte jacket.

beautiful jacket with foilbeautiful trendy french

Beautiful wedding french

One of the classic options for nail art that complements the bride’s outfit is a beautiful jacket for a wedding:

  1. Its main characteristic is inconsistency. The look should not get stuck on the manicure, but it should have a special charm.
  2. Often a wedding jacket is created with a white “smile”, which is decorated with stones or sparkles.
  3. Monograms written on the plate are added to the classic white “smile”. On the side of the monogram, you can lay out pebbles, and attach a flower at the base. The design is suitable for long, short nails, square and other shapes.
  4. The all-time trend for weddings is French manicure with rhinestones.

beautiful wedding frenchbeautiful jacket for the wedding


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