Beautiful jacket - a selection of 25 photos and videos of the most fashionable design ideas

French manicure remains one of the most popular solutions in contemporary nail-art. Designers offer universal classic ideas and original fantasy options using catchy colors and finishes. Every year, reviews of a beautiful jacket are replenished with stylish and unusual novelties.

Beautiful French 2019

The main advantage of French-style design is its conciseness combined with elegance. Even in the traditional version with a white smile and a neutral base, this option will always emphasize sophistication and romance. In addition, a fashionable manicure is successful for any shape and length of the nail plates. In the latest reviews of this year, stylists offer versatile solutions for everyday wear and unusual options with eye-catching additions that perfectly complement a smart evening look. Let’s see a beautiful jacket on nails 2019:

  1. Feng Shui. An original solution would be to highlight one or two fingers with a different type of design. As a finish, you can use a contrasting varnish, any shiny decor, drawings using the art painting technique or sliders.
  2. with holes. The combination of a highlighted edge and a crescent at the root of the nail plates remains a fashion trend. A smile and holes in contrasting shades or an ensemble of varnish with decor look especially impressive.
  3. Geometric. Not only the classic semicircular shape of a smile is in fashion, but also the edge in the form of a triangle. To this solution, you can add a geometric hole, made not only with varnish, but also in the form of an overhead shiny addition.
  4. Back. If you want to emphasize an outstanding original style, designers suggest stopping at the ideas of an inverted French manicure. In this case, the smile decorates not the edge, but the root of the nail plates, which at the same time visually lengthens and corrects the shape of the nail.

Beautiful jacket for short nails

Recently, natural nail length has been in trend. This choice is considered the most practical for everyday wear, especially for fashionistas who lead an active lifestyle. A beautiful French manicure 2019 for short nail plates is mainly characterized by light and delicate colors. This is due to the fact that dark varnishes visually shorten the length, and a rich smile can add the effect of dirt under the nails. Actual additions are considered any technique and decoration in the style of Feng Shui. But if you want to correct the shape, stop at the inverted French manicure.

Beautiful jacket for long nails

For girls who can boast of long nails, there are no restrictions on the choice of design. Under delicate romantic bows, a choice of light pastel varnishes would be an excellent solution. The traditional combination of a white smile and a neutral or transparent base remains universal. To complement an elegant evening look, stylists suggest adding attractive decor. One of the most popular is a beautiful jacket on nails with rhinestones. Sequins, foil, art painting or sliders, ombre effect are considered a fashionable alternative.

beautiful jacket for long nails

Beautiful french on almond-shaped nails

Streamlined almond-shaped nail plates always look sophisticated and romantic, regardless of length. And stylists recommend accentuating such contours with a contrasting smile. In this case, a universal choice would be black varnish in an ensemble with a nude, colorless or pastel base. A beautiful fashionable jacket can be diluted with decor or false decorations. However, it is preferable to leave the shape of the selected edge semicircular so as not to visually add roughness or make the nails wider, which can give fullness to the fingers.

beautiful french on almond-shaped nails

Beautiful french on square nails

The most popular choice, which is suitable for both long and thin fingers, and for full hands, is the square shape of the nail plates. Recently, however, stylists have been emphasizing the relevance of streamlined soft contours. Universal, both for large and natural lengths, will be a classic beautiful white jacket on the nails. To decorate this design a little, use a pearl or holographic powder for the base. Bright varnishes, a geometric or concave smile, overhead and shiny decorations, such as rhinestones, will add catchiness and attractiveness.

beautiful french on square nails

Beautiful jacket for sharp nails

The pointed shape of the nail plates is not considered practical for everyday wear, but it looks very impressive, gives confidence to the image and sexuality of the fashionista. A beautiful bright jacket will help emphasize such an attractive contour. But delicate light colors are also in trend. Regardless of the choice of varnish color, stylists recommend stopping at a triangular smile. Rhinestones, foil or glitter along the border line will be a stylish addition. An unusual solution is to highlight the edge of the nails using an interesting technique, such as a gradient or broken glass.

beautiful jacket for sharp nails

Ideas for a beautiful jacket

The classic version of the French manicure is ideal for an image in any style, but does not act as a catchy accent. In this case, in order to draw attention to the hands, stylists offer original fantasy solutions using bright and rich colors, unusual techniques and decor. Any option will not only draw the attention of others to fashionable design, but also emphasize your individual style and creative approach to creating an image. Let’s see a very beautiful jacket on the nails — popular ideas:

  1. With rubbing. Ideas using a brilliant rubbed effect always look impressive and attractive. If you do not want to break the restraint of the classic style, stop at the pearl rub, which will add a gentle transfusion to the coating.
  2. with sculpting. Textured patterns and compositions are considered a fashionable alternative to drawings in modern nail-art. For such a finish, acrylic powder is used, which is formed into an abstract or concrete pattern.
  3. With kamifubuki. Another popular and very easy-to-use decor is thin metal circles of different sizes and colors. Kamifubuki will add a touch of spontaneity and playfulness to the whole look.
  4. with foil. Tape or liquid foil has become a very popular tool for French manicure. This type of finish can be used to mark the border between the edge and the base, an immediate smile or a background.

Beautiful jacket with a pattern

Colorful images on nails always look attractive and stylish. Drawings will help emphasize the individuality and originality of the whole image. The most unusual and spectacular ideas look in the art painting technique. In this case, you can easily realize even the most intricate fantasies. However, if you want to achieve perfect symmetry and clarity, stylists recommend using sliders, stickers or translations. French nails with a beautiful pattern are usually presented in the style of feng shui with one or two fingers highlighted.

beautiful jacket with a pattern

Beautiful colored french

A fashionable trend, especially in the warm season, is a bright multi-colored design. The most popular solution was smiles, each with its own color on different nails. To add even more originality, make a strip of an unusual shape, for example, geometric or concave. A beautiful French manicure can also be with a colored base. And in this case, not only a bright monochromatic coating is suitable, but also drawings, ombre technique, stretching with multi-colored sparkles. As a rule, stylists combine no more than two contrasting shades. But for catchy ensembles, you can use more.

Beautiful jacket with rhinestones

Sparkling crystals remain one of the most popular finishes. This decor will always add grace, elegance and attractiveness to even the most modest everyday bow. Initially, rhinestones were considered an attribute of evening style, but recently they have been actively used to decorate casual, romantic and even business ensembles for every day. A beautiful French nail design can be supplemented with an abundant scattering of pebbles of different sizes and colors, for example, using the Feng Shui technique. Rhinestones are often used to highlight a smile, hole, or as an interesting composition.

beautiful jacket with rhinestones

Beautiful black french

Dark classic color is considered universal for any clothes. In the ideas of French manicure, such varnish is considered relevant for long nail plates, since at natural length it can create the illusion of dirt under the nails. A dark smile can be combined with a colorless or transparent base, as well as a bright or saturated background. The most beautiful jacket is presented in ideas with rhinestones, glare stripes «cat’s eye», rubbing, shiny foil. If you want to complement short nails with such nail-art, complete the design with a matte top and use black varnish for the base.

beautiful black french

Beautiful red french

If you want to add brightness and attractiveness to your pens, then red lacquer will be a win-win. This color palette always emphasizes confidence, femininity and determination in the image. Any shades of the range are in trend — from delicate coral to rich bloody and deep burgundy. A very beautiful jacket is presented in an ensemble with black. Especially popular in this solution was the ombre technique, where the line between the smile and the base is blurred. A fashion trend is considered to be a monophonic version in a combined solution of a matte base and a glossy edge strip.

beautiful red french

Beautiful jacket with sequins

Glitter is considered the simplest, but very effective addition. This type of finish is presented in two options — varnish, which includes sparkles, and loose powder. With the help of powder, you can make interesting textured patterns. Glitter in combination with colorless varnish is great for unusual stretch marks. A beautiful gentle jacket is presented in an ensemble of a colorless background and a shiny edge. And here the border can be blurred. In this case, glitter should be applied to the edge of the nail plates more intensively, gradually spraying them towards the middle.

beautiful jacket with sequins

Beautiful jacket with flowers

A separate line in ideas with drawings presents solutions with floral-themed finishes. Flowers always emphasize femininity and sophistication, tenderness and romance. Such drawings are universal for any season, but a beautiful spring jacket remains especially popular. In addition to highlighting one finger in Feng Shui with a bud or bouquet, stylists also offer incredible solutions in the art painting technique with stretching the image over two nails. In addition, the trend is a combination of several types of decor at the same time. Flowers can be complemented with rhinestones or sparkles.

beautiful jacket with flowers

Beautiful french gradient manicure

For several seasons in a row, the technique of gradient transition on nails has been considered a fashion trend. This effect always looks very attractive and original. Ombre has become an actual solution in the ideas of French manicure. The most beautiful jacket on the nails is presented with a gradient of three contrasting shades. This option is perfect for the base in an ensemble with a monochromatic black or white smile. In fashion and design with a blurry border. In this case, stylists use a horizontal transition, applying a dark intense color to the edge of the nail plates.

beautiful french gradient manicure

Beautiful white french

Light classic color is considered a traditional solution in the ideas of French manicure. Initially, this design was presented in a combination of a white smile and a colorless or transparent base. However, modern nail art also offers more interesting options that remain universal for any look, but attract attention better. One of the most popular was a beautiful white jacket with a pattern. A fashionable alternative would be a composition of rhinestones or modeling. Any other decor is also suitable — sparkles, foil, ombre technique, the use of more saturated varnishes.


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