Beautiful makeup - a selection of ideas for all occasions

A beautiful make-up can instantly transform a true woman into a real beauty, and depending on the general idea and purpose for which it is done, it depends on what palette of shadows, what pencils and powder with foundation you will use. Is make-up done for every day or for going out? Everyday makeup can be done by yourself.

beautiful eye makeup

How to make a beautiful and simple eye makeup?

  1. Very simply, the main rule pointed out by leading makeup artists is to choose the right cosmetics depending on your type. After all, what suits burning brunettes will look defiant on delicate blondes. Red-haired beauties should use shadows very carefully and build on eye color. In any case, eye color must be taken into account, because the competent use of the shadow palette depends on it.

beautiful and simple eye makeup

  1. Beautiful stylish make-up for every day differs from evening and festive make-up in that cosmetics are used as close as possible to naturalness, emphasizing the natural beauty of a woman and placing minimal catchy accents in the eyes, lips and cheekbones. In the daytime, it is better to abandon the shiny base and mother-of-pearl shadows, so as not to sparkle under the sun, but to look natural and attractive.

beautiful eye makeup

Beautiful makeup for brown eyes

There is an opinion among leading stylists that beautiful makeup for brown eyes can be done using any of the existing makeup techniques. Almost all existing shadows are suitable for them, and the main emphasis this season is on the brown and gray palette to bring makeup closer to the natural play of color and shadow. Also, brown-eyed beauties can easily experiment with blue, red, brick and black shadows, skillfully shading the top of the eyelid with white.

beautiful makeup for brown eyes

Beautiful daytime makeup for owners of brown eyes consists in highlighting the eyebrow line, applying light arrows along the main eye lines. The use of light brown and cream shadows, a small amount of foundation that suits the type of skin and powder. You can lightly apply blush and highlight the lips with a contour pencil and lipstick, depending on personal preference, but so that not a single detail, whether it be eyes, eyebrows or lips, creates dissonance in the overall appearance.

beautiful makeup for brown

Beautiful makeup for green eyes

Do you want to make beautiful and easy eye makeup? Stylists recommend for green-eyed beauties to build on the type and color of skin and hair. For delicate blondes and red-haired women and girls, the best solution would be to use a gray, golden and emerald shadow palette, and eyebrows can be made not purely black, but gray or even brownish so that facial features do not turn out to be very sharp. If you are a brown-haired woman or a brunette, then you can safely paint with brown and all shades of green, as well as use turquoise and silver shades.

beautiful makeup for green eyes

Beautiful makeup for green-eyed beauties lies in the correct and harmonious combination of the entire appearance and purpose of the visage being created. If everyday make-up is done, then it is best to use light shades, both shadows and pencils, and for the evening it is worth making smokey ice from a gray-green range using white and brown shadows for shading around the eyes.

nice and easy eye makeup

beautiful makeup for blue eyes

Beautiful face makeup for blue-eyed fashionistas can be done by applying an eyeshadow palette to match the color of the eyes, all shades of blue and blue. Also, an interesting visage can be obtained with the use of golden and white shadows, light brown and gray spectrum. Eyebrows are best done in gray or brown, especially if you have light blond, blond or red hair. This makeup will be an excellent basis for stylish everyday life.

beautiful makeup for blue eyes

To make a beautiful make-up for the evening, you can experiment with silver and mother-of-pearl shades of the palette, try to shade the outer corners of the eyelids with dark colors and make beautiful “fish” arrows. An excellent option would be beige and light shadows with wide upper arrows that beautifully highlight the eyes against the general nude background. If you decide to use blush, then you can pick up bright lipstick, both brown, and pink or red.

beautiful face makeup

Beautiful makeup for gray eyes

Gray-eyed women of fashion can easily make beautiful light makeup using a palette to match the color of the eyes, all shades of gray. If the eyes of a chameleon, for example, are gray-blue, then both blue and blue are perfect for everyday makeup. In the evening version, experienced makeup artists advise starting from hair color and general type, because you can safely try black and shiny shadows for gray eyes, but so that they harmoniously fit into the resulting image of a true beauty.

beautiful makeup for gray eyes

A beautiful make-up will turn out if you skillfully apply arrows, both narrow and wide. Do not forget that retro dominates the world catwalk along with minimalism, so all types of arrows are back in fashion, especially “fish” and shading around the eyelids. For gray eyes, dark eyebrows and foundation with brown and dark pink blush are easy to match. Lipstick can be not only light brown or pink, but also red and even scarlet, it all depends on the chosen type.

nice light makeup

Secrets of beautiful makeup

How to make a beautiful light makeup for every day? Leading masters advise doing it step by step:

  • first cleanse the face and start with applying the foundation, depending on your skin type and color, then fix the result;
  • then proceed to drawing the eyebrows and eyes, choosing the appropriate shades, as close as possible to natural tones;
  • make up your eyes with mascara and smear with lipstick or lip gloss;
  • apply blush and powder.

Beautiful make-up for everyday life differs from the evening and festive make-up not only in the color of the palette, but also in the base. If in everyday life stylists recommend doing a nude design, then in the evening version you can afford to use shine and saturation. Make beautiful and expressive arrows, apply even black shadows to your eyes, if they fit the general type, highlighting the upper part of the eyelid with light colors, outline the lips with a catchy pencil and lipstick of the same color.

beautiful light make-up for every day

beautiful lip makeup

Beautiful and stylish makeup is designed to hide minor errors in appearance, emphasizing its dignity. Considering that radiant skin and a bright personality are in fashion now, lips play an important role in the make-up of the whole appearance. Where to start? From moisturizing the face, applying the foundation, drawing the eyes and then pay attention to the lips. The trends of the new season included not only lipstick, but also diverse glosses, which vary in different color tones, from natural and pale to catchy and saturated.

beautiful lip makeup

Beautiful lip makeup is done with a pencil, which is preferably chosen two tones darker than the base, gloss or lipstick, so that the lips stand out beautifully against the general external background. So, brown and red, pink and neutral colors of both lipstick and gloss, as well as lip pencils, will be in fashion. It is better to choose a color depending on what kind of makeup is being done, day or evening. Do not forget that naturalness and natural beauty are in fashion.

beautiful and stylish makeup

beautiful eyebrow makeup

Beautiful daily makeup is not complete without emphasizing the eyebrows. They give expressiveness to the whole face, including the eyes. Stylists reveal several secrets of perfect makeup. Firstly, it is advisable to choose the shade of eyebrows for brunettes a tone lighter than curls, and for blondes — a tone, a maximum of two darker than the natural hair color. Secondly, all star make-up artists comb the eyebrows of mega stars not in the direction of hair growth, but upwards. This makes them visually thicker and more expressive.

beautiful eyebrow makeup

A beautiful makeup for the eyebrow line cannot do without a shape. In the new season, thick and beautiful eyebrows on a bend have returned to fashion, you can even arch them, slightly raised up. Along with the trendy arched shape, a straight line has not lost its relevance, when the eyebrow goes with a slight slope from the nose and slightly up, this shape can easily be done by yourself using shadows and an eyebrow pencil.

beautiful daily makeup

Beautiful everyday makeup

In order to make a beautiful makeup in 2019, noble shades of shadows and a little shine with loose powder should be used. Not only natural make-up is in fashion, but also smokey ice, in which stylish shading is done throughout the eyelid, creating the effect of a light haze, it will look especially great with brown and gray shadows. If you are the owner of rare green eyes, then all shades of emerald and turquoise tones will suit you. Arrows for everyday makeup are made thin and it is advisable to shade them with shadows.

beautiful everyday makeupbeautiful makeup 2019

Beautiful gentle make-up

A beautiful everyday makeup routine starts with cleansing and moisturizing before applying foundation for a flawless complexion. You can use a base, foundation, concealer and loose powder for this, if there is none, then it can be easily replaced with a compact one. The result should be as close to natural as possible, this is the whole essence of trend minimalism, when not only the nude version is performed, but also bright, but with the effect of natural shades.

beautiful soft makeup

The next step will be a beautiful make-up of the eyes and eyebrows, which is impossible without a palette of shadows. Shadows can be dry, liquid, in the form of pencils and cream-based, dry ones are best for daily use, as they can be used to achieve the effect as close as possible to the natural color and type. Mascara is selected depending on the condition of your eyelashes, voluminous or lengthening. Then lips, all shades of brown, pink and red are in fashion. To whom it is more suitable, and to whom it is more like it.

beautiful makeup for every day

Beautiful bright makeup

To make a beautiful daytime make-up, you can create one visual accent, on the eyes or lips. According to stylists, flashy and acid colors are unacceptable in everyday life, so a noble palette of shades should be used. If the decision is made to make the eyes the main focus, then glosses and lipsticks of neutral tones can be used for lips. When the main visual attention is focused on bright lips, it is better to shade the eyes with a beige or light brown tone. When choosing a palette, you can take into account the color of the eyes and build on this.

beautiful bright makeupbeautiful day makeup

Beautiful makeup with arrows

A beautiful natural make-up will turn out if you use beige and light gray shades of shadows, brightening the upper eyelid, and create a visual accent on the eyes using diverse arrows. The trends of the season included all sorts of interesting options that are acceptable for elegant everyday life. The arrows can be only upper or only lower, depending on what makeup you want to get. You can also circle the entire eye, top and bottom with them, and extend them to make «fish».

beautiful makeup with arrowsbeautiful natural makeup

Beautiful glitter makeup

A very beautiful make-up with gloss is an evening version in an oriental style, when eyelids and catchy arrows are drawn, and an arched line of eyebrows is displayed, and emphasis is placed on bright lips. Here it is permissible to use a rich palette, cream and liquid shadows with sparkles to emphasize the dignity of the face and hide minor visual errors in appearance.

Also, beautiful makeup with a brilliant effect is acceptable not only in the evening, but also for important events and holidays. How to make it so that it is not flashy? According to makeup artists, it is worth starting from your type of appearance, hair and eye color. Brunettes and brown-haired women can afford to use all shades of dark shadows with the addition of golden or silver glitter, but bronze and blue, blue and turquoise tones are more suitable for blondes and redheads, depending on the color of the eyes.

very nice makeup

Beautiful evening make-up

Beautiful makeup with shadows for the evening is applied in the same way as daytime, with the difference that more emphasis is placed on radiance, saturation and shine. Shadows can be used in two and three tones at once, dividing the eyes into parts, but then slightly obscuring them. In evening fashion, it is permissible to use bright shades of the palette, both for the eyes and for the lips, so that the resulting design exceeds all expectations, and the woman turns into a true beauty, like mega stars of the first magnitude, who are made up by experienced makeup artists.

beautiful evening make-upbeautiful eyeshadow makeup

Beautiful wedding makeup

A seasonal trend for brides is beautiful nude makeup, which places the main visual emphasis on the eyes to give them maximum expressiveness. The color of the base and lipstick is selected close to the natural tone to emphasize the true freshness and romanticism of the wedding dress, in accordance with complete harmony with youth and natural beauty.

beautiful wedding makeupbeautiful nude makeup

Beautiful prom makeup

Do you want to make a beautiful make-up for the evening? For the prom, according to experienced makeup artists, it is better to use the smokey ice technique and an interesting solution, in which the main emphasis is on the eyes. It can be catchy arrows, the same “fish” or darkening of the corners of the eyes, you can try to dilute the foundation with shine, and apply bronze or golden shadows on your eyes. Also a great option would be a design with a minimum amount of cosmetics to emphasize the natural charm of youth.


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